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Homeopathic Research: Proof hidden in plain sight

Updated: Jan 22

Homeopathic research has always shown proof of homeopathy's efficacy.  The public has the right to access this proof. Use homeopathy at home to ensure the health your loved ones
Home medicine dispensary

The public could be forgiven for never having heard of the word homeopathy, even though up until less than 100 years ago it was considered mainstream medicine. And even though today, a large percentage of the nation thrives without medical intervention thanks to the daily use of homeopathy. And even though, all around the world, it is considered a vital key to unlocking the door to good health.

In the early 1900s, as pharmaceuticals rose in popularity as much from the presence of pharmaceutical representatives as from financial bonuses, homeopathic education evidently clashed with the emerging 'science' and was eliminated from medical school training.

By the 1940s most homeopathic hospitals worldwide were taken over by these cashed-up entities or forced to close as traditionally-trained doctors with homeopathic knowledge either were encouraged to learn new methods (with financial incentive) or retired. Media and other entities all but eliminated records which reflected the efficacy and popularity of homeopathy as the norm in health care.

Detractors will still say, "But you are talking about something that happened 100 years ago. Medicine has advanced." Yet we still believe something called the germ theory? That all illness stems from bacteria? We are 90% pathogenic; antibiotics have proven that killing off all bacteria - including beneficial bacteria and symbiotic pathogens - is often fatal and is responsible for so much poor health today. Something hypothesized more than 100 years ago is still the foundation of modern medicine despite it being disproven time and again. We threw the baby out with the bath water.

Those still in the dark, continue to repeat four erroneous statements; the first, being that there is no scientific evidence and second claiming that homeopathy does not work. Thirdly, it is a placebo and finally, that it is dangerous. It is none of the above. They fail to understand the double-jeopardy they are playing. Namely, that if one was to attempt to prove that any modern science works, using natural standards, most patients would suffer - or die. One simply could not utilise modern medicine, surgery or electrical/nuclear-type medicine to the extent it is possible and safe to use so-called alternatives.

They also fail to acknowledge the thousands of studies and research papers available simply because it is impossible to 'prove' homeopathy works if we use the medical research model. All this does is prove a vast lack of knowledge and understanding. That should not be confused with lack of evidence or proof on the part of homeopathy.

It does not seem to matter that there are at least 200 million people thriving on homeopathy today; 200 million less people burdening the health system; therein lies the problem. Modern medicine (or allopathy) is a eugenic entity; this results in taking any measures to discredit and destroy any competition.

During this time, interest in, modern research and expansion grew in many nations, with renewed interest in places such as:

Chile (a little known fact: prior to the formal introduction of homeopathy in 1850, Charles Darwin's life was saved using homeopathy - one can only imagine the fanfare still resounding today if he had been cured using a pharmaceutical drug),

India (where most progress, practice and research continues today - 100 million users)

Switzerland (part of the formal medical system)

France (where, despite research proving the efficacy & affordability, has been removed from insurance) United Kingdom (on NHS) United States (where the CDC is working to eliminate homeopathy in order to make it illegal to use)

Detractors dismiss prevalence of homeopathy in lower socio-economic nations by drawing attention to disease and poverty; this reflects the lies which resulted in popularity of vaccines in the early 20th century. By simply forgetting that sanitation, finances, access to treatment through geographical & social expectations affect overall health statistics, they ignore factors such as actual efficacy rates, prevention of the progression of illness, avoidance of hospitalisation, surgery and even death. Many of these treatments exist where modern medicine has no answers.

Causes of decline: Political as well as financial

Slowly it has been removed from free health care, therefore only those placed in the higher socio-economic groups were able to access or use it, even though it remains one of the cheapest health care options. A remedy, if made correctly, can last many lifetimes until the bottle is empty. If stored correctly, it has no use-by date; this flies in the face of modern regulations and that does not sit well. As treatment for acute issues only lasts a few days at the most, one remedy can be used for dozens of similar maladies (ie coughs and colds, minor injuries etc); therefore a remedy which might cost $30 in today's terms when broken down, would cost mere cents per treatment. Regardless of efficacy, this is not beneficial to a pharmaceutical company that can charge many times that amount for the equivalent, or to a medical practitioner who would miss out on payments for prescribing pharmaceuticals. Until relatively recently, an efficient medical insurance could cover natural therapies and their prescriptions. Again, this leads back to pharmaceutical profit.


We homeopaths inherited the ongoing fight to reinstate homeopathy as a valid healing science. This has shadowed our practice from the beginning. I was personally told, by a WHO representative, at a medical symposium in 1991 that by 2000, naturopaths would be registered on par with GPs, while practitioners specialising - ie homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopaths, chiropractors etc - would be registered as specialists on par with medical specialists. With the formation of the EU, heavily funded by pharmaceutical groups, a virus of real concern was spreading throughout the western world.

This virus was man made and presented in varying ways, depending on the individual nation's health structure. In Australia, it was the PAN 'crisis' - a scapegoat modern day Guy Fawkes effigy which culminated in the closure of Australian natural health companies, removal of practitioner provider numbers and most telling, the liquidation-price purchase of choice natural health companies by pharmaceutical giants. All the fanfare of the day filled the media and put fear into the hearts of everyday Australians, while the very foundations of natural health crumbled.

The WHO scrambled to release press statements as the fallout around the world from similar activity; suddenly, natural health was taboo, dangerous, unproven, even illegal. In Australia, the TGA changed from its stance in 1991 (promotion and acceptance via a 'complimentary & alternative medicine' sector) to join the push to outlaw natural medicines. Many established practitioners could no longer register formally. This remained and was bolstered with the fraudulent NHMRC document which officially stands today.

It did not matter that by 2023, the TGA's stance on homeopathy had changed. Even homeopaths were not told unless we asked; that The WHO quietly snuck in the changes: Homeopathy is now considered an integral resource in medicine. And the ignorant continue to parrot the NHMRC lies ad nauseam.

It is not beyond the abilities of anyone paid by this eugenic system to hack and take down websites promoting homeopathy. Likewise, by the end of 2023, moves were made via Google, to remove or at least displace any website or link which provided not only homeopathic but all natural medicines outside of the medical paradigm. If one were to Google the simple word homeopathy - or in fact, any natural medicine modality, you would be faced with pages of misleading, defamatory and erroneous information. The work of many practitioners has been destroyed, while thousands of previous-available PDFs are no longer found on the internet.

Afterthought: The NHMRC

This afterthought is given the attention it deserves, an addendum simply to expose the facts. The 'study' which efficiently had natural therapies such as homeopathy removed from the Australian health system and public announcements 'proving' homeopathy does not work, was funded (excessively) by various pharmaceutical giants as well as the Australian medical associations, boards and associated back-slapping, golden hand-shaking groups. It is fraudulent as shown through the High Court courtesy of the Ombudsman. The damage is immeasurable as people suffering illnesses for which nothing can be done in a medical capacity have either been driven to suicide or slow, painful deaths, or continue to suffer with the 'relief' of addictive, prescription medications carrying a host of direct effects passed off as side effects.

Valid homeopathic research resources and references

Much of the following eclipses so-called medical & scientific studies as they are not funded by homeopathic companies - unlike pharmaceutically-funded 'empirical' research. Just as orthodox

medicine must have its preferred associations, societies and registering bodies, so too with

homeopathy. Otherwise, we may as well have lawyers governed by architectural firms or

nurses governed by teaching associations.

Scientific Society (global resource for scientific professionals)

  • and many more in non-English speaking languages - including thousands in veterinary medicine

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