The Role of Dairy in Osteoporosis

Is milk vital for your bones? Don’t doctors tell us that like sugar, meat and other industry-based ‘foods’ such as GMO corn and Round-up laced wheat (flour) products, dairy is no longer a food. But don’t let that good ol’ home-spun cookies and cream advertising slow down an inch… With the current dairy wars and more people than ever turning to a plant based diet, government-bolstered industries are going nuts in their advertising – actually shaming the public into drinking milk, as if we are somehow (like the sick-making ‘Strayan lamb, pork and steak ads) less human if we have a heart and walk a little lighter or sensibly.

One question – why does no one question this? Never before in history has a civilisation consumed so much dairy – yet osteoporosis – like tooth decay – is at epidemic proportions – now at over 50% of the adult population; even within younger age groups. Your doctor will never tell you that it’s actually your fault that your bone density is so bad. Instead, he/she will prescribe supplements for which they know nothing, drugs with side effects that can lead to cancer or brain cell death, or tell you to do weight bearing exercise. This advice is seriously flawed – despite the fact they will tell you that each of these things is scientifically proven.

I’d like to know on what planet. Initially, isolating a nutrient and taking it in high doses is not only dangerous but leads to severe imbalances – and down the track, they lead to even worse… The public needs to know that all of these actors talking about their successes with ‘caltrate’ or ‘calcium/vitamin D’ supplements are just that – actors. It’s a paid gig – and for actors/singers/sportspeople who work in an industry with close to 90% unemployment, it’s just that – they don’t give a toss about what happens to you once you fall for the blurb.

Sad but true. You need to know that calcium is one of the most readily available nutrients on the planet – it’s in just about every whole food. It’s your fault if you choose to eat junk over proper food. Taking a supplement that is not made from whole food will not change the situation. I was told by a very proud person the other day that they do not eat vegetables – and it was said with the sort of pride one would expect of a 6 year old who has mastered his ABCs or someone who recently graduated from uni. The truth needs to be shouted from the rooftop. If you ate a human being – or drank the milk of a nursing (human) mother, would you expect to get all the nutrients you need? Sounds pretty stupid, right? Well, the meat – and dairy) of one animal is no better nutritionally than any other. It’s just the way each individual species is marketed by its relevant industry. Correct amounts of perfect calcium – along with all the other nutrients are already available – in fresh food.

So, what is calcium found in?

Leafy greens, seeds, nuts, tofu, and coloured vegetables just for a start. And what else is calcium necessary for? Well, hundreds of functions actually but in a nutshell, strong teeth and bones, nerve and muscle function, and blood clotting – but guess what? It’s not calcium alone that does all this – so if you take calcium alone, you may as well be one of the poor malnourished pica sufferers eating rocks. Your car, which is a far less intricate machine than your body, needs water, fuel and oil to function. Imagine if you just poured water into all the receptacles – how good would it run?

And what happens if you take too much calcium (which occurs with calcium supplementation)? Poor bone development and maintenance, tetany, excessive nerve activity, poor circulation with tingling in hands and feet. But that is just the beginning. BTW, dairy is an atrocious form of calcium. It’s actually detrimental to your health. Flawed studies by – yes – industry-paid ‘experts’ are used repeatedly to ‘prove’ that our kids need – what was it? A cube of cheese, a tub of yoghurt, a bowl of cereal a day to get all the calcium they need.

The calcium in dairy is not very assimilable by humans – which means it is locked away, only available to the species for which it was made – calves. You know, the millions of babies who die within days of birth so you can have your mucous-producing, inflammation-causing white poison. Enough of that – this is not an ethics paper. But I included it to show just how ridiculous the whole scenario actually is. The thing is, it is not just calcium and vitamin D that our bones need. And regardless of whether you took a whole bottle of vitamins a day, if your body is acidic, it wont make one spot of difference.

Magnesium is by far, a more worrying deficiency because a lack of magnesium will result in soft bones, and calcium deposits IN your muscles and blood vessels. That’s right – plaque in your blood is caused initially by calcium deposits which become a magnet for fats, toxins and other waste. Vitamin D is synergistic to calcium – meaning it wont work properly without it – and it is free! So what do we do? Rather than go out into the sunlight, we choose to live like vampires and take a toxic synthetic version of D that our doctors (untrained in nutrition or supplementation) tell us to take.

And on the flip side, what about too much calcium? If taken through artificial sources, soft tissue calcification – aka rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tumours – even stomach cancer as the body battles to assimilate and excrete the excessive levels. And when x-rays show deposits of calcium tablets throughout the bowel of an unsuspecting patient? Of course naturopathy gets a bad rap (even though it is nothing to do with it) and your diligent doctor will find another drug that will aid in the breakdown of calcium.