What Every Mother Needs to Share With Her Daughters

(Since this was initially published in the Nexus Magazine, 2003 vol 10, all that was warned of, has come to pass. And this was long before our daughters began to be poisoned by an unproven vaccine [HPV] for a cancer that may or may not be linked to a sexually transmitted disease. And thanks to a surreptitious campaign via TV's major crime show Law & Order, SVU female castration is now seen as normal).

Whether to control painful periods or even acne, young women are increasingly being prescribed the contraceptive Pill and antidepressant drugs, despite the cost to their long-term hormonal and mental health.

[Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 2 (February-March 2003)]

The Berlin Wall of hormone replacement therapy came tumbling down in July 2002 when the most prestigious study ever conducted on HRT found that the steroidal hormones, oestrogen and synthetic progestins caused breast cancer, strokes and blood clots. It’s been a downhill slide for HRT (and drug profits) ever since. The real lesson from that study is that, for 40 years, menopausal women were in fact the uninformed guinea pigs trialling dangerous hormonal drugs that made an unprecedented fortune for drug manufacturers.

The world was shocked with the findings from the study, and millions of angry women defected from the HRT ranks. Women and many doctors had been cleverly convinced that menopause was an endocrinopathy–an oestrogen deficiency disease. Women were further advised that they must be saved from nature’s inherent design fault-the total decline and disintegration of their hormonal health as well as their faculties-with toxic, untested steroid hormones. The folly of medicalising menopausal women has at last been revealed.

Unfortunately, the use of untested and dangerous steroidal hormones and other drugs still continues. This time, however, the medical fraternity and pharmaceutical corporations have set their sights on young women.