Health & Wellbeing: Eden or Babylon

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I began working on a book based on Biblical principles from the time I first opened my very first page of my very first natural healing course - (with the words 'Without Him there is no healing' inside the very first page) - beginning in my head, then jotting down notes and case studies and eventually, experience. It's a huge task - as political as it is difficult.

There is just so much to this. So many opinions, facts, misinformation and aspects. So many years, so much spin, invention, discovery and development - often in the wrong direction. This post will not include every single aspect of this - I will leave it for the book. But hopefully you will see that your ordained, abundant health is as important as any other aspect of a faith-filled life.

For decades I was often alone in this, therefore I struggled and felt maybe I was wrong after all. How could I alone be right, and many of the elders be so wrong? To the point I closed my clinic more than once, to retreat to a prayer closet with trusted mentors who I knew would work from His guidance, rather than their own bias. I could trust them to be honest, even if the end result hurt me.

This all reminds me of the saying "But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid." In the same way, imagine if we based our faith on those who got it wrong: Henry VIII, puritans like Cromwell etc, we would be living very different lives now. Imagine what we could (wearing black only) and could not do (Christmas, theatre, music, stained glass). One would be forgiven for thinking some of the so-called Christian pages on the internet were written by these people.


Yes, let's start at the beginning. This will be confronting to read, so be forewarned. There was no death. There was no fast food. In fact, all food came from the ground or plants. Only after the Fall did man begin eating non-plant food, ie flesh. With the Flood and destruction of the world as it was known, one of the biggest sins involved animal sacrifice. Of man and animals. On this topic, we were told to not commit murder, but visit any abattoir and that is exactly what you will see, and what your money is buying. And what your body is eating. Pain, blood, suffering. But this is not a vegan rant, just touching on an inconvenient truth for most. There are arguments against this - but they are all based on taking offence. Ego. Greed even. And addiction.

On the actual word - MEAT - the biblical word of origin that is now printed and known as meat actually meant food.

[the word translated as meat in the original Greek Manuscripts of 1Tim 4:3 is not specifically speaking of meat of animals, rather of food in general. (βρῶμα – brōma – Thayer’s Greek Lexicon: that which is eaten; food)]. For decades, scholars and authors alike spoke of sitting down to meat; meaning to dine.

The following links offer a brilliant perspective and start on how to consider and focus and try to live a more Edenic lifestyle.

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From the first book, we were instructed on the use of God-given food, water and even soil for our health. You believe we came from CLAY yet wouldn't consider using it on your skin or drinking it to detox? How crazy is that? We believe we are a pure, Holy vessel yet we cover our bodies in chemicals, take chemicals to stay alive and self-abuse with our dietary choices and bad habits/addictions on a daily basis? You most likely wouldn't dream of using natural products; many Christians even see them as being evil or demonic. Wow - way to slap God for His abundant gifts.

Do you think it's okay to pray for healing and do nothing yourself to heal? Do you sit eating that cake and sugar rush while bemoaning your blood pressure or cancer? It's not genetics or chance that we get overweight or chronically unwell. It's what happens to our born-perfect bodies over time, with the wrong habits and lifestyle. I am sorry if my words sound harsh, but a lifetime of me pleading and playing nice has done little to wake up those I love most; after all, did Jesus walk into the temple, plait a fairy-whip and say, "Please everyone, don't be naughty"? No - he made sure everyone heard; how disobedient would I be to not try to do the same?

Too many Christians are overweight, and dying needlessly; which we mistake for God's timing and Will. What a shame. How can sermons be preached about the worst food imaginable; food that is killing millions? I have also heard sermons against using natural therapies and a healthy diet, including to congregations with cancer sufferers, who later died, too scared to do wrong by - dare I say it - ignorance rather than Holy Spirit-led or even knowledge.

And what about the diet that we should all be eating but are so far off the track we have forgotten how to eat in a Godly manner?

I've seen what amounts to worship and praise of the church's doctors, and encouragement from the pulpit of taking your medication. Okay, if it is life-saving, but it has become more of a habit and dependence and nothing on healthy living; Edenic living. More on where orthodox medicine fits in later but please think about that.

'Alternative' Medicine

I've known of group book burning sessions because a Pastor told born again Christians that the herbal or homœopathic or essential oil; all Biblical,

all based on His creations for our health and LIFE - were all evil and they must cleanse themselves. There has been more wisdom and knowledge destroyed in this way than people like me will ever learn. I believe that is evil in itself (just one of satan's manipulations). So much wisdom in the Bible; strange things you and I do not understand and now wont ever, because it's all been destroyed over time and in the modernity of the world. Did you read that after the birth of Jesus, that Mary and Joseph held up their hand to the Wise Men's gifts and said, "I don't think so, new age charlatan, we do not want your gifts. Be gone....."?

Me either.

Now, more than ever, when we have global epidemics of immune disorders, cancer, epilepsy, depression, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, infertility, allergies, parasites, stress and skin damage; we need gold, frankincense and myrrh in our lives. But deary me; read an apparent Christian authority on any of this and you would be forgiven for thinking that anyone who uses Biblical healing is flying around on a broom and practising the occult. All the while, dosing up and injecting the most grotesque anti-Christ substances and feeling it's okay.

The world's first medications were plants, seeds and herbs. What happened? Yes, they are as potent to your health today as they were during Creation. In fact, they kept us alive until less than 200 years ago, when wars and the Industrial Revolution left traditional life with a manpower (and womanpower) shortage. No, it wasn't a life full of plagues and disease. That was relegated to the cities and places where industry, poverty, socio-economic and even class status ground down vital health until death. Every home in the Bible had its own medicinal supplies: oils, herbs, seeds, poultices. How can they be evil now? Set up your own pure, safe and effective home dispensary and avoid so many ER trips and bad ailments from developing. It's easy; and does not cost the earth.

Women were the original healers; the majority, anyway. And no it wasn't witchcraft, no more than fringe dwellers delve into black arts today just because they are perceived differently. Women were midwives and child/family health carers. And herbalists.

On that topic, who was the world's first master herbalist? King David. We still use David's Wheel in herbal garden design today. Was it evil then? No. Is it evil today? No. Are your children or animals evil? No - yet those who dabble in black arts involve the use of both, with common reasoning, they should be banished as occult. It does not make them any more evil than it makes natural therapies evil just because someone chooses to use them. Right through to Revelations we are still being urged by God-led wisdom to use the fruits, plants, soil and herbs.

See healing herbs according to the Bible here

So laboratories popped up; eventually becoming the world's number one corrupt and powerful industry. If you don't believe me, please feel free to Google it. And sadly even Jewish groups fall into this terrible category with about as much honesty as we see in the world's banking system. It is not about discoveries or cures any more than it is about fairy floss. It is political, ruthless and very corrupt. It's the reason why whistleblowers die in sudden and mysterious circumstances. It's the reason why good, honest doctors and nurses are being silenced in the worst possible ways.

All the while, clever manipulation continues. Dismiss it as conspiracy theory and all of a sudden, those lives do not matter. The truth does not matter. So long as you don't think for yourself, let alone pray for the truth. This is very close to home for me, as I have been on the receiving end of threats to myself and my family many times.

Meanwhile in our ignorance and trust we continue to blindly keep this evil system in place. Studies show that thousands die every single day from medical misadventure, negligence and side effects. More that all wars!? If a healthy lifestyle did this, it would be outlawed. Don't laugh, Monsanto is currently leading the way to make it illegal to grow your own organic food from seeds that they don't own - ie are not Roundup Ready (Google it, please!) and lead by the WHO, every western country is currently spending as much money on medical research as they are on stealing natural therapies from those actually qualified in them, and making many forms illegal in the process. And yes, these companies have Christian employees!

Yes, this topic is dark; seriously dark but like anything we know to be wrong, we cannot pretend it is not so. Of course not all people involved, nor all products involved are evil; many truly have good intentions and do good work. But this is the only reason pharmaceutical medicines overtook natural medicines; cheaper and less manpower needed. And more profit. Even long-banned toxic drugs are still being recycled (research what is happening now with Thalidomide).

See HARVARD admission of pharma corruption here

So, why aren't most medications Biblical? Read. Study. Mark 16:18 mentions exactly what I am talking about. We trust something based on synthetic poisons for our health and safety. Medications often mask symptoms - they do not necessarily cure. They bring about the opposite of what you are suffering. So if you have pain, they don't cure the cause or fix anything - they mask it, as blissful as that is, there are more legal medication addicts and deaths annually than from illegal. All perfectly legal and fully paid for by insurance, government funding - or you. Study the meaning of pharmakeia - this alone should wake you up from your slumber.


Do you still believe that you should have your shots? That they are a magical mix of diluted pathogen which helps you build a natural immunity? This is

what doctors and nurses are actually taught (and paid to dispense), without ever having to research for themselves. Read package inserts and ask yourself if God would approve of this Frankenscience. I will warn you - be prepared. So, what is in a vaccination?

There is NOTHING Biblical about this list but every ingredient is found in today's vaccines in various cocktails - also known to be linked to hundreds of modern day illnesses and deaths. Rather than investigate, the media and pharma dismiss it and cover it up with massive scare campaigns. This is a very condensed list - the truth is, it is a cocktail of horrific proportions and has nothing to do with natural immunity.

  • Hormones and DNA from cows, pigs, monkeys, and humans

  • Aluminium and mercury (in doses so small they are often not labelled - but still in amounts toxic to our nervous and immune systems)

  • Egg and human albumin (from humans!)

  • Pig bones, cow serum, hamster ovarian cells

  • Formaldehyde and alcohol (embalming fluid)

  • MSG

  • Genetically modified plant extracts and oils - including peanut

  • Human foetal tissue lines (aborted babies)

  • Medications (including antibiotics = drug resistance and allergies)

We are paying for, and supporting murder, and actually injecting the contents sourced from dead babies into our own. Is that an extreme form of arrogance and privilege? In first world nations, children are being denied health care and education - and being kidnapped by the system to enforce this modern day torture. In many 3rd world nations a parent can be shot or the child held at gunpoint if they refuse a vaccination. And before food, water and even basic healthy supplements or comfort - even a loving gentle touch or a wash; much like ARV drugs (which are actually cancer chemotherapy drugs deemed too toxic for cancer sufferers) vaccines are administered. No washing of feet or gentle healing there.

Vaccines actually have mass murder history of the worst kind. And it continues today.

  • Vaccine companies founded by Nazi scientists

  • Merck - Hoechst - IG Farben - BASF - Dow - Bayer - all have Nazi/Third Reich background.