When Elle MacPherson Took a Stand

For someone who never really stood for conformity, what will the media make of Elle's new relationship with Andrew Wakefield? Reading some of the ridiculous news stories and blog posts doing the rounds right now and you could be forgiven for having some really ignorant bias on the relationship.

On one side we have a strong woman who thumbs her nose at ceremony and rules. She has millions of fans and has worked hard for her success. On the other we have a strong, honest man who stood against the worshipped world of medsin and told the truth. For that he has been vilified - and vindicated - and vilified again.

Words like disgraced and bizarre are thrown around despite his name being cleared after one of the biggest smear campaigns in history and even though more and more studies are coming out in his favour. If saving the lives of millions, perhaps billions of children means you are disgraced, well bring it on. If bizarre means this man's life, unlike so many of his contemporaries, has been saved and he is happy, I celebrate the irony!

It is impossible to separate the truth and just come up with some rubbish gossip story. One that is worth reading, anyway. Someone like Elle doesn't just choose to be with someone for the sheer fun of opposition and shock value. To be with Andrew Wakefield means living a healthy life, means standing against the wind. And it means you question all that the vaccine industry stands for.

All one has to to is look at her. It's not plastic surgery that makes you look so good. It's a healthy lifestyle. It's a vegan diet. And something they do not want to consider is, it's avoidance of pharmaceutical poisons - including vaccines. The simple truth is, Elle adheres to the pH protocol. It's not just genetics.

Ah but the media is fickle, as are so many readers. They can't possibly be happy. God forbid they dare to live a healthy life. Or that their stand serves to offer hope and save lives.

The knives are out.

The good news is that it is never too late to turn the tables. It is the sole reason this website was established.

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