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Standard Western Diet = Dis-Ease

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

A few facts that advertising doesn't tell you. Oh, you thought advertising executives were honest?

About as honest as bankers, car salesmen and real estate agents (and who has not been ripped off by at least one of these saints?)

Bear in mind, these people are paid to flog product and they are paid B-I-G. Their livelihood

depends on major product flogging ability. Truth does not sell. Mystery does. Mythology and urban legend does. Shock value does. Stretching the truth does. These guys are not educated in health or nutrition. They have the gift of the gab. They know what sells, what grabs your attention. What shapes your buying habits.

What if your food choices are not only NOT good for your health, but capable of destroying water supplies? What if your food contains such a cocktail of poisons that you are slowly but surely killing off yourself and anyone you are responsible for feeding? They KNOW this, even if you do not.

Just a few food facts you wont see on TV ads or in your local supermarket...

Fun Fact # 1

Your own carbon footprint One person reducing the consumption of animal flesh and milk reduces environmental impact more than cutting use of your car. In its 2006 report (1), the United Nations said raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

Fun Fact # 2

Water use and scarcity It is estimated that to breed up to 1 kilogram of beef, it takes between 13,000 to 100,000 litres of water. To produce a kilogram of plant food the usual way, it takes between 1,000 to 2,000 litres (although there are more green methods to do so). Facts are facts but don't be shocked at the way the beef industry retaliates by once again twisting facts (2). To produce one kilo of non organic wheat it takes up to 4000 litres of water, simply because farming practices insist on using inefficient methods.

Fun Fact # 3

Unknown and unmeasured antibiotic, hormone and other drug use drugs and chemicals fed to animals during breeding and rearing remain in large amounts in the flesh, unaltered even when the animal is killed and cooked (3). In fact, many are activated to become carcinogenic on top of all the other negative effects, simply by heating or burning. It is impossible to gauge the effects or amounts consumed in a normal year.

Fun Fact # 4

Improved Cardiovascular health Medical students and nurses alike are now being taught of the benefits of a plant based diet. A diet that includes meat has huge amounts of saturated fats - something we simply cannot recognise or assimilate, leaving our arteries clogged, our organs overworked, placing us on the waiting list for open heart surgery.

Fun Fact # 5

Colon Cancer The number one cause of colon cancer is stagnation of meat. The expected digestion is nothing more than sluggish putrefaction, where we are unable to digest or assimilate flesh almost identical to our own. At the time of death, the average meat eater has up to 8lbs of undigested, rotting meat lurking in their bowel. No amount of relieving the bowels will change this, as before middle age, the large intestine has begun to 'pocket' resulting in enlarged pockets of tissue which in turn have weakened peristalsis. Meat, toxins and other unwanted waste accumulates, causing high acid residue, irritation and eventually ulcerated lesions which convert to cancer as the body attempts to encapsulate the offending area. It is impossible for anyone on a plant based diet (meaning without meat and dairy) to develop this form of cancer. But it is possible to reverse these symptom sets!

Fun Fact # 6

Tap Water Most people would be shocked to discover that our governments have accepted levels of contaminants and poisons in our tap water (4). As they are invisible, water is seen as 'clean' even though you are actually consuming such delicacies as hard core drugs, banned substances and urine. If that's not enough, what about the presence of sex hormones, anaesthetic drugs and chemotherapy drugs?

This is just a snippet of what your are putting into your body without knowing it. And all of it is perfectly okay with your decision makers and health experts. So, who is responsible for your health again? Take charge.


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