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Healing from Glyphosate Poisoning

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

It astounds me that I receive so many requests from people to help with glyphosate detoxing; I have no doubt someone very enterprising is making a lot of money from doing just that. Sadly that is the way the world works. Did you know that even hair analysis can detect glyphosate? It is a good idea to have a test if you are concerned. I also thoroughly recommend bioresonance, even though many ignorant types still believe this does not work or is some esoteric monstrosity.

Compared to what modern pharma and medicine is doing I think we need to reconsider. It is yet to be accepted into mainstream medicine which to me is great. It is a sign it works but cannot make big pharma a lot of money. Interestingly though, many medical clinics now employ naturopaths to do the testing...

Just a footnote to this; I have never seen a single case which has failed to show up pesticide toxicity, such is the insidious nature of this demon we are fighting. Every single case.

Glyphosate is not something that can just be detoxed. In fact, experts will tell you it can never be detoxed. Others will tell you it takes at least 21 years to leave the system. Nice guess; that would be more because by then, those making these claims will no longer be around and it's easier this way.

For me, it is not just about detoxing but about dealing with what has happened to the body & what will continue to happen if not dealt with. If you read my previous post on glyphosate you will see what can happen. But detoxing will merely remove it from the system, leaving an ailing body in its wake.

Despite what so-called experts claim, we MUST treat each individual (ie ourselves) symptomatically. If you have a symptom, you must address it, even if you have a collective diagnosis such as cancer or IBS or any of the other health issues associated. A diagnosis is not enough, even if it is today's favourite way to say, 'I told you so' as most become quietly confident that is all they need to know, that they indeed have some form of illness, that it is not all in their head.

The interesting thing in modern medicine is that liver detox is not seen as anything important, when in reality, next to body pH and gut health, it is the most important thing. If the liver is not working, neither is your health. Additionally, the liver by default, stores waste (poison) allowing it to keep on keeping on. An overloaded, toxic liver is a symptom or warning sign of what is going on.

NOTE: Orange and red underlined links on this page take you to the necessary pages to source products, research and additional information.

Starting at the foundation

1. Fulvates & Humates: As with anything, once again, start at the foundation. This means fulvic and humic acids (found in soil, the foundation of our food chain - or should be). This is essentially mud with fermented, aged compost, containing over 92 micro nutrients and enzymes/compounds that form the foundation of every cell in the body and has hundreds, if not thousands of uses and benefits on the body. It's also why those who grow their own food and even refrain from washing the dirt off their food experience superior health benefits to those who live on scrubbed, disinfected, wrapped and processed food. One of the effects of glyphosate is that it depletes minerals and continues to do so even if you change your diet.

Along with the use of glyphosate, one of the other appalling facts in modern farming is that fulvates and humates, rather than be the basis of all crop/animal farming, has only recently come to light and is still rarely considered. Without these, few seeds germinate and substandard plants grow. We are taught photosynthesis is some simple phenomenon and this is all we need. Yes, if we want plants to germinate in a test tube and then die! Without these, a plant cannot draw up nutrients from the soil and definitely cannot form nutrients in itself; this leaves a plant without adequate nutritional benefit. Enter 90% of the western world's fruit and vegetables. Yet advisors still claim there is no difference between organic and non organic growing and end results. And livestock, in eating these crops, become minefields of poisons such as glyphosate (and the dozens of other pesticides now found in our water).

To get these in their full spectrum, as a super tonic, I would recommend the mud from one of the underground glaciers found around the world. They consist of ancient plant matter (over 1000 species) and minerals decomposed over thousands of years, if not longer. They are also known collectively as colloidal minerals; do not mistake these for colloidal silver which is but one manufactured (but still beneficial) element. This is the full spectrum. Interestingly, despite astounding results where modern medicine has failed and continues to fail, the standard claim is that there is not enough evidence or research. Millions of case studies and still not enough...

What to expect: Every system of the body can and does benefit from taking this mineral blend. To take any supplement or diet without fulvates/humates is like expecting water to be absorbed into bone and do good. It will just run off/out.

  • Provides antioxidant support for cell protection from free radicals

  • Replenishes key electrolytes

  • Transports up to 60x its own weight in nutrients directly into cells

  • Helps enhance the body's ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds

  • Triggers tissue to reject heavy metals and poisons alien to the body

  • Enhances cellular energy

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Provides cognitive support

  • Helps support healthy immune function

  • Alkalizing minerals assist proper pH and healthy oxygenation levels

  • Supports already normal glucose metabolism and overall metabolic health

  • Boosts enzyme activity and extends the time nutrients remain active in the body

  • Decreases food cravings linked to mineral deficiency

  • Supports healthy hormone balance

  • Supports normal cell function

2. Liver detoxing: As mentioned above the liver needs to be clean. In turn this will begin the process of cleaning blood and other organs/tissues. It is not as easy as just popping a pill.

3. Di-Sodium EDTA: I first became aware of this wonder when I began focusing on cancer and auto immune disorders in the early part of the century. See it as a magnet for heavy metals and poisons. It binds and dissolves/breaks down and is used in many applications, including chelation, cancer and heart health protocols. Most importantly is its effect on brain health and removing foreign build up.

4. Filtered water: (*link to come). please see my post on water for more on just why we need filtered water. You cannot detox without it.

5. Sauna: (*link to come). The benefits of sauna are endless. The skin is the body's largest organ (surprise!!) and as such should be used to clean up the body. Open up the pores, increasing body heat and sweat will gently trigger the organs and blood vessels to release built up toxins. If you cannot afford your own home sauna, visit your local pool or fitness centre for a regular detox. Cold plunge pool spells increase the efficacy as your body is shocked into contracting and releasing from every cell. Amazing!

6. Additional detoxing: Along with water, there are certain things you can consume to absorb and expel the poisons from deep within tissue. Two of my favourites are below.

Probiotics - drinks and powders/caps

Herbal teas

7. Diet: A sound pH focused diet, free of GMO foods and pesticides. No matter what the media, your doctor or science-trained 'nutritionists' claim, or these Prevention and Choice type heavily funded schemes tell you, there IS a difference between organic and non organic diets. Avoid plastics, avoid chemicals, avoid processed.

8. Rebuilding your health: Next, look at your health. Please. NO symptom set forms without a cause. Is your health in a mess because of glyphosate? It will never be just one thing but it is a major thing! Address each of your health issues. Take the time to actually read my other blog posts on health; you never know, answers to your health issues may be there already for you to follow. And if necessary, click on the eHealth assessment link below for your personalised protocol.

9. Bioresonance: The one way to assess the entire body in one sitting. No radiation, no cutting, poisoning or burning required. And still our authorities refuse to accept it, despite the fact you can go to every medical expert at your disposal, have blood drawn, scans done, and spend thousands on testing. Go ahead, do it. THEN go and sit for one hour to have your body scanned with bioresonance. Well, it takes way less than an hour but once you are given the results it will take you that long to understand you have been duped all your life. Your read-out will not only tell you what all those other tests told you but what you have been afflicted with, what you can expect to have inherited, what is developing or could develop, your hormones, your deficiencies, and what can be done. It is based on your own body's feedback; an energy reading if you will.

As an ex-nurse and long-term practitioner I did not believe bioresonance was legitimate. I spent months having every test I could. I know my health history and had scans and x-rays and records. I have since apologised for my arrogance and ignorance towards the practitioner conducting my scan. I 100% did not expect to be told anything worthwhile and certainly was not prepared for what was to come. She not only told me everything that had been an issue in my life as far as my health was concerned but things even specialists could not explain. Which poisons were in my system. Which organs were not functioning to full capacity, which was interesting because I knew that despite my lifestyle my health was suffering and I could not explain it. We followed up with remedies made based on my own biological feedback and I would be lying if I said I was shocked beyond anything I had seen in my entire career.

It was interesting that around this time, allergy clinics which had been popping up, using this equipment, were being disgraced in the media and closed down by the TGA, along with the torch-wielding medical association posse. For the first time, people were being shown exactly what foods to eat and not eat, which allergens were affecting them which had not been detected via medical allergy testing. People who had suffered long term ill health were now living vitally healthy lives. It is even more interesting to pinpoint that this was the exact same time that auto immune disorders reached epidemic proportions; something that the medical system has failed to address. And something that the TGA continues to defame.

You can buy relatively cheap home-use bioresonance machines, but for detailed feedback and results you will need to find a practitioner who is qualified in homeopathy, naturopathy or at least has done an extensive course in biofeedback to run the suitable tests. Look for VEGA, Interro, MORA, Quantum or similar. It will provide the outline of your LIFE.


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