Who has Responsibility for YOUR Child?

Why is the pharmacy the first place concerned parents head to as soon as the new baby makes tentative steps to normal development?

Why has the responsibility of parenthood been handed over so freely?

I went into a pharmacy recently and as usual, I left with more than a tinge of frustration and sadness after listening to the discussions going on. Sorry, I can’t help it – part of doing consults and working in health shops over the years.

On such a jaunt, the first woman I heard was loudly proclaiming for all to hear (until everyone walked away) how she HAS to take such-and-such because, ‘My specialist says I HAVE to take it or die.’ And sadly, even though the pharmacist in this case was actually trying to talk her out of it, she forcefully demanded both the drug option and the recommended alternative suggestion – and STILL asked if she could have a third option.

She looked unhealthy, she sounded unhealthy – yet if I were to suggest a dietary and lifestyle change she would not listen. She was sweating, heavy, wheezing, carried way too much excess weight; there was nothing about her countenance which suggested she ever actually did anything positive for her actual health other than follow up resulting symptoms according to what the latest pharma rep had sold her doctor; I’ve seen it way too many times to count.

Interestingly, the pharmacy assistant who I knew personally, and who not long after this event left her job to pursue a career in real health, spent so much time on this woman that the queue had swollen to fill the waiting area. Still, this demanding woman failed to see the fallout of her lifestyle choices.

As I walked past her, I saw a desperate mother pleading for help. Her baby looked positively healthy, well dressed and the mum looked to be in what most would consider good health. She just wasn’t coping with the recent side effects of teething. I don’t doubt it.

The last time I suggested the remedies (that helped me raise 4 babies and countless patients without the need for drugs) to a child health nurse, she mumbled about my suggestions having the ability to kill babies all over the world. I guess I should have argued a little better and demanded that she provide proof of this ridiculous comment (considering she is pro vaccination) but some days you just walk away…

Anyway, back to today’s event. The pharmacy assistant actually suggested a teething necklace which tribes the world over have been using

for centuries – cold, hard resin ‘stones’ that actually release anti-inflammatory compounds through dermal contact – make a good teething chew as well. Of course the string needs to be of a high calibre (hemp rope or similar) but these things are kind to gums and protect the furniture from the jaws of a pink-cheeked, angry little creature.

The poor new mum as I said, was desperate and she proclaimed that she would take out a loan to pay for a good night’s sleep. Why? When the answer is so simple. I was pleased to see she bought a herbal cough medicine for herself and a homœopathic prep for her baby – but nothing for the teething.

I managed to get through each of my own babies without a hint of teething. It was easy. Seriously. Thankfully, I’d already studied herbal medicine so was well acquainted with chamomile tea. And a German lady told me of the use of fennel for colic so together, they were magic.

I am not joking. Make it by adding a teabag or heaped teaspoon of herb into 3 cups of hot water and steep for 10 minutes (by covering with a saucer if not using a teapot). If using loose herbs, strain well. Mix in a gentle sweetener such as a few drops of agave syrup or similar and allow to cool. Never add processed sugar otherwise you are setting your baby up for a constant need for a sugar fix at a very young age.

Allow to cool and store in fridge. If your baby is bottle fed, getting him/her to take it will be a breeze; 20mls or so at a time and you wont know what hit you. It is that simple. Give each time you notice the pink cheeks, chewing on lip or usual gnawing on anything the precious little creature can get into his/her mouth. I once stayed with family and the baby was chewing through chair legs – in fact, anything he could get in his mouth. I made him up some tea and that was the end of it. He slept for hours, obviously making up for the countless nights he’d screamed and when he woke up, that was the last we saw of any teething issues at all.

If your baby is breastfed, you have two options. a) Drink the tea yourself, frequently and the relaxing/anti-inflammatory qualities will help you both or b) spoon-feed a few mls every few hours. As with the other guidelines, give only as needed.

Thankfully, I was doing my post grad around the time my first baby was born so I just kept studying as I needed to learn things. In fact, most of my discoveries came about out of pure necessity. Sadly, most other mothers around me insisted on saying I was lucky my baby was so healthy and I didn’t need a doctor. I did – but had a great colleague who was always ready for second opinions. It’s just that I was able to find alternatives in everything I needed.

Just remember, if anyone tells you giving alternative medicine to your baby/child is dangerous, it’s purely because of their ignorance. I am still bombarded with comments such as, “If that kills your child, you will be held responsible.” How sad – babies have been kept alive for thousands of years, free of the myriad man-and-drug-induced disease we now have, yet the safer and gentler and often more effective options are seen as something scary and to be avoided.

If you want your kids to grow up healthy, you need to care for their health, not wait until you need to care for their sickness…

On a final, definitive note, how about setting up a dispensary at home? A safe one. IKEA sell metal lockable wall mounted medicine chests. Or you can use a high cupboard or even a chest or drawer out of reach. I manufacture homœopathic home medicine kits that deal with minor and major health issues, which allow people around the world to all but exclusively care for their family’s health safely and successfully. Aside from that there are myriad infant and child health products out there – pure, non toxic (unlike most pharmaceutical and OTC products) and very effective. You don’t need a degree to administer any more than you need one to administer the usual meds like paracetamol and ibuprofen! It is never too early to start a healthy future.

FYI the following list is by no means exclusive. Please also see my new site for safe and effective remedy options for the whole family.

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