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What we need to remember is the foundations of all health is the basis of everything. From prior to conception, every influence on the biological father and mother had an influence on the new life. Every drink, every meal, everything both were exposed to, whether emotional, physical, traumatic or even chemical; all had, to some degree, a knock on effect on how this new life would form. The sad fact is, most new lives are created by chance without a single thought to these things.

Soon after birth, the new life is exposed to every chemical imaginable. Food given to them is created from habit rather than any real consideration of its source or benefits. Medicines are given blindly, without consideration of side effects (short or long term) and even seemingly innocuous, invisible elements bombard this born-perfect, once-pristine life every minute of every day. Yet health itself is an afterthought. Feeling unwell is not the trauma of being unable to function. Feeling unwell is the emotional aspect that begins hours, days, weeks, months or even years before we acknowledge that there is something wrong. We have forgotten what it truly feels like to be vibrantly healthy.

Edenic Health is about living as we would hope to imagine, in the Garden of Eden, or even Heaven itself. Not by masking sickness, but by truly living free of it. There is no magic pill or prayer that can help you achieve this, although you may achieve some relief, or even believe you are doing all that is needed. 

If true healing, as opposed to masking symptoms with medicinal drugs, is to survive, Christians and the secular community alike need to rise up and demand the right to good health. Thankyou for visiting this page. Please feel free to view testimonies (Testament), buy suggested health items for your home (Essentials), free health articles (Prospectus) with guidelines on how to get well, and also a dedicated page for personal health assessment (Your Restoration).

From the beginning, the human race - and animal kingdoms - have thrived without chemical intervention. Emergency surgeries have existed for at least this long, with archeological evidence of crude operating theatres found in India, Africa, Europe, Middle East and China. Due to drought and famine, war and pestilence, poverty and greed of a select few, illness and dis-ease have flourished, but only opportunistically. Hollywood and even our own governments will have us believe that until the advent of modern medicine, we were a sickly, dead lot. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Each nation had their own traditional medicines. various continents had their own medical systems. And they were effective, free of the shocking addictions and side effects we see today. Those who practiced them knew their limitations and perceived dangers - ie any example of a poison, if used the right way, being able to heal, such as quinine. Most of the 'great medical discoveries' have been nothing more than the theft of traditional medicines, after dismissing them as witchcraft or illegal, 'researching' to suit and releasing as the great new medical achievements. The list is too long but includes foxglove (digitalis), Peruvian bark (quinine), aspirin (willowbark) and opium (codeine/morphine). And it now includes cannabis; something that innocents have gone to jail or died for, but in the hands of a doctor who is untrained in herbal medicine it will be okay? Many doctors now do weekend warrior courses to become medical acupuncturists, watering down the modality and claiming knowledge and are in general, more accepted than a practitioner who is actually trained and skilled in acupuncture. So long as a god-doctor does it, people see no issue. Including Christians, who will argue the true practitioner is little more than esoteric, while promoting the all-knowing doctor without questioning the real foundations or inclusions of any treatment, even if their foundations or sources are as questionable as a horror movie with more of a political and financial bent than true healing intentions.

Upon the very political coup that swept the western world and became a male-dominated modern 'medsin' industry, traditional, natural - Edenic medicines became demoted to mere therapies, so at the very least, the public would see them as far lower than the newly emerging western medicine. Clever paid, manipulative dismissal by the church saw that the Christian world at least avoided some of the most safest, effective treatment options available. It is only in the early part of the 2000s that Christians are waking up and realising how superstitious, rather than Godly, these claims have been.

Most would be shocked to know there are actually professionals working day and night to discredit natural, Godly health. There are so many aspects to this; painting certain herbs as dangerous because they have the ability to actually clean the liver - this is seen as being dangerous as the pharmaceutical drug is flushed away, because the patient is not 'protected' by the drug for the full period. Professionals are discredited because they are not 'registered' which is a fallacy. Registration exists; it is just not run by the same back slapping boy's clubs with dollar signs for eyes. Training is seen as non existent, yet a good natural health professional will continue studying and learning for life. It is simply not part of the university money making scheme. Although it is getting there sadly.

Much of medicine is about perception and this is where it paints a VERY thin line. Most doctors will say that modern medicine is not witchcraft or evil, yet are happy to cut out organs 'just in case', provide abortions, remove the end of an infant's penis, inject foetal cells and cells of other species into even a newborn - because of some belief system. Likewise, natural medicine can be explained away with all sorts of mystical ideals. Natural therapies can be explained easily using facts, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. No dragons, no sorcery. And if we really read our Bibles without influence, we will see that the 128 herbal plants and the 39 healing verses of the Bible were there long before modern medicine and without side effects.

Today, just as the list of herbal medicines, the list of other existing therapies or modalities is long. If one choice does not work, there is always something else ready and waiting to help. Start at the base: diet, fitness and clean water (which is somehow seen as the only things worth doing by the medical profession). Breathing (buteyko), stretching (yes, yoga - you just don't invite things in that you also would not invite in while your body is cut open!), pilates. Bodywork like acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, Alexander technique, Bowen therapy, Osteopathy and so much more. You do not need a medical referral. Then we are onto the internal medicines: various herbal, homeopathy, essences, oils and supplements. And removal - of all the triggers and poisons we are exposed to. Most do not give this aspect a second chance but the average person is exposed to hundreds of side-effect laden poisons/chemicals/toxins a day, which were not around in Jesus' time; many are exposed to upwards of a few thousand, yet we rarely consider these as the cause of our dis-ease. If you attempt to discuss this with a regular doctor you will most like hear the cleverly coined phrase, Trace Amounts as if that negates the cocktail coursing through your body. No apparently it must be to do with some invisible and untraceable germs. We need to do all we can for vital Godly health. One of the most painful things for me to hear is, "Oh, I have tried it all, nothing worked." Well, I have been at this for over 3 decades and even I have not tried it ALL. 

I guarantee it; if you 'try' everything you can and whichi s indicated, turn habit, superstition and addictions around to address every aspect of your life, you will rarely, if ever need to settle for pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

See them as the last resort rather than leaving health and life as the last resort.

Remember, just because you don't know anything about it, just because your doctor does not know anything about it, does not mean it is not real, or valid. It will help you whether they say it will, nor not. Welcome to the rest of your healthy, abundant life.


The basis of my work has always been to provide answers; and this means homework. My patients have never just been told something for the sake of it. To me, that is not medicine, that is playing God. You must provide the reasons, the whys and the solutions; not just hand over a script and tell them to take this and come back in 2 weeks.

In fact, I have never told a single person to come back in 2 weeks. The first time someone asked me when they should come back in my early days of practice I could not answer them. Why would they need to come back in 2 weeks? The only reason anyone should come back is if they are still unwell; ie, you have not chosen the right protocol. Or if, as we find in today's production line of medicine, the physician has no idea what is wrong, so you are fobbed off for a battery of tests, only to be told to come back to find out what is wrong. Your pathologist or radiographer could tell you that! Instead, you go back to the doctor who now has been told what is wrong, so he/she can give you that all important diagnosis and script

In changing everything; diet, habits, environment, etc while removing triggers and toxins, then given remedies to bring about homeostatis, and herbs to heal, then supplements to balance, why would you need to wait for it not to work? If you are not healing from day one, the physician is not doing their job.

Edenic health is the whole thing. You, your body, your mind, your environment, your habits, the way you feel and think, and what you do. Every day I am asked by a catalogue of people, "What can I take?" No one wants to know why they are in this position. Or how to remove it. Just how to fix it. And if I tell them fixing it will be temporary and it will come back unless they change what caused it, then they will invariably say, 'Well what you do doesn't work then, does it?' Bear in mind these are the same people who also believe there is no cause of illness, that it is all random. Yet they wait on a magical cure?

To achieve Edenic health you must take responsibility. YOUR body. YOUR health. If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "Yeah, I know, I eat wrong. I have bad habits. I don't take enough care of myself," I would be rich. The thing to remember is, if you do not take care of you, who will? And when you have kids to take care of, what are you doing? Do you really think they will magically arrive at adulthood, healthy? It doesn't work like that, especially in this toxic world.

The purpose of this page is to READ. Question everything. Don't even take my word for it. That is why I have included myriad studies and research papers in my writing. Read my bio by all means, if you want to know why I do what I do. Take a look at the testimonies of people who are alive today because they listened and learned. Visit the store if you are looking for something; most Prospectus articles offer suggestions of what pathway you can take next.

Most importantly, VISIT THE PROSPECTUS. It is a catalogue of articles on health issues you most likely need help with. I wrote them because I was tired of repeating myself. Yes, I want to help you but if it is already written, the answers are laid out, freely for you to follow. Learn how to avoid ill health. Learn what you need to do to change things - links are all there.

Finally, if you are one of the millions of people who do not like the thought of taking time out of your day, getting into a car or jumping on public transport, sitting in a waiting room until your name is called, having some half-interested human listen to you half-heartedly and scribble out a script for you to then queue for, take home and wait until it masks the symptoms while triggered a whole host more, how does doing it all online in the comfort of your own home sound?

It is easy. Visit the Your Restoration page and follow instructions. Within (usually) 24 hours you will have your confidential, personalised program with all recommendations returned to your email address. You can then choose whether to take recommendations to your local health shop or send for them online to an external wholesaler, at a fraction of the price, to be delivered to your door in a matter of days. 

Welcome to the rest of your (healthy) life.

Kelmscott WA

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