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Healing With 7 Medicinal Fungi

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In almost every culture, the number 7 has a powerful, sacred or divine meaning. And around the world, 7 medicinal mushrooms are also believed to hold sacred and divine healing powers.

This elixir is safe for use in pet health care and there is much research cataloguing the benefits when given as part of a good health regimen.

Each fungi has its own particular healing processes according to ancient lore and can often be a very expensive way to ensure good health.

Thankfully, there exists a blend of all 7 which is affordable to the consumer.

LION'S MANE (picture: mind) - Traditional uses include it being prized for healthy brain function, immune function, antioxidants & neuro-protective phytonutrients; may assist with nerve growth factor, nerve tissue growth (neurogenesis) and also support motor function. It has long been used for memory and aging-related health issues.

In Asian medicine, Lion's Mane is used for spleen health, digestion, energy, water balance, stress & lack of qi; also to help with concentration during meditation. The indigenous of Australia, US & Canada use it as a healthy food source & its benefits for cognitive function are legendary.

REISHI (picture: immortality) - Traditional Uses include immune building, assists with restful sleep while calming the mind. Is an adaptogen for stress & assists with restlessness. It aids respiratory health, blood sugar levels, as well as prostatic & renal health. Used in cancer therapy and traditionally it is known for anti-aging properties and even weightloss.

CORDYCEPS (picture: treasure) - Traditional Uses include building energy, stamina, appetite & endurance. For use in fatigue, chronic stress & exhaustion. Stimulating and warming, it has an affinity with the kidneys and lungs. An excellent reproductive system tonic, benefits include blood sugar balance, ability to reverse leaky gut & associated syndromes, anti-cancer/tumour activity, supports a healthy liver, is anti-inflammatory and enhances immune function.

The most expensive & difficult to cultivate of all 7 fungi, it can sell for up to $20,000 per kilo!

CHAGA (picture: diamond of the forest) - Traditional Uses include its richness in antioxidants, digestive/gut support, immune support, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, adaptogenic (stress), blood sugar balancing, liver tonic, improves energy, heart tonic, thyroid balancing, protects against cognitive decline, DNA healing, pineal gland activator, skin tonic and anti-cancer.

In Russian medicine and across the Arctic circle, where it is believed Chaga was first recorded for medicinal use, it is prized as a stomach and digestive herb and for cancer treatment. The high melanin content and associated compounds make it an invaluable skin remedy.

TURKEY TAIL (picture: cellular tonic) - Traditional Uses include immune building, digestive tonic, respiratory tonic, fluid balancing, energy boosting. In Asian medicine, Turkey Tail has long been used in herbal cancer preparations, for blood sugar balancing and as an anti-inflammatory, for colds and flu, anti-hypertensive, bone marrow regeneration and recent studies show its benefits in treating HPV.

SHIITAKE (picture: elixir of life) - Traditional Uses include boosting immune function & energy, liver tonic, cardiovascular tonic, anti-inflammatory and aids in weight loss/maintenance by stimulating metabolism. Bones strengthening, improves circulation, relieves stress. Other benefits include skin healing, anti-inflammatory properties & is believed to fight wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory factors are believed to be responsible for relieving symptoms of gout, IBS, arthritis, migraines as well as being an anti-cancer herb. As it is high in collagen, it is used to renew cells of all tissues - muscles, bones, blood vessels and skin layers. It is prized for its oral health benefits which include the antifungal & antibacterial properties linked to reduced cavities.

MAITAKE (picture: dancing mushroom) - Traditional Uses including immune building, metabolic tonic (weight management, blood sugar, digestion), cell stimulation & renewal, adaptogen (stress). Maitake also boosts formation of Vitamin D in the body and research shows favourable anti-cancer properties. The high antioxidant level results in support against plaques in the brain and blood vessels, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

In one powerhouse combination, these magnificent 7 form DIVINA. Excellent as an all-round tonic, also effective as a pre-workout booster; and on the other side, is an incredible calming remedy to take in the evening before bed. Its clear benefits are adaptogenic - so it creates balance and harmony at the time given.

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