No Drugs in the Garden of Eden

One of the most common things a naturopath will hear is "What does your profession deal with?" That is like asking a doctor what they deal with. We are trained to deal with HEALTH - that encompasses ALL health issues. And like doctors, we refer for issues that are out of our capabilities or legalities. Not because we don't deal with any particular issue, but legally we must - just like a doctor will send you for an xray or blood test or procedure. Does that mean they don't know their work? Most people don't get this - because the media, along with our dismissive medical counterparts, is very cleverly orchestrated to confuse the public.

In my own circle, I know entire families - generations even - who do not use modern medicine. No, they are not in some cult or making themselves suffer, they just choose to find alternatives - usually safer and often more effective than what we have come to expect from orthodoxy. That's not to say we don't need medicine. We do. Surgery, difficult births, and various emergency procedures are what makes medicine fantastic.

But these things, rather than being an option, are by default the first choice. Why would you force your child to have surgery when homoeopathic drops can do the job? Why would you 'put up' with your worsening health issue as part of age expectancy, when there is no need?

Why, when a patient of mine is now free of some so-called chronic or terminal disease, would they go to a doctor for antibiotics for a common cold? So I can help with disease but not a cold or flu? Why would an elderly man, free of any of the usual age-related issues, go for a check up and allow himself to be talked into a broad range of drugs that come close to killing him? At the very least, the doctor was able to say that his patient NOW suffers from dizziness, joint pain, high blood pressure, internal bleeding and poor vision.

In reality, the first patient has more than enough to choose from - the same stuff that not only kept the human race alive for the whole of history but cured most ailments. And the elderly gent - well, once we managed to get him off these drugs and back onto his usual supplements, he was fighting fit in no time.

Experts and advertising tell us that prior to modern medicine there was no cure. I guess that's why around half of the world's known drugs are merely synthesized herbs and minerals.

That's why vaccines were based on homoeopathic principles.

There was no surgery in the Garden of Eden.

No drugs, no vaccines, no chemo. But there were herbs, plants, oils, minerals and healthy food. There was energy, there was sunlight and fresh water, Edenic health. It may come as a shock but there are no NEW diseases. Same old, same old. Yet symptom combinations are being mutated every day, thanks to the G-force warp of drugs that are now breaking our genetic codes.

That's why every single year without fail, another herb, another natural therapy treatment is banned completely - along with the usual fanfare of perceived dangers - until it is patented or synthesized by the 'good' scientists and then re-released - with a price hike, sold in pharmacies, restricted from use by naturopaths and touted as the latest discovery. All the while, the original, effective therapy was quite fine as it was - only now, experts spend big just to warn of the dangers.

And the masses not only fall for it, but forget one very important thing. While there was disease prior to modern medicine, there is exponentially more new disease combinations now - including those that modern medicine has no answers for. But don't let that stop them. Evidence-based medicine, random double blind trials and the placebo phenomenon all manage to confuse the issue a little more - with experts now able to excuse proof of the efficacy of a natural medicine as nothing more than anecdotal.

Well excuse me, but I'd rather trust an anecdote (ie having seen complete cures with my own eyes) any day over something that has even a remote possibility of causing cancer, liver disease, brain bleeds, kidney failure or blindness - incidentally, all side effects of some of our more common infant and OTC medicines. Raising 4 children and helping many parents do the same without the need for drugs or medical intervention (including some scary life and health threatening situations) is now excused as anecdotal rather than an example. Yet a drug can kill thousands a year.

Being ridiculed because I managed to cure a loved one's supposed terminal illness, as nothing more than an anecdote reeks of the stench that has resulted from industry cover ups. Especially when prior to my stepping in (once again, illegally) that person was not even given the night to survive. Further than that, once he was cured of the illness, the system dictated that he had to undergo the same treatment that was previously killing him - even though pathologically, no disease existed any more. And yes, this time it did kill him - as it continues to kill many thousands every single year. But I should not be surprised - this has happened to my patients too many times than I care to remember.

I'm feeling pretty Davidish these days, against the Goliath that not only wont go down with the many stones hurled at it (truth and proof) but like the Terminator, just keeps climbing up and getting stronger. While big pharma may have billions to bribe weak governments and doctors, they must be scared because never before in the history of modern medicine, has the attack on anything that is not orthodox been so savage and corrupt. Why else would so many doctors and nurses - and paramedical professionals be turning to alternatives?