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HIV/AIDS Hidden Truth

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

As an ex nurse I have to admit the fear of HIV/AIDS hung around long after I had begun studying natural health. Only after I had met people who'd had a 'positive' diagnosis and lost what was their original life, yet were now living vitally healthy lives - decades later - without sickness, did I start to question it. My own interest in virology and the massive question over the existence of even a single virus, lead me down a very lonely pathway to the realisation that if a virus cannot be detected in any medium or petri dish and needs questionable specialised equipment and processes to even prove something is there, that may or may not be part of this mythical virus, well, surely there are questions to be asked.

During my studies I saw documented proof over the fraud case of the supposed discoverer of the HIV virus (Gallo). No one cared - there was now a lot of money to be made and questions only got you into trouble.

Fast forward a few years and seeing many supposed cases in Africa cured using just a fresh plant based diet and clean water/hygiene and I knew I was onto something. My brain screams with the thought of how much ignorance there is - so bad that in many cultures family members are ostracised, people are jailed for 'knowingly spreading HIV', marriages broken down and people even killed - all over this fabricated virus and the disease or syndrome it allegedly morphs into.

People are wasting away with the poisons given, and resulting cancer, or immune disease, which itself is arguably a combination of pH imbalance, parasites, chemical deposits, medications & vaccines, moulds/fungi and exposure to EMFs and myriad man made triggers which living tissues have no place being exposed to. Overlook all of this, give it a name, re-release banned chemotherapy too toxic to use on cancer sufferers and no one will notice when it kills even more. Just put it down to the disease; it gets more attention, more funding, more money.

There is no doubt that there is a chronic and even terminal disease. But what if the cause is purely medically-inflicted or dietary/environmentally triggered? What if it is a whole host of imbalances that result in cancer-like degradation of the entire body as opposed to the immune system? There are far more researchers in this world who do not believe in the existence of the virus or resultant disease status, than there are so-called HIV experts. But money wins the day - you cannot make an industry from something that does not exist. So keep inventing, keep 'discovering' and a multi billion dollar industry will thrive.

The Perth Group is just one of the many groups of researchers trying to share the truth but being stifled.

It is beyond me that pretty animations can con entire auditoriums of scholars and experts. But they do. This is their 'documented proof'. Thankfully websites such as VirusMyth are here to set the record straight.

I can already hear you say, 'but what about Africa?' The continent is no more AIDS affected than the gay community is. Experts exist in most African nations, not just curing disease but bringing about a negative test result where it was once positive. So what do the experts do? Create a term 'false positive' to bring about more confusion. Ignore medication side effects and ingredients which include cancer cells - anything to keep the story going. Skeptic sites, Snopes, Quackwatch - all set up by disgraced medical failures - churn out their vitriol on a daily basis - spoonfed by the highest bidders.

Dr Sebi was one such expert but he too was silenced. Dr Robert Young & his wife Shelley have been curing all manner of disease by simple pH correction. But he has been silenced, documentation of his research of over 300THOUSAND microbiology slides & cases removed from the internet, ending in him being placed under house arrest - simply because he was quietly turning dis-ease around without expensive poisons, disease labels, or buying into whatever makes the most money. It does not end there.

The ongoing assault upon the dedicated InfoClinic South Africa with their Umlingo Wamangcolosi - a treatment proven to be 85% effective in official research (some 50% higher than the expected medical norm) was hushed and one by one its creators and supporters silenced in the most horrific ways.

None of these people 'treat AIDS' - instead, they treat an unhealthy, unbalanced body. The most interesting thing is that none of these truth-tellers live/d in flash mansions or drive/drove expensive cars. There is no money in truth. But there is a HELL of a lot of money in conning the masses, poisoning them, creating dis-ease and then 'treating' them. Come on, we expect these experts to live the life!

If you want truth and answers, I would head straight from here to the work being done and constantly covered up in South Africa. Well, you could, if the powers that be had not taken it off the internet. This group are curing people all over the world of all manner of disease which for the most part has been 'diagnosed' as HIV/AIDS. If a treatment did not work, why would authorities take it down? Why would they attack those responsible? Why has almost the entire team at the helm been killed or silenced?

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