Edenic Animal Care

This is a B-I-G topic. I instinctively took a deep breath as I wrote the title of this article. For many reasons it seems. There is no way on God's green earth I can put all that is in my heart into one article. Big pharma control veterinary medicine as much as they control human medicine. The pet food industry is responsible for as much suffering of some animals as it is for the comfort of others.If it's so bad in the first world, imagine how much harder it is for animals elsewhere.

Imagine just how hard it is for those who really do walk the walk and live to heal animals as naturally as possible. It is do-able but it is not easy. In places where human life is so expendable - ignored by the rest of the world, what of the animals? What of even the very basics? Let me remind you that I am not a vet and I have the utmost respect for vets. I have many veterinary friends, many of whom practice natural methods of health care for their animals. Two of my children have worked as veterinary nurses and we have for many years care for animals naturally.

Isaiah 11:6 says it all for me. There is argument that prior to the fall, no animal ate another but afterwards bloodlust took over. I am not here to tell you one way or another. But our dominion has gone awfully wrong. It is hell on earth for most animals today. We really have failed. Even those of us who profess to love animals. Proverbs 12:10 is out the door. And forget about Isaiah 40:11! We don't hear as instructed in Job 12:7 - nor do we do as instructed in Proverbs 27:23.

Yet everything that encompasses Edenic living for humans can be applied to animals - and is, every day -

Herbal medicine





Massage therapy

Natural dietVegan diet

... and so much more make up just what is available for today's animals who, for the most part, are mass-bred, overfed,

poisoned and abused. Some are fortunate - but again it goes in the polar opposite direction; with many wealthy spending as much on one pampered pet as could be better spent caring for hundreds, if not thousands of abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Still today, most people see animals for a select purpose -