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Homeopathic Bottles


The links on this page are our exclusive endorsements, based upon our history with these individuals and companies. We do not support any groups involved in exploitation or unethical practices. These are some of our favourites.


Chrysalis Original Homeopathics 

Australian-made range of remedies for home & clinical use. Vegan, ethically-sourced with an eco ethos. Suitable for all ages & animal use. Build your own home medicine dispensary for self sufficient health for the home. Combining traditional remedies, new remedies, Schuessler salts, Australian bush flower essences, Bach remedies plus the brilliance of gold, frankincense & myrrh, these easy-to-use remedies are perfect for your family's health.


Nard Hair Care

Luxe, concentrated shampoo & conditioner bars care for your hair & scalp and the environment. No water is used during production; the shampoo bars last around 50 washes & the conditioner bars last around 80 washes. With ingredients like Abyssinian oil, Cocoa butter, Oat oil, herbs, Rhassoul clay, Black Castor oil, Apple cider vinegar and Amla, these soothing, nourishing bars are like nothing you have ever used. Vegan, ethically sourced & no animal testing.

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iHerb is an excellent provider of discount health products on an international level, able to send orders to most countries. Be sure to use keywords such as vegan in your search as not all products are ethical. With lines such as supplements, herbal medicines, personal care, animal care, sports & fitness medicine, aromatherapy, health foods and infant care, with the choice of gluten-free, organic, non-GMO and cruelty free with health advice, as well as research information on demand.

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