What To Do When Your Diet Does Not Work

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

There are so many diets out there today - many which almost hit the mark but still don't quite get it. Many people ask ‘how’ to lose weight, or how to achieve the right pH. The truth is, if you are asking, it means you are keen to try anything (and unfortunately do) – sadly, not everyone is of the same mind and it’s usually the others who need it most.

There are simple steps to ensure we reach optimal balance and stay that way. It is by no means easy to do, and there is no one single measure that will do it for us, but unless geographically you are unable to access even the basics, you too can treat chronic health issues and avoid acute ones. You can even join the growing band who do not respond to the myriad contagions in our air and water. I am not joking when I say we can be exposed to colds, flu, gastro, etc and have no fear of ‘catching’ (in reality, being acidic/unhealthy enough to have a weak immune system).

The following are examples for Australia but you can do a little Googling to find someone who can ship them to your area. It is not expensive to be alkaline, not if you do a little homework to find the most effective gadgets – yes, it can cost a lot but it does not have to.


I don’t believe in dieting merely to lose weight – weightloss should only ever be a happy side effect of healthy living. But food choices are destroying our health every single day. And that is as much psychological as it is physical. We form habits and in turn the gut/blood/brain barrier is affected so the vicious cycle continues. It takes great willpower to change but once you do it is almost impossible to go back.


I have a distinct dislike of most of the nutraceutical brands who advertise heavily on TV. At first glance you may say “Yay, it’s finally legal for naturopathy to advertise.” Nothing could be further from the truth. You may even say they must be the best brands – even further from the truth. I have my favourite brands but that does not mean I support every product even these companies make. I can guarantee, if everyone reading this had a bioresonance test to determine their deficiencies, not one person would report 100% balance. From experience, I find it is the best testing method available in regards to deficiencies and individual health issues. You will soon see why scientists early last century determined that over 90% of the population were suffering some deficiency. And that was before the introduction of all the toxicity in our food chain today.

For many reasons, the main being we get our food from the ground and our soil and groundwater/tapwater is tainted/deficient. I like superfood/herbal tonics. If you just can’t stomach the food types or volumes, make sure you get a green blend supplement such as this one and a basic trace mineral supplement such as this one.

And contrary to what our ‘nutritionists’ say, we NEED oils – good oils, not those high-heat rubbishy oils in plastic bottles – it must be cold pressed and there are MANY good oils – 90% of oils on supermarket shelves should be banned – they are complete rubbish depending on the ignorant masses who like to fry everything to death. Do not make the mistake of putting a cold pressed essential fatty acid oil into the same dirty basket as lard or dairy fat.


I’d comfortably say most people I know don’t like water. How sad. Water is THE most important factor of life. You can survive without food, but not without water. And much of the world’s water is so tainted it’s toxic. That doesn’t mean (as I hear many say) that you have to boil it to death – filtering, ozonating, alkalizing, ionising – these are what makes good water. And with a good mineral quota, by taking in a good volume of water daily, you are doing more for your health than you know. Now, please don’t go and ruin it by making coffee, regular tea, cordial etc – or think by drinking a huge volume of beer or fizzy drinks that you are doing something beneficial. You’re not. Make sure that you occasionally add Himalayan or Celtic salt – these are full of electrolytes – in fact you can make your own electrolyte or sports drink by dissolving the crystals in purified water with a little lemon juice added. Remember, for every other drink you have, you will need another glass of water to undo any effects. Unless you are just adding fresh lemon juice, herbs or good salt.


There are many gadgets that ensure good health – and most kitchens don’t have a single one of them. The stove is the most important appliance in most kitchens – second to the kettle and toaster – neither of these things really contributes to truly good health. The humble fridge is next in line but is usually so overstocked with rubbish that there is no room for fresh, healthy food and drink that it joins the others to form a toxic team that is pulling our health collectively into the grave.

If you want the Rolls Royce appliances and gadgets, you can pay big money and in a perfect world, we would each have them. But the good news here is that there are economical equivalents that are readily available. Buy them one by one to make your kitchen a place of health, rather than a place of unhealthy indulgence.

  • A strong blender – even a cheapie bullet gadget will do more for your health than just about anything.

  • A good juicer – one that really smashes the cell walls of the plants, and keeps in a ton of the fibre, is the next.

  • A dehydrator will allow you to make amazing rawfood snacks that most people wouldn’t even believe is healthy.

  • A steamer – even a steaming basket in a saucepan will allow you to lightly cook anything.