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Healthy Living: Why NOT to Have a Pap Smear

As my readers know, I only write if asked to or someone is in trouble and needing honest answers. Thanks to internet manipulation when it comes to all things medical and pharmaceutical, one could be forgiven for thinking they have the facts when all they have is the spin and propaganda.

I have a few questions before we get to the nitty gritty -

  1. Doctors - WHY do you DO pap smears? Honestly. I know you cannot even answer this. Not without rushing off to read up to make sure you have a sound answer which will suitably baffle your reader or patient. The fact is, there is no sound reason, is there? How many cases of cervical cancer have any of your papping efforts detected? No, seriously. How many? On the flip side, try and remember how many false positives your papping efforts came back with. THERE we go - more, isn't it?

  2. I really struggle with the knowledge that anyone who took the Oath can gladly force a sexually assaulted female to go through such a procedure - where did you check your brains and heart out when you put on that white coat? What else on this planet forces a woman into such a position to be invaded in such a vile way?

  3. Have you told your patients that the new non invasive HPV test is about to be rolled out, or that they can wait - or are you rushing through as many as you can? Did you know, or even care, that there are more effective, less invasive testing methods that your medical association is trying to cover up and ban?

  4. Ladies - WHY do you HAVE pap smears? Again, I know you cannot answer. Other than 'because I was told I had to'. Chances are; if you are medically-trained you will rattle some obscure comment off about it being preventive medicine. It's not. I cannot believe any woman would gladly lay in that position and have such obscene desecration (under the euphemism procedure) done when it is not necessary. Even worse, force your daughters to do it. Have you been told by your doctor or well-meaning medical receptionist who diligently re-calls you every year, that the new HPV test is about to be rolled out, or that you can wait - or are they rushing you through while they can, 'because you have to'?

I write this as a female, mother, former nurse and practitioner. I hated being involved in such 'procedures' when I was a nurse and as a female I eventually refused to take part in what I saw as sexual assault.

Too harsh? Let me explain why I feel this way (and thanks to my niece for reminding me to bring this up again, as it seems too many women are agreeing to this unnecessary insult to the female gender - after all, men can refuse a digital probe....)

Sadly the internet is swamped with guilting and arrogant advertising forcing women to have them. Few even know why. Ask any medical expert and they will say 'because you have to' - ask any woman and she will say 'because you have to' - few care there are more false positive results than real positives. Flimsy 'stats' are thrown around - do you know the real stats?

Mutilating women's bodies as a 'preventative'

It's a subject I have written about previously, but because it's one of those blindly followed things I usually don't say much. But the time has come. I believe they are useless and nothing more than certifiable, patronising domination. Sounds harsh I know but that is how I see it. I have witnessed women so traumatised they can never let even their own husbands near them again, but it's the only way the system knows how to deal with women.

This is a female doctor's view - wait for the penny to drop! Some of the responses here underscore why they are not necessary - a REALLY good read.

Most damaging of all, this one test can detect ANY cancer type - not remotely invasive! Really damning scientific evidence to prove that there no reason to ever have such a probe done, people are not even being told about the new HPV testing due to commence in a mere matter of months either.

If this has been known at least since 2011 (MUCH longer by many of us if we are honest) by experts with irrefutable evidence (for those who demand the most intricate of scientific proof) I wonder

a) how many women will be rushed through before the newer testing begins even though they could wait it out safely, and

b) will the new test do away with needless HPV vaccines?

The most obscene truth in all of this, is the profit and problem situation with the REAL reason pap smears are promoted at every juncture. Do you know, or care, which pharmaceutical companies are involved? Or whether it's a massive push to promote vaccines? It goes WAY deeper than you could imagine - and has little to do with your reproductive health.

FYI - more info on non invasive testing that is not only far superior to anything else out there, but your government works hard to ban it. Do your research but whatever you do, do not agree to this unnecessary assault.

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