Our God Is A Healing God, Yet We Humans Are Sicker Than Ever In History.

Watching Benny Hinn recently I was reminded of this one thing: Trillions of dollars are spent worldwide annually, and have been all of this century and much of the latter part of the last one - 84% of the entire world's usable recources are spent on 'health care' - more than wars and global 'protection' yet the world has NEVER been sicker. Big statement to make I know, but think of these facts before all the old rhetoric comes out like:

  • What about the great plagues?

  • What about famine years?

  • What about the dark ages?

  • What about all the diseases modern medicine has cured?

  • What about our better quality of life?

  • What about humans now living longer than ever before?

  • What about scientific discoveries?

While I was out walking this morning as the sun came up, my brain was barely able to focus while I thought about all the possible comments that would be screaming in the minds of people reading the headline of this article...

So let's deal with all of the above in point form.

The masses pray for healing ...