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Cupping Therapy DIY

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Have you heard of cupping therapy? It is a safe, non-invasive treatment form which provides healing & pain relief of a variety of health issues. It also helps build immunity naturally while healing tissues. Read on, & see how this seemingly complex therapy can be done safely & easily at home, and how to get your own cupping set at a fraction of the cost we practitioners have paid for years.

Cupping is an ancient healing form which has its roots in many nations. Across Asia, Africa, India, the Middle East, including Israel and Egypt, Greece and eventually throughout Europe, this therapy, according to an ancient saying, cured half the ills of the world.

Thanks to the sad and frustrating history of various crusades, true and safe healing arts were destroyed and discredited; robbing multitudes of sound and effective health care. We would somehow rather have our bodies cut open or poisoned (or even death), over creating a healing reaction of purpura (red bruise-like reactions which are both an indicator of inflammation and blockage, plus a sign of exactly where the health issue can be found).

Over the years, cupping was relegated to small clinics off limits to the general public, or required overseas travel to find specialist care. Celebrities and sports people alike are the most common supporters and users of this therapy; sadly the media, funded by bosses who own pharmaceutical companies, prefer to make fun of this instead of taking the time to interview these people who are glowing examples of fitness and health. Some even use it for cellulite therapy and cosmetic surgery replacement.

Thankfully, part of my post grad in Clinical Acupuncture opened the doors to Cupping therapy and created enough interest for me to take further studies in Cupping, taught by a Chinese practitioner responsible for healing disease and injuries for which modern medicine had no answers or even hope.

The clinical results I found, led me to choose Cupping above Acupuncture simply because of its simplicity; especially due to needle phobia of so many of my patients. It also allowed me to trace the source of pain, injury & sickness in so many patients, without needing to use a point locator or electro-diagnosis.

While researching for my PhD, I revisited earlier studies on lymphatic health, namely lymphoedema and dermatomes to identify zones of the body via the cervical, thoracic and lumbar charts. Even though two different therapies, lymphatic health and cupping merged in an interesting way and the cupping course I studied involved both; this allowed me to deal with an even wider variety of health issues.

I prefer cupping of the UB (bladder), DU or (governing) & GB (gallbladder) meridians to both detect & treat health issues. Using the meridians to place the cups & dermatomes to work out the location of the blockage or injury allows for effective treatment of many health issues all over the body.

For example, an injury to the forearm will show up purpura on the T1/thoracic 1 zone. Menstrual pain and reproductive issues will show up purpura in the lumbar dermatomes, the exact location will depend on what the issue is. If it is an issue which would need an MRI or surgery, such as endometriosis or fibroids, the exact location can be found up to lower thoracic zones which can affect abdominal organs. Take it a step further and see just how far the UB, DU and GB channels reach throughout the body.

Sounds complex? It is, if broken down. But using either trigger or silicone cups on the back, placing them down the spine, then alongside the first row, then again alongside that row, you will see in a relatively short while, sporadic formation of purpura which indicates the location of the issue for you.

Each cup should be left in place for between a few minutes (for children, elderly and chronically unwell or those on medications which damage the integrity of the skin and blood vessels) up to 25 minutes for athletes and those familiar with the use of cups.

Repeat placement only needs to be alongside any purpura, as those areas not reacting indicate no issue in that dermatome or meridian. Remove the cups after suitable time, then either rub or scratch the area with a brush or comb to disperse the circulation and itching that affects the area and see how the areas mark up - and where. A skilled cupping practitioner can remove pain and even long term illness. There is no reason why you can't start practising at home now.

My children began their cupping games when barely 3 years old and in our household every room has a set. Four generations of our family have used, benefitted and appreciated home cupping sets. Best of all for your family, you can order your cups today, you can purchase them for a fraction of what I paid for mine while still a student. Add them to your home medicine dispensary. You wont regret it.



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