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Biography of Edenic Health

Beginning in the late 70s as a keen work experience nursing assistant in the local hospital, as the daughter of a former nurse, moving into formal training and eventually working as a remote area nurse in Western Australia's Kimberley, our founder made the exodus to study a variety of Natural  practice methods, becoming an Integrative Health expert (combining nursing/consulting skills  with writing, lecturing, research and product development),  with the guidance and mentorship of many prestigious colleagues along the way.

Following two decades in private practice, things were changing. For the last 10 years, rather than a one-on-one consultation and referral process, thanks to the internet, we now are able to extend our work globally, to assist in many more situations than would ever have been possible in private practice. Using this wide array of knowledge, we can offer you an individualised comprehensive Wellbeing program to turn your health, and life, around.

The foundations of Edenic Health are based on the belief that to truly thrive, we must return to what it would have been like in the Garden of Eden. It must be asked, if there was no sickness in this Garden, why wouldn’t we want to try to at least ask, or try to emulate what it might be like?

This site has a catalogue of free health articles and advice for the visitor to use as a guide to acquiring what we call Edenic Health. We stock a selection of health products and aids, and provide links to some of the world's best, most affordable health products available online to be delivered to your home.

So, no running around and around, booking appointments, hoping to find someone who can help. You have found it. 


'What is this advice based upon?'

Remote Area Nurse

Adv Dip Homeopathy

Dip Clinical Acupuncture

Dip Organic Farming & Gardening

Dip Herbal Medicine

Cert IV Workplace Training

Advocate pH Edenic Lifestyle

Creator of Your Remedy  ™  Homeopathic Botikin

PhD Candidate Natural Health Sciences​

Associated therapies included in private practice:


Plant-based nutrition


Orthomolecular (supplemental) therapy


Non-toxic lifestyle

'Do you have any specialised areas?'

Private practice was according to general family health, however in the later years I became interested in auto immune disorders and this interest continues today. Also, I have a keen interest in nutritional health and my pattern of formulating a wellbeing program is to build from the ground up; encompassing the various therapies, plus cellular health, parasites, fitness, energy, non toxic lifestyle, weightloss and education. Not just surviving but thriving in any situation.

'And what does this have to do with Biblical healing?'

Jehovah Rapha: The Lord Our Healer. He is a healing God. In amongst being our banner (Nissi), our provider (Jireh), and many other names, the Healer has been put on the backburner for people to call upon when they get sick, without ever taking a minute to consider long before, that they are implicated in this healing. There is no magic wand. There is no crash of thunder and lightning to make you well. 

From Genesis, when Adam and Eve first walked, God's instructions were to use herbs, plants and eat seed bearing fruits. If this were not of so much importance why was it the first instruction given, along with how to cultivate and maintain these beautiful creations?

Some say without faith there is nothing. Others say without health there is nothing. Still more say the greatest wealth is health. Jehovah Rapha or Rophe was used so many times in the Bible it is unavoidable. Arguably more than any other name. Yet we see it as an afterthought, choosing instead to lean on Jehovah Jireh or Jehovah Shammah (being there) because we want Him here, to clean up our mess.

Along with man's selfishness which makes up many stories of the Bible and indeed, most of the history of the earth, natural or Edenic health is spoken of all the way through the Bible. Directly, it is mentioned over 100 times according to scholars. I would say exponentially more, but since health is such an afterthought to man, we miss the real meanings of the writings and instruction.

Why was God's own son sent back? Yes, to save mankind. To save souls. But in His most active 3 years of the last years of His life on earth, he went about healing. It was that important to Him. He used all manner of herbs, clay, water and food - and energy. We have not changed; we still have the same DNA, we still have the same bodies, needs, true sicknesses and makeup. Yet we no longer feel herbs, clay, water, food and energy have anything to do with health. In fact, ask any Christian and you will most likely be told these things are esotetic and of the devil.

On earth, as it is in Heaven. I really copped it for daring to bring this up in church over the years. How dare I be so blasphemous to say we should try living as we would in Heaven. If even lions and bears will no longer eat other creatures, why are we doing it now, still? And why do we insist on praying and hoping that we can continue to live as gluttons in Heaven? Some of my articles on the Free Health Tip page go into this in more detail, but let's imagine for a second that He really did leave all we need here for vital, abundant health? John 10:10 says far more than it is credited for. The thief, in this case ill health, robs us of life. Yet we can have it in abundance! We, however, being so clever and such scholars, choose to drown out the tiny voices with fast food, synthetic drugs, poisonous perfumes, cleaning products, personal care and even toxic sprays to grow our own versions of Eden.

Faith without works is useless. (James 20:20) We repeatedly mistake this for living pious lives and even going without, punishing ourselves perpetually, in the hope we will be rewarded. We have faith that we can be healed, yet we continue to eat what made us sick, take the medications that cause horrific side effects and live sedentary lives encouraging stagnation and death. Where are our works?

His blessing will be on your food and water. Nothing gets me more absolutely irate than seeing people pray over carcasses and heart clogging, toxic food in the vain hope it will bless them or their health. How awful, how blasphemous, to take the opposite of what He instructed and then demand He bless it - and us - for our disobedience. No, it will not heal. It will do the opposite.

Turn from your wicked ways and I will heal your land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) And we get to modern farming practices. Dominion and domination are two VERY different things. Today we dominate, torture and slaughter innocents to the tune of 150 BILLION animals a year globally - for human consumption, while poisoning the land, ignoring warnings, ignoring self-inflicted sickness and even death and expect our land to be healed. No one wants to know in a sermon, that 70% of the world's crops are fed to livestock, which are in turn fed to 30% of the earth's humans. We would somehow rather feel good about ourselves feeding the hungry - yet THEY do not see this 'food' - they get the scraps that are passed off as food. Turning from our ways is very easy. Find better ways. Sadly I am yet to meet many who would readily admit their ways are wicked. They seem to think the Lord's prayer, while saving their soul, absolves them from the horrific cruelty they turn a blind eye to, and pay for. How many years does Jesus have to say "Forgive them father for they know not..." We DO know.

Lord, your discipline is good, for it leads to life and health. (Isaiah 38:16) I would not like to count the number of Christians - anyone, for that matter, who said, "It takes too much discipline to be healthy. I would rather enjoy myself." This is believed by those committing the worst of the worst in this world. Discipline is hard. Doing what you want is easy. The end result is the same. Suffering.

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. (Mark 2:17) Just like Jesus came for the sinners, so too it should be with sick humans and doctor worship/obsession. Yet those who are not sick still boast happily of 'my doctor' - why? This world has manipulated the masses into believing we need a doctor every day, from even before birth! I tell you, take care of your health and you will rarely, if ever, need a doctor. Other than for a bone fracture, emergency procedure or occasional childbirth - or end of life. He left us with more than enough options; surgery should only ever be the very last choice, not the first. So too with chemotherapy, vaccines, radiotherapy, and so many invasive options now being performed even upon newborns. Poisons in big drums, labelled to never be touched by human hand, are now found in our so-called medicines.

He laid His hands on her and immediately she was made straight, and she glorified God. (Luke 13:13) How odd that we vilify energy healing and anyone who is capable of straightening a body suffering so badly? How odd that people choose suffering over healing? Chiropractic and Osteopathy are vilified in the worst way, yet if a doctor learns how to 'crack' a bone, he is hailed a hero. Do you see yet? However you are truly healed, thank God.

He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them. (John 12:40) Instructions are there. Clear. But few see or understand.

There are just so many more verses. You would be very selective to read a single page of either Testament to not see. But this continues every day. Verses of healing oils, barks and resins, the benefits of herbs. Less than 200 years ago certain herbs (which were used in Biblical times) were banned as dangerous and addictive, which gave way to synthetic copies, which in turn cause catastrophic addiction, suffering, disease and death. But if I dared mentioned those herbs in any church today, I would be met with anger and dismissal. So much ignorance passed off as knowledge. 

The knowledge is here - it always has been. Maybe it's time for you to use it. Be blessed.

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