Health & Wellbeing: Homelessness and Poverty

Updated: May 18, 2020

The funding network within our government is so insidious that one could be forgiven for believing all decisions are not remotely linked. The savvy cycle of pharma funding which results in massive profits for the various companies is based on a paper trail that doesn't seem to matter; it's too well spun to be of concern and by the time it reaches the individual, it appears to have nothing to do with the matter at hand.

See 16 Sept 2015 'headlines' and you would think, just a day after we gained a new PM by overnight stealth, that new vaccine laws had been passed ALREADY. They haven't. But don't let it stop them from forcing parents into thinking they must catch up with vaccinations. Not one survey or debate, all which had an overwhelming response of NO mandatory vaccinations, was considered. Of course! Pharma and government (aka Big Brother) knows best, right?

Well, why wouldn't they? Even uneducated parents are threatening non vaccinating parents; ask them why and they really can't tell you. "But I saw it on TV..." Honestly, the blinkers go up, whoosh! Even seemingly rational, smart friends become rabid enemies if they find out you do not vaccinate, even though you have done more research than their doctors. But don't worry, all that research will be dismissed as pseudo science despite it being sourced from medical journals. All those previous warnings against the various vaccines and their safety magically no longer apply. And today in mid 2018 it is no coincidence that our new PM was the main coal-stoker in the mighty No Jab engine. He got his way quietly doing the dirty work, now he can just reap the benefits, as our former big pHARMa share guzzling PM did.

I received word from another health care expert recently that she does not support any compulsory medical procedure. And make no mistake; a vaccination IS a procedure. Compare the size of your infant/child to an adult. Now, compare the gauge of a needle and use the old scale comparison by multiplying it with an adult's body size.

If we were to upsize a vaccination needle, 22 to 25 gauge, we would be talking a paring knife tip in an adult; that would be considered a notifiable stabbing. In medical terms, we need to consider a scalpel which, if used in any adult procedure, would be preceded by analgesia or even anaesthesia. Yet this is not considered at all.

So, why are these procedures okay when it states clearly in the Australian Constitution at least, that no one should ever be coerced into any medical procedure. They can't change the constitution but they can ignore it, hoping no one in politics, who are meant to be working for us, notices or acts accordingly.