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Treating Cancer at Home?

Updated: Jan 27

Many of you would have seen the comforting ads on TV on cancer care at home. Most likely in a clever knee-jerk piece of propaganda reaction to the fact too many cancer families' home lives were destroyed by the industry. Yes, we SHOULD be treating cancer at home; just not with chemo. Seeing the current health insurance ads on TV have me so torn I do not know how to deal with it professionally or personally. Why?

Because I know they have the attention of most people affected and there is nothing I can do about it other than try to tell the truth. The truth which includes one scary fact: modern oncology is killing more people than all the various cancers put together. And sadly, you could be facing legal challenges if you dare to take it into your own hands - even if you are successful. But please, before this post is taken down like that of many of my peers, do it anyway.

The simple thing to remember is that while experts are busy dividing and conquering, baffling the public with science, and planting just enough doubt, cancer is cancer - meaning the host (the body) is acidic and trying with everything it has, good or bad, to correct what is going on. Tumours and blood cancer, as well as lymphatic and skin cancer alike, are all the effects of acidic lifestyle; be it emotions, chemically induced, diet induced or parasites, we must know this one thing -



So if you take away the acid and other toxic triggers/irritants, you take away the effects on bodily tissues. The first step is to balance the pH (see my various posts on this subject). Meanwhile you can take many measures to heal tissue and boost the effects of the pH balancing steps.

Many therapies exist that are tonic toward the body, that encouraging healing; which your doctor will most likely warn against

Detoxing - your body went through a lot for you to end up in the cancerous state. Likewise, it will take a lot for you to undo the damage, and heal your eliminatory organs to allow you to reverse the current issues. This starts - always - with detoxing, a word now frowned upon in modern medicine. It simply means purging of waste. Make no mistake, your organs will be overloaded with toxic chemicals, medications and undigested/assimilated foods. An iridologist will be able to provide photographic evidence of the toxic buildup; something you can monitor as time goes by and your body begins to heal. Iris markings are to me, one of God's greatest signs of just how things are internally. There are many methods to detoxing; including enemas and colonic irrigation, as well as teas and diets; and a number of articles on this site can steer you in the right direction. A simple herbal/mineral detox can work wonders. Order here

Cassie Tea - widely researched and proven to have worked for millions, but your doctor will never prescribe it if he/she values her reputation and registration. This is already listed by the FDA as a new drug, yet it has not been approved simply because they have been unable to patent their own version.

Graviola - panned widely by medical experts who are too busy discrediting and scaremongering against it than actually offering hope. Despite extensive research and proof. Order here

Homœopathy - which despite centuries of cures, is now a blackened word thanks to unqualified skeptics who even medical experts take advice from. As it cannot be 'tested' using core scientific methods (the same way someone speaking English could not be tested for IQ using for example, French or Latin) it is much easier to dismiss. However, seeing the various experts of other fields attempt to explain, shows the massive lack of understanding. This is the only reason that unlike herbal medicine, orthodoxy has been unable to ban it in order to steal and medicalise it; however, they are trying!

If you are generally run down there are a number of tonics that may benefit you including -

Ultimus - an extensive blend of herbs traditionally used to build health and vitality.

Divina - A blend of 7 sacred fungi.

Medea - as some people are unable to stomach the bicarb drink, this remedy helps balance pH.

Osmosis - if you struggle with digestive pain or upset.

Pura - liver support.

Vitale - blood building.

Vasa - with lymphatic involvement.

These are found on the same website as above and are optional.

Acupuncture - (especially surrounding the dragon) sadly relegated to being used as an adjunct to the very therapies causing so much suffering, in and of itself acupuncture has been capable of cures for many centuries, long before modern medicine decided whether to use it or not. Sadly, the invention of 'medical acupuncture' teaches doctors just a handful of points, resulting in a huge deficit of capabilities. If you are planning to see an acupuncturist for cancer; or anything for that matter, give this type of weekend warrior treatment a miss and go straight to a fully qualified practitioner. The good news for readers of this page is that anyone can learn cupping and order a home-use kit here which is a no-needle form of acupressure. You can buy a set via this site and instructions are provided.

Pineapple juice - you heard right. Who would think a simple enzyme (bromelain) could reverse brain tumours? Sadly medicine would have it that an extract and medicalised version should be chosen; however I have seen almost instantaneous results using fresh pineapple juice.

.... like massage, or supplementation, each step is a positive one.

Antioxidants - protect against free radical cell death (apoptosis) by guarding your body with a broad based, cascading antioxidant combination. Widely dismissed as anecdotal (ie real cases) my clinical work and research shows that antioxidants, alongside parasitic removal and pH balancing, is the single most vital treatment option for cancer. Order here

Anti-parasitic - parasites are involved in all disease. Simply, we are parasitic beings and our bodies consist of trillions of pathogens, most of which are beneficial. However, due to many factors such as acidity and pollution, bad diet and toxins, many which we could easily fight thanks to our own body balance, will take advantage of the imparity and thrive, causing dis-ease of some or even many forms. Always begin a treatment for chronic ill health with anti-parasitic treatment. See above.

Colloidal minerals - rich fulvic/humic 'mud' which is thousands of years old, and consists of ancient plants, herbs and naturally occuring substances which are beneficial for every bodily function and imbalance . Order here

Orexia - for cachexia or rapid weightloss/emaciation associated with many types of cancer.

Bicarbonate of Soda - the baking soda protocol is going to make your body inhospitable to cancer cells; minus the myriad side effects that you'd see with orthodox methods.

Your house, as well as your body, needs to be detoxed - begin with your pantry and your cleaning cupboard.

Foods to throw out NOW:

Sugar and all foods containing various forms of sugar Dairy - regardless of form Non organic wheat and all flour-containing foods Table salt and all associated foods Animal fats and all animal/flesh/blood containing foods of all species

Processed, additive-containing prepackaged foods


Dairy (mucosa irritant of the worst kind - attacks every mucous membrane, impairing healing and irritating cell linings) - by referring to a rawfood page like those who have beaten it - such as Chris, Sunny Raw Kitchen or Russell James' site - or Robert and Shelley Young's books, audios and CDs/DVDs, you will, like most of us, be astounded at just what can be made without dairy: icecream, cream, mayonnaise, milk, dressings, butter, and you'd be hard pressed to detect that there is no dairy.

Wheat - like corn syrup, wheaten flour is in everything. It is not a health food, nor is it necessary as 'part of a balanced diet.' Gluten intolerance and leaky gut now affects most of us in varying ways and is as much to do with bad farming practice and the use of glyphosate to 'desiccate' as it is to do with the practice of hybridising seed stock. It is high-acid and irritates every cell in your body. In fact, by removing regular wheat and wheat containing products alone, many people report removal of pain that even analgesia could not do. It does take some time, just bear in mind that giving up wheat for one day is not going to be very beneficial as the inflammation it causes can take months to build; and reduce. Gluten free foods are available almost everywhere today and you can buy gluten free flours for home cooking.

Table salt - is so highly processed that there is little beneficial mineral content remaining. It builds high levels of sodium as your body fights to remove what is not needed and like anything, too much of one thing is toxic and results in imbalance. Regardless of whether you are on a low sodium diet or not, Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt or river salt is a MUST - it contains good electrolyte levels, in balance, and due to this mineral balance, will actively flush high sodium from your body. Any food prepared with salt on the label belongs in the bin. Sprinkle beneficial salt onto your food prior to eating rather than cooking in it (sodium present during cooking, at levels enforced by table salt, will leech vital nutrients which go down the drain. On that note, steaming is the kindest way to cook vegetables but the best way to source nutrients is eating them raw or juiced, or in a raw smoothie.

Animal-derived foods - one thing I need to mention is the heavy promotion of meat based products, gelatine, bone broths, etc. Big money exchanges hands; this covers cookbooks, education, even training of nutritionists and diet advisory groups. It has zero to do with health benefits; in fact, most nutrition and cook books are funded and written by the various meat, dairy and mass produced food boards. Our bodies cannot assimilate flesh, it is that simple. Animal derived foods are highly acidic and cause inflammation immediately.

Many cancer forms are connected to high meat intake and even if you only eat it occasionally, to have cancer your body is already highly acidic; meat intake will simply ensure that pH level remains dangerously low. Unfortunately this also includes eggs, which are not only carriers of an alarming number of parasites (all cancer involves myriad parasitic levels) but are highly acidic in their own right. There are many meat alternatives now on shelves and with a little forethought you can make your own alternatives (please order this audio book by my respected peer Dr Young).

One of the most common comments I get on eating this way is, 'It's too expensive' : I get that, but if you consider the amount of food you will no longer be buying, and allow your brain to rethink where your grocery money should go, you will realise that it's not expensive at all.

Finally, I have to raise one spectre - the fact that today, Christians are still scared of - and dying of - 'cancer'. It makes my heart bleed to hear Christians praying for healing while gorging on the wrong foods. Living the wrong way, yet accepting their fate as God's will. Pray for healing - really pray - open your heart to that small still voice and you will know the truth. I pray for this truth to reach those who are not listening, every single day.

Best of all, there is minimal cost, no crippling side effects and it can be done at home. Please message if you have any questions. More on detoxing the house on my toxic homes thread. This is vital as we are exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemicals every day; most are carcinogenic.

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