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A Lifetime of Learning

Edenic Health 'Online' began decades before the advent of the internet. Through medical studies, followed by a long pathway through various realms of studies including the widest range of modalities - and incorporating through the years, organic farming and gardening, homesteading, natural first aid, natural animal care, wildlife care right up to the most modern e-Health programs.



Today, while the next generation is working in fields such as nutrition, herbal medicine, psychology & various veterinary sciences, our goal is to help everyone who wishes to be self sufficient, do so with their health. Are we really separate from this dependency matrix, when we have no idea of the basics of our own bodies? Why not leave ER & clinics for when you have not other option, rather than leaving natural means as a last resort? 


In childhood, while gleaning through nursing manuals & medical books, our founder's quest for truth in health knowledge began very early; in the late 70s as a keen work experience nursing assistant in the local hospital, the daughter of a former nurse, moving into formal training and eventually working as a Remote Area Nurse in Western Australia's Kimberley, she made the exodus to study a variety of Natural  practice methods, becoming an Integrative Health physician (combining nursing/consulting skills  with writing, lecturing, research & product development & a wide range of 'alternative' modalities or fields),  with the guidance and mentorship of many prestigious colleagues along the way.

After leaving an earlier career in medicine and prior to undertaking studies in what was to become the focal point of professional life, she began on the pathway to understanding the body as a whole, in every way possible; herbal medicine & colour therapy which helped to explain how certain plants & minerals correlate to colour & corresponding organs and systems of the body. From here, never quite satisfied, a course to better understand the basis & quality of what would eventually become remedies: organic farming & gardening. Much of this study was done while travelling Australia & overseas.

After a short hiatus to have her first baby, she completed studies in homeopathy & acupuncture. After being encouraged by a GP friend to hang out her shingle, the first practice was soon established, with a focus on affordable, ethical & gentle health care. From the outset, despite better results than she dared even hope, her career was fraught with controversy and egotistical opposition - including from her own former peers.

Early in private practice, she noticed a few patterns which mirrored what she had noticed in ER & clinical consulting previously) -


  • People had forgotten how to connect with their own health and bodies

  • People have handed over their health to strangers in the hope of a quick fix

  • If given opportunity, natural treatments often avoid an emergency or chronic illness

  • Natural measures work well with orthodox medicine if given the opportunity

  • People have stopped taking care of their health, leaving it to chance

  • People ignore their own bodily warnings until minor symptoms develop into dis-ease

  • People have forgotten the wisdom that our forebears had used to live healthy lives

  • Simple measures, if taken early, could prevent the worsening of symptoms

  • Entire generations of vitally families do not require medical care while others depend on it constantly

  • Many people can not afford natural health care because there is no insurance or government cover for it


- the entire ethos of Edenic Health has been to focus on these factors and change the way we view health and our bodies.​ Eventually, it segued, along with her family's lifestyle, into self sufficiency workshops and education.

Our health is EVERYTHING. Without it, we merely exist. We are not about 'survival'.


We are about THRIVAL.

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