Sealed stainless steel water stick.

We all know the quality of today's drinking water is not the best. All you have to do is pour a clean glass of water and allow it to sit for a few days at room temperature. After you notice the distinct smells of chlorine and flouride, you will then notice mould, slime and algae build up if permitted to sit for slong enough, even covered.

At the very least we should be using a basic water filter jug and remineralising our water. Keeping a balanced pH is vital for optimum health.

Each rod contains -

  • tourmaline stone
  • maifanshi-stone
  • far infrared stone
  • nano silver powder
  • calcium ion stone

Benefits of water filter stick:

1. Alkaline water eutralizes human body’s acidic substances and keep a fube balance of the body's system - and organs.

2. Maintain a healthy pH figure and protect liver from the harm that environment, diet, nicotine, sugar and alcohol.

3. Negative potential water: Normal water will be adjusted to be negative potential water with an ORP below than -200mV in about 3-5 minutes. It is a strong anti-oxidant which removes free radicals, enhance immunity and helps keep us from aging.

4. Add beneficial microelements: Various natural mineral substances are released which provide body with necessary microelements and improve organ function.

5. Energizes water with small molecular clusters structure: With strong osmosis, diffusibility and oxygen-affinity, the energized water contains micro nutrients and more oxygen is easily absorbed into the body cells, while removing the waste and toxins from our body cells. It also assists in improving metabolism.

WaterJug or Bottle pH Stick - Stainless Steel Pk x 2