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Bell's Palsy Online Health Advice

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Bells' palsy affects around 1% of the population, yet rather than think oh, just 1 in 100, we need to realise that this is an alarming rate. That one percent means 1 in every hundred people 100 you know will be affected; and has a number of causes - all of which are treatable and preventable. Sadly, official records state 1 in 10,000 - real stats say otherwise.

Usually affecting people between 15 and 60 years of age, it can be triggered by illness, medication side effects, diet or be a precursor to a stroke. While Bell's palsy may also be a long term effect of a stroke, it is very different to a stroke itself.

It has been linked to pre-existing issues such as sarcoidosis, lyme disease, heart disease and a number of blood clotting factors. It gives no warning and aside from drooping of one side of the face, and sometimes numbness, it doesn't affect other parts of the body. It usually corrects itself but if left alone, it can sometimes leave the lop-sided or raised eyebrow appearance permanently.

If an auto-immune link is apparent, the health picture overall needs to be addressed, whether lyme, sarcoidosis, CFS/ME or any other similar issue. Facial/cranial nerve inflammation is apparent and while some report pain, it is usually painless.

An alarming movement by medicine (thanks to the US FDA, followed by most government groups especially in 3rd world nations) is to now use Bell's Palsy as a diagnostic tool to prove you have HIV/AIDS. This is just one of the everyday health issues now being used to try and continue the lie that is HIV.

So what can you do?

My immediate answer to this is speak to your Homœopath, Chiropractor, Osteopath or Acupuncturist. Each of these therapies can assist, while the alternative is a life of what many see as disfigurement or a possible warning of something else.

Æsthetically, gentle massage, reflexology, spinal adjustments, cupping and acupuncture will help rebalance and correct your facial appearance. If you are worried about your blood (ie strokes), please have a Live Blood Analysis and Bioresonance testing - or if accessible, Infra Red Imaging to ensure your blood is healthy, ensure there is no blood clot risk, and that both blood and lymph are optimal. While none of these are used by regular medical practitioners, and usually frowned upon, they are all non invasive and superior testing methods available at reputable natural health clinics and centres.

By far, my favourite (and most successful for me clinically) is homœopathic care.

So what homœopathic remedies will help?

Homœopathic remedies with time-honoured positive results upon Bell's Palsy (ie clinically proven compared to test tube or theory-proven) are chosen according to concomitant identifying factors -

If there is stress about health and the individual worries a lot - Agaricus

If they feel weak and one eye closed or nearly closed - Cadmium

If the symptoms came on slowly - Causticum

If they have allergies or back pain and speech is difficult - Dulcamara

If they are irritable, impatient and very sensitive - Nux Vomica

If one eyebrow is raised or they have numbness anywhere - Platinum

Stroke - Crataegus

Stroke following trauma or accompanied by pain - Arnica

Something else to remind you of now, is to set up your own homœopathic dispensary so you can be well prepared for any future health issue. This can save days/nights in emergency, can prevent symptoms from worsening - and yes, it saves millions of lives a year, globally.

So, what supplements can you safely take to turn this around?

There are many I would recommend but it would be lazy and irresponsible to just suggest a handful and think everyone is going to respond the same way. However, and once again based upon not just my own clinical observations, but those of countless peers globally, I recommend a combination of full spectrum colloidal minerals, oral chelation therapy, blood and lymphatic cleansing, detoxing and any necessary individual dedicated protocols depending on your own health history so feel free to do my online assessment for a comprehensive analysis and personalised/confidential response which will include all necessary recommendations.

If brain health is in question, you will need to clean up your circulation and prevent toxic overload which is something that is often brushed under the carpet in general by the medical system, as it becomes more and more baffling to both the individual and professional. A clinically-trialed brain tonic is recommended, especially if memory or even Alzheimer's is a concern.

If there is a history of stroke, impaired circulation or tuberculosis, then these issues must be treated - not with antibiotics, ARVs and chemotherapy, but with alkaline food and drink, bicarb (see my posts on pH diet), herbal medicine and acupuncture. In my experience, most people who suffer Bell's Palsy have highly unsuitable diets, high stress levels and are not interested in taking natural health advice, or changing their lifestyle. The truth is, making these simple changes not only removes symptoms and the underlying cause of Bell's Palsy but prevents it from becoming more serious - AND improves the overall health permanently.

Bell's Palsy can happen to ANYONE. But contrary to what I see frequently, it is not a death sentence, nor should you undergo drastic surgery or treatment just in case...

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