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Updated: May 18, 2020

We are born. Then by choice, we spend the rest of our lives dying. What happened to treating our bodies as a temple? What if we are committing the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th commandment every single day?

Yes, Grace is ours, but if this is your excuse, why not commit every other possible sin while you are at it?

What happened to appreciating health?

After all, the greatest wealth IS health.

Are you not making gods of your addictions (1st & 2nd)? With all due respect, if you love a food, snack or drink so much you cannot live without it, then yes, in reality you are. I am told this every single day by people who steadfastly put as much adoration into these things as they should put into He who they profess to worship. Check out any food, cigarette, drink or alcohol advert - tell me they are not blatant examples of idolatory.

Do you keep the Sabbath holy (4th) ? Without arguing over the true Sabbath (it was originally Saturday), do you consider the number of animals killed on Saturday and Sunday each week, just so you can chow down? In some deep-seated Christian communities, it is not unusual for the men of the family to go out and kill an animal for the family meal, complete with Grace uttered to somehow bless this burnt offering.

Do you physically kill the creatures you consume or do you pay for someone else to do this? There is no way around it. Thou shalt not kill (6th) meant you shall not kill. It did not end with the words 'other humans'. Murder by default is still murder.

Come on, admit it. What do you dream or obsess over? "I'd kill for a steak" or "I NEED an icecream or chocolate or burger " while drooling at that image is still coveting as much aswanting someone's house or car or whatever other possession is in question

The most ardent opposition I have received while attempting to share a little Biblical health, was from good Christians, with all manner of excuse. The most common excuse was that we have dominion and our meat must be seen as a sacrifice to God. Really? Well, if you really get into it, 'meat' originally meant 'food'. But aside from that, IF we were to sacrifice surely God would want a painless, quick, clean death for that poor creature?

Have you ever seen, in person, the horrific cruelty involved in the breeding and processing of your meat, fish and dairy food? You say you do not adhere to the secular world, well - when it comes to food, yes, sadly most still do. A holocaust to the tune of 200 MILLION sentient beings every single day - are yo