'Be the best you, you can be.'

'Today is the first day of the rest of your life.'

'Your body is a temple.' (1 Cor 6:9)

We've all heard these sayings but what do they mean? On that note, who do you believe? I can only tell you what I told my patients: don't just believe me. Just try it. Give yourself a few months to make the change and do ALL you can to see and feel the change. Break old habits. Try something you never did before because only you know, what you were doing wasn't working.

We've all heard of inspiring anecdotes and tales which make us want to try harder, but like resolutions they fade. Tell me this: if the fish in a fishtank or bowl were sick and you noticed the water was murky, stagnant and looked unhealthy, what would you do? Would you a) pour in medicine and hope for the best or b) clean the tank, change the water slowly (environment - being sure to leave the necessary beneficial pathogens in a small amount of the old water to build up immunity and health) and give what nutrients, sunlight, correct temperature and if necessary, medicines were vital?

That is why I am here. Let me break it down into easy-to-understand information. It's taken decades to formulate this program and it is still here - because it works. So, whether you are looking for a lifestyle change, or may be chronically unwell, or you may have received a diagnosis or treatment you are not happy with; if you want to lose weight, if you want to bring life into the world, if you are tired and sick of being sick and tired, need energy or have just had enough of a substandard LIFE, and want to know what real health and abundance feels like, let's get started.

The Edenic Health online consultation/assessment service works one-on-one with YOU,

providing exceptional guidance that is catered specifically to your individual needs.

Follow instructions below to receive fast, life-changing results.

Your Healthy Future


100% online - secure from assessment to delivery.

A unique, cost-effective program which is the first of its kind, the Edenic Comprehensive eHealth program draws together a complex system and broad catalogue of natural health services. Taking your health history and current needs into account, an individualised, exclusive response will direct and guide your health pathway for the rest of your life.

This link has been created to allow you to have a one-off confidential health assessment, using a broad based multi-modality schedule. If this program were to be conducted face-to-face, it would cost many hundreds of dollars, over many visits, to different practitioners. The formation of this design, over decades of private practice consultations, allows for streamlining the most concise, condensed program for you.

Many who have taken advantage of this service have previously consulted with health experts and are not satisfied with the outcome, or are simply seeking further guidance. By filling in the detailed online form, you will see many questions not normally asked in regular consultations. It is most likely the most extensive form you will ever have to fill, pertaining to your health. It allows for the analysing of your health history using a range of modalities, in order to formulate a detailed, personalised lifestyle program, taking your entire body into account rather than just one or two symptoms.

Please note - this assessment is based on your history and your honesty in filling in details,

in order to establish the best pathway you can take for your healthy future. 

If you are serious about changing your future, you will need to follow all the advice -

dietary, treatment suggestions and any referrals suggested.



100%. The form is filled on a private portal, seen only by me, via my undisclosed site. At no stage of the process are your classified details or information ever shared with a 3rd party. All of your information is saved in an encrypted file and deleted from the original site once I have downloaded them.The only time they are viewed after the original assessment is in the event you need follow up advice and to update your information. I take client confidentiality very seriously.


Current and previous sickness and treatment history, including surgical

Current health issues and concerns

Testing and analysis results

Emotional health

Physical details - eyes, hair, skin, nails, tongue, weight, height

Known allergies and suspected allergies

Birth details and childhood nutrition

Current nutrition

Sensory breakdown

Respiratory, circulatory and cardiac health

Digestive and vital organ health

Renal and reproductive health

Skeletal and muscular health

Sleep patterns

Current natural therapy treatment 

Additional concerns


  1. An outline of possible congenital, inherited or historical health issues.

  2. If necessary, further explanations and detail of any unclear existing previous test outcomes.

  3. Emotional outcomes and recommendations.

  4. Dietary protocol, plan and other natural nutritional suggestions according to your needs.

  5. External treatment recommendations, ie bodywork, exercise program suggestions.

  6. Referral recommendations only as necessary.

  7. Homeopathic recommendations.

  8. Herbal recommendations.

  9. Orthomolecular recommendations, ie supplement suggestions.

  10. Non-toxic healthy lifestyle recommendations.

  11. Detox and parasite recommendations.

  12. Expected outcome.


A flat rate of $80 AUS is charged - inclusive - this will cover all relevant integrative suggestions - a saving of many hundreds of dollars.


  1. Head to the secure form via the red Your Lifeplan button on this page, fill out your particulars with as much detail as you can, and payment will be requested at the end.

  2. Payment must be paid before submission at the end of the form.

  3. Allow yourself approximately one hour to complete the form thoroughly.

  4. Click submit and you are done. You will be notified when the form is safely received.

  5. Please allow 24 hours for your Lifeplan response, unless sent on a public holiday or weekend - for any reason, a delay is suspected, you will be notified, however the usual turn around time is 1 day maximum. 

  6. Please print out your Lifeplan response or save to your desktop for future reference.

  7. For external recommendations, you will be directed to the most trustworthy, cost-effective but quality suppliers, either online or in your area.

  8. If at any time you have concerns or questions please ask via our secure site email health@chrysalisoriginal.com, also stating that you have completed the assessment.

  9. Simple future questions will be answered free of charge, however if future assessments are required, a fee will be incurred.