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After struggling with a 3 year auto immune crippling illness, spending tens of thousands of dollars on treatment that offered no relief, I had tried it all and nothing was working; doctors, specialists, a range of health care professionals and therapists. I began the Edenic program. I wanted to get well but I had to listen and change what I was doing. Everything I was doing - and that was my main obstacle - habit. After much resistance I began to follow the full protocol; the pieces of the puzzle were all in place. It was working like nothing else had. I was truly living again. She had totally changed me. No one else could begin to help me, until I started on the Edenic plan. After dozens of face-to-face experts, hundreds of consultations, this simple online process saved my life. Thank you.

Miss K

Smiling Young Woman

I sought Edenic Health advice on recommendations for my daughter's injury, when a stick was stuck deep in her foot. I didn’t know my daughter had injured her foot with in the first 24/48 hours as she didn’t tell anyone. She became upset and was in pain. It was a little swollen at that time, hot also a bit red. I had no idea what she had done or if anything was in it. My daughter’s foot ended up with an infection. The professional opinion on the advice you gave me, was spot on.  Within 24 hours from the  treatment and doing everything else advised from day 1 a splinter 10 mm long and 3 and a half mm wide shot out from my daughter’s foot. Your world of knowledge is truly amazing and inspiring. You have a heart of gold and obviously found your passion in your work. My wife I and can’t thank you enough.  Love your work!

Mr D

Smiling Young Woman

I am in South Africa. After many years of poor health and advice that did not help me, I took a chance and did the Edenic Health Assessment challenge. At first I thought how can anyone help me from the other side of the world? While I waited for my response I began to read the free health articles on the old site (I am glad to know they are now on the new site, I love it!) and started making small changes. I was shocked to know, even after years of trying to live a healthy lifestyle, just how many small things in my life were affecting me badly. That was months ago and I recently went to have tests during a general health checkup. My doctor was shocked to see that all previous test results had changed completely. She told me to keep doing whatever I was doing. My friends now ask for my advice on how I have become so healthy. We all follow the blog posts now. And they all want to take the challenge. Thankyou for saving my life!

Mrs B

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