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No Jab No Shop

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Don't laugh. When the whole No Jab travesty began being waved about many people did just that. Seriously, who would have thought, as recently as 2011, that anyone who has known neurological or auto immune disease, or has lost a loved one to recorded, proven vaccine side effects, would be banned from schools, jobs or day care? Who would have thought that single parents who have escaped domestic violence and struggle with autistic or otherwise brain damaged children and living below the poverty line, could now be taken to court to have their children force vaccinated?

Or had surviving children legally kidnapped by official sectors set up to protect them - while having benefits cut? Who would have ever thought that those who don't agree to medical ideals which were not compulsory until now, could be labelled terrorists? Or ignorant and paid members of the public and professional sectors demanding to have their children removed or worse still, killed? Or called baby killers by the media?

All of the measures rolled out in the last few years have been pre-warned. I am not necessarily talking about George Orwell's Big Brother. Or popular shows like Teen Wolf warning us of Dread Doctors. Or even movies such as World War Z. The media, long known to be heavily in the pockets of Big Pharma (while popular medical choices are heavily biased by Big Pharma funding) always pre-curse these situations before they take place or are even passed within our governmental laws. In fact, right now, depending upon your media choices, your government leaders are taking their cues and sourcing 'fact' from journalists without appropriate education, and those whose income is sourced from Big Pharma.

Headlines scream...

One would be excused for believing simple symptoms are diseases capable of mass destruction, leaving giant swaths of dead bodies in their wake, despite knowledge and logical capabilities sobbing quietly in the recesses of our conscience. While millions of deaths from causes that don't matter to decision makers continue unabated.

But if you know how to read the news, how to decipher what is really being said, you can see the truth. Prior to every new threat, there is ample news reporting. All stuff that is made of real scaremongering which few can see. Today in Australia, the very clever spin doctors are onto a new agenda under the guise of two very different but inextricably linked ideals.

Connect the dots...

Driving licence ID photos to be stored in national database to identify terrorists. To be used in public places such as ...

  • shopping centres & airports

  • public transport & public gatherings

  • schools & workplaces

  • hospitals & universities

Meanwhile, the latest vaccine-related media scaremongering campaign on every news break, current affair program, newspaper - with full support and guidance from medical leaders and government involves (drum roll)....

  • Shopping centres

  • University

  • Train stations

  • Airports

  • MCG

Headlines of the latest headline outbreak 'sparks health scare'. That would be false flag media reporting sparks mass hysteria. People are doubling up on unnecessary vaccines, scared to go out of their homes while doctors' surgery waiting rooms are packed. ER departments are seeing more than the usual number of cases of people thinking they are now dying. Take a look at any mummy-related social media page to see women smart enough to breed, asking if everyday symptoms such as nappy rash, pimples or even scratches & bruises are measles, with the faux concern type comments of, 'you can never be too careful. Go to your doctor.'

You could not make this stuff up (unless you were media) - I even read a popular mother's page with a thread on the topic of taking a toddler swimming into their own pool - 'Could Johnny now have measles because we dipped his toes in the pool and I am not sure if that is safe at his age as he has not had all his shots...' The question was stupid enough but the responses left me concerned for the human race and intellect of people breeding future generations.

Now, how long do you think it will be, until the above two scaremongering dots are connected surreptitiously in order to supposedly make Australia a 'safer place'? Even our national leader is proudly boasting that our digital imaging will be scanned at shopping centres and other larger places of gathering. Add that to the microchipping they have been promoting of late. I can see it already. Your face is scanned and your microchip scanned at any entry to your preferred place of gathering. Not vaccinated? Missed one vaccine? Or booster #25? Refused some dodgy pharma treatment or unnecessary surgery? Alarms go off, automatic doors come down, security is in yo' face with guns. As I said, don't laugh. You already did that and look where we are.


As they say, not all conspiracy is theory.

And in 2022 we are in lockdown because of a virus that cannot be detected. That's right. The 'treatments' are owned by the same pharma giants while safe, natural effective healing methods are near outlawed.

And try to go into a shop - ANY shop. Most are closed. What do you think comes next?

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