Health Professional Finds Chronic Fatigue Cure for Daughter

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health - but it began with a personal case of fibromyalgia/neurological pain, Chronic Fatigue and Lyme.

I vowed when my daughter recovered I would share how we did it. She did get better and we do share - but every day I see the same thing: now that it is medicalised it is about diagnosis and chasing symptoms (ie perceived depression and myalgia) - NOTHING about healing or undoing the various causes. And people have given up by the time they find this blog. Health and treatments are so far from Edenic today it is a wonder anyone survives, let alone really lives.

Shock treatment and removal of vital organs

Sadly, this is the direction 'treatment' has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days - the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti-depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. CFS is NOT depression,nor is it a female issue.

In 2006, which is relatively recent, when my daughter became unwell, we spent the better part of 3 years doing the rounds of around 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal. That old deja vu of 'this is what I have studied and rehearsed for my entire professional career' happened yet again as it has done so many times in my career.

'Medical treatment' in this instance involved anti-depressants, addictive analgesics and threat of admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn't depressed; she was just sick of being unwell. If, in frustration, she burst into tears, she was once again reminded that she has depression.

I wonder dear doctor, if you had burning, searing pain that drove you to despair, enlarged abdominal organs that left you unable to eat or even breathe properly, would you feel 'happy' enough to impress yourself and your burgeoning ego?

If the neurological pain that