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You may be asking if this advice is for you. Only you can tell.


Your health - your life - depends on very basic but fundamental foundations. Everything you were ever exposed to or consumed, whether emotional, physical,

traumatic or even chemical; all had, to some degree, a knock on effect

on your body; your immunity, your vitality, your ability to heal and renew cells.


The resulting imbalance, reactions and symptoms always have answers found in the natural or energetic realm. But somewhere along the way we forgot them.

Soon after birth, you are exposed to every chemical imaginable. Food, medicines, even your surroundings bombard this born-perfect, once-pristine life every minute of every day. Within seconds of birth, it has now become commonplace to immerse this perfect life in toxic chemicals, instil and inject even more chemicals into the tiny body, in the belief THIS is health.


Yet, health itself is an afterthought. This habitual way of living surely needs to change. 

'Feeling' unwell is not random sickness, but begins with the emotional aspect hours, days, weeks, months or even years before we acknowledge that there is something wrong or out of balance.


We have forgotten what it truly feels like to be vibrantly healthy. 


But YOU can.

From the beginning, all life has thrived without the need for intervention. Today, we have been led to believe that until the advent of modern medicine, we were the sickly, walking dead. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Each nation had their own traditional medicines. various continents had their own medical systems. And they were effective, free of the shocking addictions and side (direct) effects we see today. Those who practiced them knew exactly, almost instinctually, how and when to use them. We have lost much. Yet, if we really read our Bibles without influence, we will see that the 128 herbal plants and the 39 healing verses of the Bible were there for a reason, long before modern medicine and without side effects.


Today, the list of valid, effective therapies or modalities is long. You must always start at the base: nutrition (from the soil), fitness, clean air and water. Breathing, relaxation and movement such as stretching and pilates. Bodywork like acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, Alexander technique, Bowen therapy, osteopathy and so much more.  Start now. Start at home in your own time, at your own pace.


So, how is your posture?

Internal medicines: various herbal, homeopathy, essences, oils and supplements; plus removal of all the triggers and poisons we are exposed to. Most do not give this aspect a second thought, but the average person is exposed to hundreds of side-effect laden poisons/chemicals/toxins a day, which were not around just a few hundred years ago (while we are led to believe, via modern media, that prior to modern medicine EVERYONE was sick and dying, that there was no health; this is simply not true. 


Today, we are exposed to upwards of a few thousand toxic chemicals a day, yet we rarely consider these as the cause of our dis-ease. We need to do all we can for vital health.


One of the most painful things for me to hear is, "Oh, I have tried it all, nothing worked."

Well, I have been at this for over 3 decades and I have not tried it ALL. In fact, I am

yet to meet a single individual who has tried it all. 


I guarantee it; if you attempt wholeheartedly to do all that is necessary; turn habit, superstition and addictions around to address every aspect of your life, you will rarely, if ever, need pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.​ See them as the last resort rather than leaving health and life as the last resort.


Just because you don't know anything about it, just because someone else does not know anything about it, does not mean it is not real, or valid. It will help you whether they say it will or not. Only a fool would say you will never need emergency or surgical, or even pharmaceutical assistance, but save it for real emergencies, when every other avenue has been exhausted.

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