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Pharmakeia: Modern Threat of Biblical Proportions

Christians and churches in general do not want to know. Especially now they are being forced to close their doors because people are either too afraid or gullible over some fake virus that is yet to even be detected, let alone proven to exist in any test.

This would be the most complex, difficult and controversial article I have ever tried to put into words, but something I have been meditating and praying on for months - only reinforced during sermons and gatherings. Even more than the modern day Babylon article. More difficult than trying to explain to a doctor that you are a natural health professional. More difficult than trying to tell your nursing peers you are leaving the fold in order to find safer, more effective answers. And more difficult than telling a church leader that you 'practice' natural healing. Meanwhile, religions that do practice Edenic living are ostracised and vilified.

Yet Nazi and Jewish investors alike continue to feed Pharmakeia.

Few see the irony here...

Go to any church, any university or any school. Watch any TV for more than a few minutes, read any newspaper or magazine. Listen to any radio station. View any billboard, any advertising banner.

And go to any church. 'Church' has gone from being anti-natural medicine to outright hero worship of medicine and big pharma. I believe more than half of the sermons I have ever heard, or visiting speakers who ever brought a message, included almost subliminal promotion of Pharmakeia - warned of in the book of Revelations in verse 18:23 - ' for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).'

That sadly includes sermons outright preaching against natural health and diet. Many churches now offer microchipping and vaccine clinics as part of their outreach. I can only wonder how much of the world's charity mission donations goes towards poisoning those desperately in need of clean water, food and access to their own indigenous plants.

It is no secret that doctors are modern day gods. People actually pray for Him to guide the doctors in their choices - toxic chemo, unbiblical vaccines, disfiguring surgery, diets consisting of flesh and body secretions. Few Pastors can finish their Word without such comments as 'Don't forget Dr ******* who you will need to see for *******' or 'I would be sad if my doctor was not well qualified to care for my health.'

What happened to caring for your own health?

The purpose of this article is not doctor-bashing. It came about during a recent church service, where the speaker mentioned a certain fast food outlet no less than 7 times in a matter of minutes - his love for the burgers, the greasy food - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The next speaker praised his doctor for issues he is educated enough to take care of all by himself. I looked around and was reminded that if I were to stand up and declare who I was, what I practiced and that I am not vaccinated, that I would become the veritable leper of Biblical proportions.

When did Edenic health become modern day Leprosy?

Make no mistake. Lepers of biblical times were untouchable. Outcasts. Unable to access anyone or anything. Cut from society. Unfunded. Despised. Yet in the latter part of last century it was proven that leprosy is neither highly contagious or terminal. Ignorance.

Today's lepers eat plant based diets, have home dispensaries of all manner of herbs, oils, supplements, superfoods, and self care. Gardens of herbs and healthy foods. They actively avoid toxic poisons and anything remotely dangerous to their health. Including vaccines. They often have a family history of poor health and managed to turn it around. And like the lepers of old, they are not contagious, yet are treated as they are. Outcasts.

It depends on how far one wants to travel down the rabbit hole. Once you do, there is no going back. It is a horrifying tale and sadly too repugnant to want to even believe. So most don't.

Quite simply, the same few kingpins control and own Big Pharma which in turn controls:

  • governments

  • mainstream media

  • war

  • education

  • health care

  • banks

  • mining companies

  • livestock breeding and slaughter

  • world food crops

Basically, anything we see as important. And in turn, the CEOs - even world leaders - are among the most serious investors in Big Pharma. Wars are fought daily over legal drug crops, killing thousands of children daily. More humans are addicted to legal, medical drugs - responsible for killing millions annually but put down to the diseases they have caused. All the while, existing natural health companies are being systematically shut down and bought out/taken over by Big Pharma while existing experts are deregistered, (while any doctors caught practising natural modalities are vilified) and natural health schools taken over by Big Pharma and mainstream education - the outcome is synthetic supplements and watered down knowledge.

Yet more is sunk into funding Big Pharma while 'fighting' illegal drugs which often include effective herbs. And sadly, churches pander to these same institutions, promoting them daily, without even seeing the irony.

And what of medications?

No one seems to care how many animals are vivisected, how many animal parts are cut up and used to prove a point.

No one is concerned that aborted human infant DNA is extracted and injected into our babies, creating modern day hybrids - genetically modified in our own right. But don't worry - you can just invent a new genetic disease to cover that up. People are actually lining up to be microchipped and any mention of the Mark of the Beast is laughed at. I was called a heretic for daring to suggest it.

No one cares we are being injected with DNA of other creatures, or having organs and tissue of other species transplanted into our bodies (Dominion did not include this). All of this is okay but don't whatever you do, consider anything so demonic as eating healthy food, taking herbs of the Bible, or using safe therapies first. It is so far from Godly that it is just too hard to think about.

So the church in general, does not think about it.

But that does not stop them promoting it by default. This is the modern medicine being preached. I loathe the term New World Order but it is what we are slowly but surely moving into. I do not know what to do about this other than pray - but when we have millions praying in the other direction, what hope is there? I personally have little hope that things will change before Christ returns - some days I doubt He even wants to. If He destroyed nations and even the world with the great flood for far less, what will He make of all this? I hold so little hope for the church in general. Most days I wish I did not know what I know. At least I would not be continually told I need deliverance. Ignorance is bliss.

But not all conspiracies are theories.

To avoid queues in waiting rooms, do an online assessment.


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