The Dangers of the Free Health System

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

All the money in the world is worthless without good health.

The Greatest Wealth is Health - so said the poet Virgil. Even as far back as 70BC, where the gulf between wealth and poverty was as obscene as it is today, it was evident that no amount of financial wealth could compare to the possession of good health.

Howard Hughes was a billionaire yet died without relief, from chronic ill health.

Over the years, history-writers, media & leaders have told us that true wealth revolved around physical possessions. How odd then, the happiest people in the world are the most financially poor, while the most miserable are those so wealthy they no longer live in the real world. What use is a billion dollars when you are wracked with pain or dying of 'incurable' disease?

In countries like the US, all health care depends on the most corrupt system known to man other than the legal system ie medical insurance. You can be turned away to die if you do not have the right insurance. People often need to sell their house just to pay for medical care.

But what of the countries that offer free health services such as the UK or Australia? If you are in an emergency and need urgent care, it is excellent. But for the person who is pro-active in the maintenance of their health, diet and lifestyle, and prefer to see what health insurance calls extras which not only build vital health but are able to treat ill health where modern medicine fails, it is less than useless.

Diabetes treatment is called 'control' - it keeps the patient in a cycle until death.

The FREE health system covers GP visits, some specialists, pathology, radiology, hospital visits and even medication. Some surgery is available - with unbelievable waiting lists. But nothing that is pro-active in good health. Not even discounts, unless the natural health practitioner (who, unlike their medical counterpart, must pay for their own studies and clinical set-up) takes money out of their own pockets to do so (many do).

One of the most common reasons that a person cannot access natural health care is cost. Contrary to popular belief, it is not expensive to be healthy. Stats prove that relying on modern medicine which is usually post-event (sourced only after poor health has eventuated) drains more of the nation's funds than anything else.

Waiting rooms should be for the seriously ill only.

In 1991 I was approached by Australia's Medicare for a trial - whether integrating natural health into medicare would save the government money in the long term. Naturally, it would cost a good deal to set up, but focus on acute health, action, reduced prescriptions, reduced hospitalisation numbers, reduced medical visits & reduced reliance on ambulance/ER would result in a far healthier population AND save money.

Of course, I jumped at the chance and looked forward to proving what I had believed during my nursing years as I saw chronic poor health become such a drain on the system. Excitement in my little town amongst my patients grew, but nothing happened. After a respectable wait, I contacted Medicare to find out why I had not received the set-up stationery, equipment and instructions. I was informed that they had decided to not go ahead with it (that would explain why nothing had been mentioned in the media) and instead, they would encourage doctors to practice 'wellness, integrative and preventive' medicine to see how it panned out. Zero training mind you, but let's set this up and watch it fail and then say natural medicine failed. That was 30 years ago.

I have lost count of the number of lives I have had to witness fade away - yes, I have provided free health advice but my recommended prescriptions are not free, they must be out-of-pocket. I have attempted to access cheap alternatives, but even so, if someone is struggling to pay rent they will simply not have the money for any supplement or herb or referred therapy, regardless of whether it will give them better quality of life. Meanwhile they can go to any bulk-billing quack and get a tray of free side-effect laden med samples or a script for less than $10.</