Government, Media & Pharmaceutical Giants in the land of Oz

WHISTLEBLOWING - a threat to life itself; has it really been worth it?

When a former health professional sees the light, we spend the rest of our lives wishing we didn't, that it would all just go away, that it was just a mistake and just maybe we got it wrong. We may even spend time trying to prove that we have it wrong; that the medical system is after all, the noble, honest industry we once thought it was. Somewhere along the line the knives and scalpels come out against us and some go quiet for their own safety. Others start to investigate just why this response has happened - and then it really comes tumbling down.

Any doubt we had, any hope we fostered that we were wrong in walking away, is vapourised as we watch our peers destroyed in the media, attacked by former peers who were once friends and colleagues, or even total strangers who have nothing against us other than we do not agree with what they think they know. And somewhere along the line, the media jump in boots and all. This usually entangles the government in some way - whether it's to cover up the past and safeguard their own kickbacks, or protect them from being exposed.

Any way it falls, the one brave enough to speak out or walk away is seen as the one at fault, even though their aim is to save lives and protect the innocent. Even if a mountain of evidence exists to show this corruption that is tantamount to mass murder - big enough to make September 11, the wars in the Middle East and the illicit drug trade look little more than naughty boys acting up at school.

Whitewashing and clever spin are ongoing, well paid and very real roles - capable with a few words - and lots of money, to make the trouble disappear overnight. And what has dirtied up medicine for decades, is now drawing in complimentary/alternative healthcare. Back stabbing and cutting adrift of anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable - and newer graduates especially, already affected by medical influence are just as capable of attacking as their medical counterparts. It kind of makes it feel hardly worth it when someone attacks your credibility, even telling you to step aside, that your ideas are obsolete - then you remember they got their knowledge from coursework you wrote - and they think they know it all.