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Practical, Integrative

& Comprehensive

Healthy Living Resource

Herbal Medicine

NOT a Wellness site. 

This is a self sufficiency portal.

The term Wellness is just another euphemism to prevent

our right to be in control of our own lives.

Just like 'alternative' & 'complimentary'...

You don't need to try and fit in; (look where that got us).

There is an absolute wealth of knowledge, skills and resources

out there, yet most people don't know where to look,

or who to believe. We've spent a lifetime filtering

fact from fiction and we are here to share.

People say they want to be self sufficient yet give so little

thought to our health, how many get to really enjoy it?

No more beating around the bush. No excuses.

No more just accepting things we can change.

You either make time and invest in your health now or you

will eventually make time and invest in sickness and dis-ease.

How do you feel? What do you need? Do you know what works? 

Perhaps you are confused and don't know what is right for you.

Chances are, what you are searching for has already been

written about on this site. There are always answers

and solutions. This site exists to help you find yours.


"After getting to the end of the rope with my health, less than good experiences in
medical care, this advice has made a massive difference.
This is the beginning of my journey;
where I once lived with pain & suffering plus anxiety & depression,
I now wake up with energy & enthusiasm.
I wish I could turn back the years to have known this
before. I had lost hope of ever feeling better again. Thankyou! 
A wealth of knowledge and information."
Natural Stream

Your resource of free fact-filled health articles, penned through decades of multi modality health practice, research and study. Filtering out the fiction, and providing you with pure, unadulterated truth.

You Are Welcome.

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