Professional Wellbeing Advice: Treating Cancer at Home?

Updated: Jan 18

Many of you would have seen the comforting ads on TV on cancer care at home. Most likely in a clever knee-jerk piece of propaganda reaction to the fact too many cancer families' home lives were destroyed by the industry. Yes, we SHOULD be treating cancer at home; just not with chemo. Seeing the current health insurance ads on TV have me so torn I do not know how to deal with it professionally or personally because I know they have the attention of most people affected and there is nothing I can do about it other than try to tell the truth.

The truth which includes one scary fact: modern oncology is killing more people than all the various cancers put together. And sadly, you could be facing legal challenges if you dare to take it into your own hands - even if you are successful. But please, before this post is taken down like that of many of my peers, do it anyway.

The simple thing to remember is that while experts are busy dividing and conquering, baffling the public with science, and planting just enough doubt, cancer is cancer - meaning the host (the body) is acidic and trying with everything it has, good or bad, to correct what is going on. Tumours and blood cancer, as well as lymphatic and skin cancer alike, are all the effects of acidic lifestyle; be it emotions, chemically induced, diet induced or parasites, we must know this one thing -


So if you take away the acid and other toxic triggers/irritants, you take away the effects on bodily tissues. The first step is to balance the pH (see my various posts on this subject). Meanwhile you can take many measures to heal tissue and boost the effects of the pH balancing steps.

Many therapies exist that are tonic toward the body, that encouraging healing; which your doctor will most likely warn against

Detoxing - your body went through a lot for you to end up in the cancerous state. Likewise, it will take a lot for you to undo the damage, and heal your eliminatory organs to allow you to reverse the current issues. This starts - always - with detoxing, a word now frowned upon in modern medicine. It simply means purging of waste. Make no mistake, your organs will be overloaded with toxic chemicals, medications and undigested/assimilated foods. An iridologist will be able to provide photographic evidence of the toxic buildup; something you can monitor as time goes by and your body begins to heal. Iris markings are to me, one of God's greatest signs of just how things are internally. There are many methods to detoxing; including enemas and colonic irrigation, as well as teas and diets; and a number of articles on this site can steer you in the right direction. A simple herbal/mineral detox can work wonders. Order here