Fasting & Detoxing with Professional Guidance

Do you fast? If so, why do you fast? If not, why not?

Pre-baby days, my fasts used to go for between 7 and 14 days. It helped me cast off my old chronically unwell self, gave me energy and charged up my lagging vital organs better than any medicine could do. These days, I often only fast on the occasions that I find myself succumbing to sickness, or when I have a dreaded migraine.

Most would say I live on a fast most days because I don't eat regular food and live mostly on raw juice/smoothies and superfoods. But I like the feeling of being hungry, of knowing my body is having a break. It's not about punishing or suffering.

Personally, I just struggle with the knowledge that 25000 people die around the world every day of starvation, while in the west and other wealthy nations are killing themselves with gluttony. I don't want to be part of that. Or take part in the little game that is killing our environment - 70% of our crops are fed to the billions of meat-animals that only feed 30% of the worlds' people.

How does that even make sense?

How many members of this site actively fast? It was the first thing I learned when moving from orthodox medicine to alternatives over 30 years ago, when Dad and I became attuned to the fact that our bodies felt that something was not right. It is just about the best thing you can do for your health, especially if you are chronically unwell or overweight.

Many churches do it for spiritual reasons - and it increases our spiritual strength in ways that you could not know until you try it. And then my brain screams - why undo all the good your body, spirit and soul has gone though, by feasting on rubbish to break the fast? Seeing tables laden with 'thanksgiving' fast-breaking fare is sickening - if we are to be honest. Dead bodies, acidic 'foods' and inflammatory processed dishes. If you are honest with yourself, once you have overcome the greed of gluttony, ask your body how it feels? Are you now filled up with fear and suffering hormones? Do your hands and feet hurt? Your joints? Your stomach? Headaches? Do you still carry a few tyres around your belly, so head off to the doctor to get something to mask your woes?

Get in touch with your body as you get in touch with your spirit and you will begin to understand.

So, what is the best way to fast? Dry fasting should be avoided at all cost - you are starving not only your blood, but your organs, (including brain) and cells. If you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated because a survival mechanism ensures our brains can survive long after the rest of the body is screaming out for life-giving water.

No matter what your medical doctors or nutritionists say, you will most likely be able to not only survive, but thrive on a water or juice fast. The only issue will be your hunger and how addicted you are to that hunger. Believe it or not, there are supplements that can naturally get rid of that appetite - really good tonics and supplements which remove your appetite, making you feel as if you are full 24/7. Tonics that keep you alkaline will provide necessary nutrients (often more than the average diet provides anyway), so you will not be starving.

* If you need medication to stay alive, or analgesics, please continue to take them as needed.

Even diabetics can fast - slowly and with awareness - it just means that they no longer become slaves to insulin and the yoyo effect of carbohydrate snacking - by using colloidal minerals - order here - your body is doing things it usually does not, and your insulin rollercoaster will lessen with time. Diabetics are taught medically to eat gluten-laden, high carb snacks to 'balance' their blood sugar when in reality it is tricking the body to keep depending on that synthetic lifeline - you have carb peaks and lows just because you think you need to have that carb snack to keep your BSL UP! At the very least, nightly fasts are seriously beneficial - no food from 7pm to 7am, removing all acidic food, and drinking alkaline water rather than carbohydrate-controlled diets which, along with pancreatic-destroying 'diet' drinks, will free you from your fate. That's right - 'diet' drinks and foods - those with nutrasweet/aspartame - are killing your pancreas.

Fasting is a bonus method of ridding the body of parasites - which not only rob us of life, but are linked to many, if not most, chronic illnesses - and more than a few acute ones. You should also be sure to take an anti-parasitic to not just flush them but destroy them, and never just think they will disappear because they are unwelcome. Some of the parasitic infestations I have seen in humans make movies like Alien look like Playschool - and age, intellect, affluence, cleanliness and even diet often make no difference. Flushing with increased water consumption and enemas will help speed the process up - the benefits to your health will astound you.

I will not gross up this post any more than need be, but I urge you to google parasites, worms and other alienistic and bio-engineered pathogens that can affect humans. Some have mutated DNA, others are the end result of botched up science. Sometimes removing parasites can remove abnormal appetites. Other times it can end chronic or even terminal ill health. And most definitely help in stubborn weight loss. And yes, parasites are mentioned numerous times in the Bible, plus anti-parasitic herbs are mentioned often.

I recommend praying beforehand - for me, I can pray for freedom from hunger and addiction and snap! My appetite is gone until I actively make it return. I am not joking. But on the times I have tried to fast without preparation, I failed within 24 hours. Okay, so I have been at it for a long time, but I was only in my teens when I began fasting - when I was 16. Preparation is important, so you don't fall back. If you live alone or with ppl who want to support you, it is easier. For parents or people who are around food all day, it is a little harder but can be done. Some of my best fasts were done working in a fast food joint during college years.

Start by drinking a lot of water, and if you want, raw vegetable juice. Avoid acidic fruits - apart from citrus and berries because, despite how we see them, the effects of these are alkalising, and have many benefits otherwise.  Coffee enemas are magic - truly. Many pharmacies no longer sell enema kits since our medical authorities decided they have no place in health care. Tissue-stripping laxatives line the shelves of pharmacies, which have no balancing, detoxing or otherwise beneficial effects; funny that!

You can buy enemas online, and some pharmacies still sell small saline enema bottles which can be washed and reused. Coffee's benefits are often touted as an excuse for people to drink up. But the truth is, the benefits are usually only courtesy of topical or rectal application. It shocks the liver and forces the blood, kidneys, liver and bowel to release toxic build up that just can't be reached any other way. Google Fleet Enema - washable and reusable.

Bicarb is another magical aid. I take it daily regardless, but for those who have constipation problems (from what ppl tell me, it seems to be a normal thing today), taking a flat teaspoon in warm water has countless health benefits - tastes gross but you actually get used to it as you alkalise.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night. Get ready for a mighty clean out! Sip lemon juice, warm or cold, all day, don't let yourself get thirsty because with that, comes hunger. That's right - dehydration actually causes hunger and bingeing so all those cravings are often ignored thirst or consumption of the wrong 'drinks'.

If you really struggle there are little known beneficial herbal combinations - a little guar gum mixed with slippery elm in a cup of warm water - this puffs up and lines your stomach and intestines, making you feel full and removing irritations, especially of IBS. Herbal teas such as fennel and parsley, not only remove extra fluid but also make you feel full.

Taking a clay drink every day -