Healthy Living Advice: Fresh Water is Vital

Updated: May 18, 2020

Fresh water. What is it? Aesthetically, it is pleasing, dazzling. One of the most beautiful things on the earth. IF it is clean. But what if, what appears clean, is a mirage? What if it has been made so, chemically, and the real make up of 'H2O' is nothing but a cocktail of chemicals that we down every day in the vain hope it will hydrate and even heal? The most interesting aspect of researching Australian sites and documents for this article was the fact that most research has been taken down or the researcher is directed to a 'Page Not Found'. This speaks volumes of our government and health authorities, don't you think?

While this article affects everyone globally, the purpose is to explain to the Australian consumer just what you are drinking. It is of course up to you whether you want to poison yourself and then plead victim at a later date. The facts were found purely by chance while researching another matter. But it warrants an article all of its own. Tap water gives a whole new meaning to the term self medicating.

We all hear of the mythology of secret fountains of pristine spring water. Yet you'd have your head in the sand to not have heard of the analyses of so-called spring water. Some would say it is cleaner than tap water. In-house 'research' by companies such as Nestle would have the consumer believing the hype. And ever-faithful Google will by default have such research at the top of the page. Dig a little deeper and we hit the real water table. American independent research into contents of bottled (supposed spring) water finds the following (remember, water is essentially H2O with minerals):

  • Caffeine

  • Arsenic

  • Radioactive isotopes

  • Fertiliser

  • Solvents