How do you feel today? Did you bound out of bed this morning, free of aches and pains, full of energy and positivity?


What do you feel you need just to get through the day? When did you last stop and think, "Wow, I feel so vibrant, so healthy and happy"?


Do you even know what advice is actually right for you? It may be time to stop faking it. 

The basis of Edenic Wellbeing Coaching is to provide YOU with your own LIFEplan, laying out all you need to restore your health.

Your LIFEplan will provide all the advice you need to change everything that got you to where you are today; diet, habits, environment, etc, while removing triggers and toxins, then using remedies to bring about homeostasis, and herbs to heal, and supplements to balance. In any health plan, if you are not healing from day one, and actually FEELING better along the way, the physician is not doing their job.


We all know about those octogenarians or centenarians who look half their age, do not smoke, eat meat or dairy, still exercise and do not have a regular GP. But they are rare. And they took the right advice somewhere.

Meanwhile, millions of people depend on pharmaceuticals just to stay alive, from a very young age. This is not coincidence. The former image is made fun of; the second image is seen as normal...

Edenic health is the whole thing. Your body, mind, environment, habits, the way you feel and think, and what you do.


To achieve optimum Edenic health you must take responsibility.


YOUR body.

YOUR health.



It does not matter who you are, where you are and it definitely does not matter what your financial situation is. Many of the world's healthiest and happiest people have little material wealth. They simply learned how to LIVE by using what God - and nature - gave us to thrive.

Read our real life stories and the free health tips. You probably already have access to many things you need to get started. For personalised care, click the Wellbeing LIFEplan link and follow instructions. Within (usually) 24 hours you will have your confidential, personalised program with all recommendations returned to your email address. You can then choose whether to take recommendations to your local health shop or send for them online to an external wholesaler which we can find for you, depending on your geographical location, at a fraction of the price, to be delivered to your door in a matter of days. You may choose to go through the FREE health advice articles first; in fact, we recommend it simply because what you are looking for has most likely been written about already.

Best of all, you can start right now. 

Welcome to the rest of YOUR healthy (abundant) LIFE.

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