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Government, Media & Pharmaceutical Giants in the land of Oz

WHISTLEBLOWING - a threat to life itself; has it really been worth it?

When a former health professional sees the light, we spend the rest of our lives wishing we didn't, that it would all just go away, that it was just a mistake and just maybe we got it wrong. We may even spend time trying to prove that we have it wrong; that the medical system is after all, the noble, honest industry we once thought it was. Somewhere along the line the knives and scalpels come out against us and some go quiet for their own safety. Others start to investigate just why this response has happened - and then it really comes tumbling down.

Any doubt we had, any hope we fostered that we were wrong in walking away, is vapourised as we watch our peers destroyed in the media, attacked by former peers who were once friends and colleagues, or even total strangers who have nothing against us other than we do not agree with what they think they know. And somewhere along the line, the media jump in boots and all. This usually entangles the government in some way - whether it's to cover up the past and safeguard their own kickbacks, or protect them from being exposed.

Any way it falls, the one brave enough to speak out or walk away is seen as the one at fault, even though their aim is to save lives and protect the innocent. Even if a mountain of evidence exists to show this corruption that is tantamount to mass murder - big enough to make September 11, the wars in the Middle East and the illicit drug trade look little more than naughty boys acting up at school.

Whitewashing and clever spin are ongoing, well paid and very real roles - capable with a few words - and lots of money, to make the trouble disappear overnight. And what has dirtied up medicine for decades, is now drawing in complimentary/alternative healthcare. Back stabbing and cutting adrift of anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable - and newer graduates especially, already affected by medical influence are just as capable of attacking as their medical counterparts. It kind of makes it feel hardly worth it when someone attacks your credibility, even telling you to step aside, that your ideas are obsolete - then you remember they got their knowledge from coursework you wrote - and they think they know it all.

For many years, experts who are dealing with the fallout of pharmaceutical deaths and injury - including vaccination injury and death - have been calling for a compensation scheme to be established. The government - led by the TGA and AMA - refuses to allow this to happen, even if, like the Americans, Australian leaders decide to make it only if no one is held liable. All this, despite thousands of reports every single year in Australia alone.

All dismissed as anecdotal. Tell me, when did human response to medical treatment no longer count?

When did pharma funded research in a laboratory or simulated program count more than what is really happening in the real world? Cancer is not the leading cause of death in the first world today, despite their best efforts. Rather than admit error, more and more diseases are invented annually - we are now up to around 10,000. Yet all disease can be traced back to just a few causes - environmental, dietary, mechanical (injury) and medical poisoning - and yes, each of these can in turn include hereditary or genetic as DNA ensues generation after generation.

Let's consider this - iatrogenesis - or injury/death caused by medical error or side effects accounts for :

1. adverse reactions to incorrectly prescribed drugs 2. adverse reactions to correctly prescribed drugs 3. errors (wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong patient) during surgery 4. medical error 5. hospital-acquired infections 6. bedsores 7. malnutrition among hospitalized patients 8. unnecessary medical procedures 9. failure to properly diagnose 10. misdiagnosis 11. failure to correctly treat

Various and numerous media articles confirm that thousands of iatrogenic deaths occur in Australia per year. More than any other 'disease'. Australia’s investigative journalist John Archer used public domain medical literature to guestimate that Australia had 50,000 iatrogenic deaths and 750,000 permanent injuries per year. Yet our government's official report is just over 250 deaths annually. That is supreme corruption and disregard for the very lives they claim to care about. (Source - ABC - horse's mouth itself.)

Our government knows about this and yet the masses rush and queue for medical and pharmaceutical 'help' 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Hansard has at least part of it on record and demands for investigations have been made for years. All on deaf ears.

Murdoch-owned media tells another story. Vacuous 'informers' keep the lies going - no doubt for a good payoff. How else does a blogger afford a $12million dollar Mc-mansion? Aside from her money saving outsourcing and underpaying the poor in India, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find where she gets her kickbacks - a veiled attempt to con her readers into thinking she actually cares about life - hit issues like depression (medications of course) and (drum roll....) 'miracle' drugs for female health care with horrific side effects that read like Freddie Kruger's next film - and without an ounce of research into the concerns it is linked to breast cancer. I guess that is a good impetus for her going on to promote pink dollar, cancer funding awareness and all the social rot that goes along with it. She is the media darling of the pro vax brigade. Mothers who have zero background in medical research actually believe this woman and don't care that her lies are responsible for the very things she claims to be concerned about. Ho hum.

At least one Perth university is teaching pre med students of the 'dangers' of natural medicine. No surprise there, considering the PAN debacle of the earlier part of this century. Along with our government Big Brother, the TGA and AMA buddy system, the same thing that is happening around the world - with the EU and FDA/CDC puppet masters - ad hoc destruction of alternative health in all its forms. From blanket statements like 'it doesn't work' to deliberately making supplements toxic, it's a very real effort to prevent the public from having a real chance at health.

I had a good chuckle this week when a TV reporter announced that 'we don't know much about herbal benefits for health' - well, yes we do. WE know. The experts. Those who have studied and practiced for years. But scientific proof does not come about until big pharma have found a way to synthesize or extract what they think will work. Then all the fanfare of the new discovery - followed by obsession, newspaper reports, and subsequent failure. And who do you think is blamed? Not the mongrelisation of the original perfect substance. There are actually games in play - with massive kickbacks - to disprove natural medicines and have them banned.

Adverse events are not all reported, yet ONE single pharmaceutical product that happened to have a herb content, brought down the entire natural health system because a girl died and they - as usual and as recently happened - jumped at a chance to use the bereaved parents to do their filthy bidding in the PAN 'crisis'. No one cared about whether she had recently had a vaccination to travel. No one cared that the medical system boasts of never acting on anecdotal evidence. Too many people are waking up - so hey, let's change the marker posts for what constitutes an adverse event. Instead, how about we muddy the waters and have 'near' adverse events.

This is formulated by pharma, spruiked by pharma representatives and medical experts alike, advertised heavily within the media and government approved. Do your own research. Ask any doctor, nurse or pharmacist what an adverse event is. Then ask them what a side effect is. I guarantee no two answers will be the same. Yet entire careers and an entire industry is built on this. Entire fortunes made on it.

Fairfax Media recently revealed research by the parliamentary library which found the top five pharmaceutical suppliers to the PBS, which include Pfizer, Novartis and AstraZeneca, received $2.8 billion in public money last year.

Their total Australian sales were $4.8 billion but they paid just $53 million in tax between them or roughly 1¢ in tax for every dollar earned in Australia. This is the PBS scheme - one that drains tax payer dollars every day.

In 2012, GlaxoSmithKline was forced to pay US tax authorities $US3.4 billion to settle a transfer pricing dispute.

Johnson & Johnson, which paid just $20.7 million in tax in Australia in 2013 (from) sales of around $1.5 billion.

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) has been fined $3 billion in the largest healthcare fraud case in history" but that company is not alone.

Pfizer, was forced to pay out more than $2 billion in criminal and civil penalties for a vast catalogue of wrongdoing, including providing kickbacks to doctors.

Australian doctors have written more than a million prescriptions for the heavily marketed diabetes drug Avandia – a drug belatedly found to increase the risk of heart attacks.

Over 30,000 pharmaceutical promoting events are held in Australia alone every year - in hotels, hospitals, resorts and restaurants. But our greedy, grubby government is either powerless or unwilling to stop it. If powerless, why? Is the pharmaceutical industry really more powerful than the government? And if unwilling - again, why? When do financial incentives get tired?

I've known doctors who travel regularly in 1st class/5 star comfort, funded by pharma kickbacks, receive new luxury cars, computers and cold, hard cash on a regular basis. I once had a rather public stoush with a Perth's northern suburbs doctor over his insistence he did not receive bribes or kickbacks. Just a matter of years later, his name appeared on a list of doctors investigated for this very thing.

And all the while, those who are in it for good intentions are vilified. This last month, 3 doctors in Australia have been deregistered - for nothing more than advising patients of the dangers of vaccines. I have lost count of the number of nurses who have been investigated for the same reason.

And during this same time frame, pharma advertising has skyrocketed in the media. I turned the radio on the other day - out of 6 adverts in one break, 3 were for pharma products or surgery. I no longer watch regular mainstream TV but while flicking over channels to see what was on, on 3 news stories were about the latest vaccine scare, a new medical discovery and cancer research fundraising. (People still confuse the notion of cancer research with actual funding of cancer sufferers). Then as I continued changing channels, an ad came up for a weak analgesic combo that now is deemed magically capable of being as strong as an opioid (it's not) because of the ridiculous new scheme to put strong analgesia on the PBS (ta da - more kickbacks). The following ad was for hayfever medication, followed by health insurance and funeral insurance ads.

How much louder do they scream?

Source - ABC.

Source - Sydney Morning Herald.

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