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Healing in God's Name...

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Trillions of dollars are spent worldwide annually, and have been all of this century & much of the latter part of the last one - 84% of the entire world's usable resources are spent on 'health care' - more than wars & global 'protection' yet the world has NEVER been sicker. Big statement to make I know, but think of these facts before all the old rhetoric comes out:

  • What about the great plagues?

  • What about famine years?

  • What about the dark ages?

  • What about all the diseases modern medicine has cured?

  • What about our better quality of life?

  • What about humans now living longer than ever before?

  • What about scientific discoveries?

While I was out walking this morning as the sun came up, my brain was barely able to focus while I thought about all the possible comments that would be screaming in the minds of people reading the headline of this article...

So let's deal with all of the above in point form.

The masses pray for healing ...

...while they chow down on fast food, takeaway chicken and cakes and biscuits, and consume/shoot up Babylonian poisons in the hope they will magically or miraculously be healed in His name. This one came to me when I was still very young and had not yet crossed the floor to natural health. Every week the church was full of sick and dying. How were so many Christians so sick? How could they be an example to others of His healing miracles, goodness and mercy? So many Christians are obese, prayers go up each Sunday for the healing of so many; and prayers for God to guide the doctors. The most common prayer requested online is for healing, even above financial prayers ...

What? How can that even be when so many live below the breadline in this world? Like w-a-y below the breadline!

I have lost count over the years of the number of people who agree to end their lives because the doctor has told them they will die at a specific time. I have had Christians come to me for advice, only to refuse to listen because a pastor has told them that natural health is demonic. So they accept death stemming from sickness which has come from unBiblical food, drugs, habits and emotions. "God's Will"...

'But more people died during the great plagues'

History is repeating itself and no one wants to see. Great plagues only ever happened when the true quality of life ended. I don't mean wealth and luxury (read how Howard Hughes or King Henry VIII died despite not only obscene wealth but access to the best medical care - and you will understand).

The great plagues of Europe were confined to the poorest areas, with appalling living conditions, little sunlight or clean water. Diets were high in meat for those who could afford it and putrid scraps for those who could not. Unlike the 'savages' of warm, clean healthy island nations who rarely saw disease other than those inflicted mechanically. Superstition counted for much in the old days. People who became sick were often starved, poisoned or left to die; there are many records of people not even dead being piled onto carts and burned with the dead. Today's convenient habit of history recalling covers up much truth.

When sickly, vile nations conquered vibrant nations, they brought poor diet and disease, including often-terminal venereal disease and bred (usually by force) with locals, watering down genetic strength and changing the miasma to weaken future generations who eventually became dependent upon the new leadership. It is no secret that anyone who attempted to get the Truth out on this matter was vilified and career destroyed, while those who based their work on corrupt theory thrived and changed the face of medicine from symptomatic dedicated care to perpetuation of symptoms and monetary gain.

The great influenza of 1918/19 was not the pandemic we are told; it only affected highly-populated areas where vaccines were given which set off the feeble immune system issues we still see today. Instead of seeing the truth, lead-coffin burials, superstition passing itself off as science, right through to modern exhumation of bodies and ... you guessed it ... making and stockpiling new vaccines for when the next outbreak occurs.

'But you weren't there,' I hear you say. Nor were any of the so-called epidemiological researchers who use this as ammunition. I read records by people who lived in Europe at the time who lived it & remember it. And I have read articles & news reports that were NOT funded by the scaremongering tactics at the time.

A little perspective

The influenza plague killed 50 million globally (half of these were attributed to aspirin poisoning)

The spread did not occur until vaccines were given to troops, who in turn became ill and the 'flu' magically affected people only where they were stationed.

* the above figures were once - as in altogether over the period of the epidemic - ie years


10 million die annually of cancer globally

20 million die annually of heart disease globally

3 million die annually of obesity globally

Over 300 million die annually from medical effects & error globally

* the above figures are every single year

In 2018 Bill Gates announced that 30 million WILL die of a global epidemic. Wait, what? He knows the truth yet those figures can be used to create mass hysteria and fear.

"But famine though ..."

Humans cause famine. It really is that simple. Some of the main reasons, when all linked together to result in famine, include:

  • Political conflict (barriers, laws, restrictions, embargoes, privilege)

  • Political issues affecting resolution of ongoing issues (including financial)

  • Meat and dairy industry (70% of food crops are spent on feeding meat and dairy animals which are fed to the lucky 30% top group of the world's population. As in plague eras, the remaining populations eat the scraps/leftovers.

  • Weather and pollution - industry and pollution are destroying our planet. Ripping out the 'guts' of one area cannot fail to affect downstream in a negative way. It can be as simple as mining an area, or building a sea groin while taking out vital coastal habitat to change an entire region. Poisoning our waterways by dumping and poisons such as Roundup/glyphosate - which, like DDT, are having catastrophic effects globally.

More people die today from basic lack and the effects of western world greed, than ever before; more than the great wars, more than the plague eras. More propaganda is still focused on those needless deaths and suffering during a relatively short period today than the exponentially higher number of deaths annually worldwide. In Uganda alone, every single day the equivalent of 9/11 happens from basic lack.

One country.


  • over 12 MILLION deaths a YEAR happen from unhealthy environments.

  • 10 MILLION deaths a YEAR could soon happen from so-called superbugs which in reality are nothing more than overuse of medications and mismanagement. Just let that sink in - every single year more deaths than from any plague era. Man-made. More than that, pharma-made.

  • Medical error is supposdly the 3rd leading cause of death in the western world (while the other two, are caused by incorrect diets and lifestyles supported by the industry. But don't expect the WHO to announce that; they are too busy diverting attention and pushing the next wonder drug. Stats from the 3rd world are used cleverly to muddy the overall statistical numbers. Paid skeptics are out in force dismissing the truth.

  • Incorrect diet (despite all the diets out there, despite a multi billion dollar nutrition industry) is the leading cause of deaths globally.

  • Infertility is on the rise, more than ever in history thanks to vaccines, toxic baby care and venereal disease.

  • In the US alone, over 125 MILLION people visit ER every year. That is almost 1 in 2 people. Half the population.

  • It is roughly estimated that 1/100 people now suffer auto-immune disease which stems from man made toxic damage over many generations. For much of this there is no permanent cure.

  • Mental health is a trillion dollar industry and on the rise - and seen as a common issue.

- kind of makes everything else all of a sudden become very pale and obscure, doesn't it?

Modern medicine and science ...

There is no doubt that developments in knowledge and science have brought about some amazing inventions and discoveries. But have you ever heard of the adage 'Can't see the wood for the trees'? When things become so distant from their focal point, their baseline or their origins that facts no longer matter; this is where modern medicine is at today:

  • Before a newborn even has a chance to develop, it is shot full of chemicals so that ANY illness can be dismissed as 'genetic'. This was not enough so now, pregnant women are forcefully being shot up in a morbid Frankenscience data collection study in full view yet secret, so that vaccines at birth can no longer be blamed.

  • Rather than feeding nutrients or even clean water, starving 3rd world individuals afflicted by the worst of poverty and lack, are given vaccines and antibiotic shots which destroy immunity and gut health.

  • When presented with an infection, a doctor will not focus on gut health or blood health (which are the basis of all health imbalance) but give antibiotics which further damage both blood and gut biome.

  • Officialdom dismisses ALL (Edenic) alternative modalities which can work miracles in both emergency and acute/chronic health issues, or opts for surgery to rip out an organ rather than rebuild with something as simple as diet or supplementation.

  • People are kept artificially alive, barely existing on medications that cover up symptoms rather than ever actually healing.

  • 'Treatments' for man made diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease are so toxic that they can poison the body to the point of death. Few die of these illnesses; they die of toxicity.

  • The bulk of modern medical experts ride on the coat tails of true miracle workers such as micro-surgeons and all-rounder family doctors without so much as following up a single case other than flogging off their pharma-rep's monthly quota suggestion.

But we have a better quality of life ...

Today we have access to everything - the 'best' of medicine for free, organic food, the best chef-cooked inventions yet no one sees what is going on. How many fit, healthy chefs do you know? No, the bulk of them are obese and so busy inventing new dishes with appalling ingredients based on meat, dairy and sugar, that once again the wood has disappeared behind the trees. How many healthy, fit doctors and nurses do you know? Even nutritionists are trained from the same meat, GMO, dairy and sugar industry books from which doctors and home economics experts receive all their knowledge.

We live in artificial environments with more toxicity within our homes than in the toxic environment outside. We apply and ingest more chemicals than ever before via our skin care, personal care, hair care, cosmetics, cleaning products - even the vapour from our furniture are embedding chemical cocktails within our bodies that have clear health warnings on them in their original state.

We cover our children with UV protection & sanitisers, wipe our surfaces in all manner of germ killers (which in turn kill off vital good bugs which are essential for health - and life). Parents actually argue against allowing their children to get dirty or a speck of sunlight. Those vitamins B12 (soil/dirt) and D (sunlight) are intrinsic to the network of our very extensive and complex health structure and parents are actually robbing their children of the basic building blocks of life.

So they are admitted to hospitals with chronic and terminal illness - robbed further of the same nutrients, forcefed toxic chemicals and acidic diets. There is no better quality of life. There is no proof we are living longer. There have always been examples of people living past the expected age. The only time people throughout history have lived short lives is when they have lived in shocking situations and circumstance as outlined above.

Today, it is rare to see a single person over the age of 30 who is not dependent upon pharmaceutical meds. 1 in 3 children are obese. 1 in 3 will develop cancer. Pregnant women are being shot full of poisons which cross the placental and blood/brain barrier. People in the first world actually exist, who have never consumed water or vegetables.

... and we are back to asking the masses to pray for healing ... God forbid any dares suggest Edenic living ...

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