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What really causes anaemia?

Updated: Apr 18

Why do so many people struggle with anaemia?

What does it have in common with calcium deficiency, constipation, strokes, antibiotics - and PAIN?

🩸 Did you know that IRON supplements wont - CAN'T fix anaemia?

🩸 Anaemia has NOTHING to do with whether you eat meat or not

🩸 Medicalisation of iron 'deficiency' has everything to do with calcium 'deficiency' - supplementation with both is a major cause of dangerous health issues today

Every single one of my anaemia patients shows the exact same pattern, and test positive for the exact same things.

More lies in medicine, number 4820394755...

Medicalisation (aka wizardry, bastardisation...) has made the very foundations of health (which are in the natural realm) into something chemical, with disastrous results. This habit of throwing a synthesized version of medicine at a natural issue simply cannot fix things. The medical establishment's habit of pretending that ALL systems within the body, all cells, all function, are not linked and dependent upon each other, results in singling out the new diagnosis, be it anaemia, osteoporosis or any of the myriad deficiency-related illness and conning the masses (while pretending to have a clue about nutrition) into taking something to mask what is really going on - ie the cause.

Unless you are constantly bleeding (again, WHY?) or recently suffered a major blood loss, you don't just become anaemic, because for your blood to be balanced, it takes dozens of intricate processes to maintain that little thing called homeostasis. And that includes the balance of bacteria...

🦠Strep Haemolyticus is a pathogen that prevents binding iron and ferritin (strong red blood cells). When it is permitted to flourish (after the use of antibiotics, the consumption of incorrect, acidic diet, junk food etc) the natural process of linking ferritin and iron erodes, hence the deficit in both in a regular blood test. To date, I am yet to see one doctor look at the cause.

Another bit of wizardry is the myth that red blood cells are made in the bone marrow. They are made in the large intestine; the marrow is secondary, in the event that the large intestines can no longer do their job. Again, why can't they? Why not fix that?

So if your digestive health is compromised (bad diet, medications, poisons, stress, etc) your bone marrow takes over. To do the job, room must be made - calcium is released into the blood supply and is then deposited outside the bone (spurs), blood vessels (plaque) and soft tissue (calcification).

Taking iron supplements is toxic to the body and will only show up in a blood test because iron particles way too large in molecular structure to be used by our bodies, then deposit in joints, blood and brain (osteo-arthritis, gout, strokes, heart attacks, PAIN). As fluid is pulled into the tissues to try and correct things (fluid retention) the bowel becomes dry (constipation).

Meanwhile, taking calcium supplements is toxic to the body and not only take years to break down but also contribute to blocked blood vessels and bowel.

All because of a pathogen known of for around 100 years. And the main reason we even have it flourishing away? ANTIBIOTICS. Correcting this one little thing will not only reverse anaemia but correct bowel and bone health. And guess what? Unless you ask, you will not be tested for Strep H - and if you somehow tested positive, you would be given anti-biotics which destroy your digestive system.

What a mess. Round and round we go.

But you can be tested for not only Strep H but hundreds of other imbalances without so much as a skin prick. And unless you live in a more honest country where the government and health system doesn't rely on pharma kickbacks, you wont be given this test at most medical clinics...

(Please note this particular test is available in Australia only. For more information please message us for support in your country).

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