No Jab No Shop On Its Way

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Don't laugh. When the whole No Jab travesty began being waved about many people did just that. Seriously, who would have thought, 5 years ago, that anyone who has known neurological or auto immune disease, or has lost a loved one to recorded, proven vaccine side effects, would be banned from schools, jobs or day care? Who would have thought that single parents who have escaped domestic violence and struggle with autistic or otherwise brain damaged children and living below the poverty line, could now be taken to court to have their children force vaccinated?

Or had surviving children legally kidnapped by the very official sectors set up to protect them while having benefits cut? Who would have ever thought that those who do not agree to medical ideals which were not compulsory until now, under freedom of choice, could be labelled terrorists? Or ignorant and paid members of the public and professional sectors demanding to have their children removed or worse still, killed? Or called baby killers by the media?

All of the measures rolled out in the last few years have been pre-warned. I am not necessarily talking about George Orwell's Big Brother. Or popular shows like Teen Wolf warning us of Dread Doctors. Or even movies such as World War Z. The media, long known to be heavily in the pockets of Big Pharma (while popular medical choices are heavily biased by Big Pharma funding) always pre-curse these situations before they take place or are even passed within our governmental laws. In fact, right now, depending upon your media choices, your government leaders are taking their cues and sourcing 'fact' from journalists without appropriate education, and those whose income is sourced from Big Pharma.

Headlines scream...

One would be excused for believing simple symptom sets are diseases capable of mass destruction, leaving giant swaths of dead bodies in their wake, despite knowledge and logical capabilities sobbing quietly in the recesses of our conscience. All while millions of deaths from causes that do not seem to matter to decision makers continue unabated.

But if you know how to read the news, how to decipher what is really being said, you can see the truth. Prior to every new threat, there is ample news reporting. All stuff that is made of real scaremongering which few can see. Today in Australia, the very clever spin doctors are onto a new agenda under the guise of two very different but inextricably linked ideals.

Connect the dots...

Driving licence ID photos to be stored in national database to identify terrorists. To be used in public places such as ...

  • shopping centres

  • airports

  • public transport

  • schools