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Energised Homeopathic Elixirs

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Homeopathy is largely an energy form of healing - by the time the remedy is with the consumer, it has been diluted and energised to the point that no matter remains, apart from the carrier (usually water and ethanol - sometimes vegetable glycerine) - what you have is an energy medicine that either lifts or reduces your vibrational rate.

Sometimes, depending on the ingredients, a homeopathic medicine can be in the strongest original form - or mother tincture. There is still a strong vibrational force but as the original matter is stabilised and suspended in the medium, the consumer now has the added bonus of various compounds, nutrients and minerals.

While still 100% homeopathic, it also fits into the realm of herbal tincture or extract, mineral tonic and my favourite, a health elixir. Usually encompassing the time-proven healing abilities of ancient health traditions, lore and knowledge, these ingredients have a fine and very extensive pedigree. There are so many options for safe and natural elixirs that heal at a cellular level, including (but definitely not limited to:

Shilajit or colloidal minerals - Known as the destroyer of weakness, and sourced in the glacial deposits in mountains of the Himalayas, shilajit consists of of decomposed humates (12%), fulvates (60%), mineral and plant remains which contain over 80 micro-nutrients and probiotics vital for pure health,

Fucoidan & Algal Mannitol - In nature, fucoidan acts to protect seaweed from pathogens, while algal mannitol protects from oxidative stress. It is a valuable source of marine nutrients, prebiotics, trace elements and minerals. Anti-inflammatory in nature, this blend provides buffers against aging, pain and cell damage.

Algal mannitol protects against tooth decay, assists in stem cell growth, balances blood glucose, improves kidney function and is an anti-aging wonder.

Chlorella - This single cell algae is heavy metal detoxing, exceptionally high in amino acids (protein) and Omega-3, is pH balancing, a cellular tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, is especially beneficial for vegans and during pregnancy due to folate and B12 content, and increases energy and stamina. It is valued in the fight against malnutrition, so high is its all-round nutrient value.

Amla - Highly nutritious Indian Gooseberry (highest known volume of Vit C) known for anti-aging, immune boosting, and hair, skin & nails nourishing properties. High in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it breaks down arterial plaques, burns fat, is an eye tonic, stimulates insulin production and is antiinflammatory.

Aloe Vera - One of the plant world's supreme detoxing agents, it is anti-inflammatory - a plant able to heal itself once cut, it should be used to soothe inflammation, pain & irritation both outside & inside the body. With approximately 75 active ingredients, including antioxidants & nutrients, it is immune enhancing & should be considered for internal & external inflammations.

Ashwagandha - An adaptogenic herb associated with calm & balance. Homeostasis is keyword in its scope, balancing out the various bodily systems, including enhanced neurological, digestive, endocrine/hormonal, inflammatory & immune function.

Carefully prepared, steeped, energised, blended and formulated into an elixir par excellence, these 6 ingredients form MOSAIC - an exquisite blend of organic ancient ingredients used down through millenia for healing, anti-aging and restoration. Taken daily, this is a true foundational health and longevity cell conditioner. Formulated into a triple energised Mother Tincture (∅).

A unique combination of plant & mineral based super-nutrients, Mosaic should be the number one choice for your health regime, as it begins by healing the digestive tract, commencing the entire body evolution of nourishment & stimulation of natural processes.

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