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MMR/DTP Warnings Ignored by Experts & Media

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Cerebral palsy. Measles. Leukaemia. Epilepsy. Juvenile diabetes & arthritis. Haemophilia. Ear, nose & throat diseases. Skin diseases. Deafness. Vision disorders. Not safe for use during pregnancy. Autism. SIDS.

This list is the BEGINNING of the list of warnings. The full list is too extensive to share in one article. In fact, the full list of references for the single package insert which most doctors have never read is not only comprehensive but includes dire warnings against the use of the MMR vaccine, which are still not followed prior to even assessing the individual for suitability. Today, the Murdoch Institute in Australia, the 'research' company owned by the same family who control what is shared in our media or not, are testing the MMR/DTP vaccines on pregnant women even though there has always been a warning, and even though more women are experiencing 'spontantous abortion' - ie miscarriage - than ever before.

SIDS research is one of the numerous entities to spring up as a side effect of vaccine reaction. They know the cause. So-called Children's Hospitals and research institutes have always known the cause. Their job is to mask the real cause while finding any other scapegoat possible. Anything other than the truth. Death from MMR vaccine is listed as being an 'unknown cause' which is a euphemism for a big pharma cover up, also commonplace in cancer and HIV research.

The media today is in a frenzy of 'measles outbreak' headlines. They do not want to know that today, measles is rarely 'wild' or natural. Instead, rabid, angry masses blame those who are not vaccinated, not 'live' with the newly-acquired measles.The manufacturing companies list atypical or non-wild measles as a side effect, however the media do not want to know such little details.

Type I diabetes is often touted as being present at birth, even though it is rarely detected until the child is a few years old. By then, they have had their first MMR vaccine and their pancreas has suffered a bout or two of pancreatitis and is well on its way to no longer manufacturing insulin naturally. But like SIDS, there is 'no known cause'. And the sufferer will not be exempt from the needles; so the carnage ensues. How then, is type I always put down to being present 'from birth'?

Likewise with Haemophilia, which is supposedly genetic. Vaccine damage is usually hereditary thanks to the MTHFR gene abmormality and this is yet to be tested or used as an exemption for poisoning with this live potion. Rather than MTHFR gene testing at birth, it makes more money to shoot every child up immediately. Ask your doctor about this mutation; chances are they neither know about it or care enough to learn about it.

Thrombocytopaenia is a precursor to haemophila, so once this is detected after a cruel battery of tests on the infant, rather than focus on the cause, it is 'diagnosed' as a new independent disease. And still, the sufferer will not be exempt from further needles, even if it must be accompanied by clotting factors just so they can be needlessly stabbed.

Leukaemia in infants is at proportions never seen before, not since the MMR began being pushed upon infants rather than being optional. Both lymphadenopathy and leukocytosis are signs the lymphatic system is under threat, and both are precursors to leukaemia, however the now-diagnosed and hospitalised infant's plight will be used to guilt the public into taking the same vaccination to 'protect' them because their immune system is irreversibly impaired. And the sufferer will now be subjected to poisons which cause what we know as the image of 'cancer' with a high rate of death as a side effect. But again rather than look at the cause or other treatment options, we once again hear the term 'help us find a cure' with billions upon billions thrown at useless research. Research which will focus again on any cause other than the real one.

Juvenile arthritis is said to have no known cause. Yet they admit it on their package insert, sourced from extensive research which is said to not exist (see references in package insert highlighted above). My first professional case of juvenile arthritis was during a housecall, where a mother had originally noticed inflammatory symptoms in her small baby. She would not see the correlation between the recent MMR vaccine and what eventually crippled her child, who showed true athletic features and once the suggestion was made, she no longer wanted my help. This family eventually moved overseas for 'specialist' treatment as their daughter's health deteriorated once the steroids no longer worked.

My first case of myalgia was during my nursing training days, where I eventually saw more than I dare to recall. These patients were generally treated as malingerers or hypochondriacs, because there were no answers and no relief available. They usually ended up as what would be termed today as opioid addicts or suicide cases.

Arthritis has also been a boon for big pharma, many of the treatments (anti inflammatories) not just being recalled but responsible for extensive digestive system and vital organ damage, including ulcers and cancers. But by the final diagnosis, attention has been comfortably diverted away from the original cause, a few decades previously.

SIDS, seizures, encephalitis, various scleroses (including MS), paralyses, convulsions, ataxias, palsies (including cerebral and bulbar) and neuropathies - dozens of diagnoses - are all historically linked to the MMR vaccine, even though officially they most likely never will be. Not when it is more lucrative to raise funds for insular 'research' which focuses attention away from the root cause.

Today's so-called influenza epidemics are rarely any more than pneumonitis, leaving the patient to suffer with pneumonia which is carefully misdiagnosed as influenza, just to keep the public hysteria moving along. And when death is the side effect (as listed) it can then comfortably be blamed on either the flu or measles.

What else would you expect when you are not just being exposed to the live virus rather than 'wild' in the real world, but it is being injected into you, conveniently to avoid natural immune responses?

And when so-called experts claim that no aborted foetal cells are being injected into your children, surely they should be directed to the package inserts which list them as the medium in which the vaccines are propagated? Combining this with chicken embryo and calf cells, what could any sensible, educated individual believe is going to happen to the DNA of their children? We need to consider both male and female DNA are included in these vaccines, and at least entertain the link to the growing gender confusion that is affecting our children at rates never seen before.

Clear warnings to never give to pregnant females are now no longer important, with the Murdoch Institute placing advertisements behind toilet doors in shopping centres, child health centres, in hospital and medical waiting rooms. Where does the chain of responsibility and liability end? Who is to blame when those same trusting, albeit gullible women lose the babies they were carrying when they decided to call the number on these posters? Has any woman ever been told to avoid the MMR around the time of gestation? Or been asked, upon being told they are indeed pregnant, whether they recently had a MMR vaccination? Who is to blame for this lack of professional responsibility? If the warning is there, and doctors are not even aware, what hope is there for the rash of new vaccinators being trained up to give the jabs without having read a single package insert?

On the subject of doctors being complicit, has anyone ever been advised against the use of a MMR vaccine in someone suffering either cerebral palsy or any brain injury? It is clearly stated in the warnings. Additionally, there are NO exemptions available today. Not even a known cerebral injury, let alone someone with a history of epilepsy or family history of epilepsy. No child today is checked for the presence of a pre-existing fever prior to vaccine administration.

Too many people today suffer skin disorders, from mild such as eczema and dermatitis or even the occasional rash, to psoriasis and disfiguring skin disorders. These are clearly stated to be linked to the MMR vaccine, but this is dismissed as an old wive's tale. I have never heard of a single person being asked if they suffer from antibiotic allergy prior to being given the MMR vaccine. However, I have heard doctors and relatively untrained vaccinators dismiss concerns of parents who do suffer antibiotic allergy and believe their children may also.

I am yet to hear of a single young woman ever being warned of arthralgia or arthritis being a disorder which is triggered up to 4 weeks after the MMR vaccine in young women. If this is known in young women, It is 100% likely that is due to the fact young schoolgirls provided the research for Merck over many decades. If so, what about all other ages? . If anyone presented at a GP with joint pain, they would be given ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories and sent away without further follow up.

Today's medical students are not taught that one bout of measles offers lifelong immunity and rather than nursing someone through what amounts to a simple childhood ailment, sickness and death is preferred.

Meningitis is generally seen as a contagious issue which kills rapidly and is often spread via nasal inhalation of dirty water. In truth, the meninges are an almost impenetrable barrier and for any infection to seep up from the nose, eyes or ears, or anywhere else in the body, the brain barrier must be pierced or broken chemically. Vaccines contain adjuvants which open the blood/brain barrier, allowing a short period of infection to take place. The fact that meningitis is a KNOWN side effect of the MMR vaccine, yet not followed up in research, is as alarming as it is criminal; especially when meningitis/meningococcal vaccination campaigns are mounted with the appearance of a single case. Especially now that they actually have a number of meningitis vaccines....

Pneumonia is one of the most common MMR side effects, as is a rash, which is often diagnosed as either the measles or chicken pox.

Today, almost 100% of babies born are administered the Vit K injection, complete with myriad side effects. This is due to the increase in yet another MMR side effect which vaccinated women have passed down to their babies - infantile haemorrhagic oedema. Today's newborns cannot even form their own clotting mechanisms; just another natural bodily function being eroded. So, in order to vaccinate with the MMR, children must receive an unnecessary shot with 20 thousand times the dose of vitamin K levels necessary in an infant. Additionally, this warning is ignored, the end result being the ever-increasing incidence of haemophilia, or inability to clot. Just another 'unknown cause' issue we are happy to hear our medigods cannot fix.

ENT specialists and paediatricians were unheard of 50 years ago. Today, most children have them, thanks to the epidemic proportions of ENT issues in vaccinated children. Deafness is said to have been caused by rubella or German measles and we have all been regaled with horror stories, yet is a side effect of injecting it into an infant. No one says a thing. Few care that young schoolgirls were part of a massive research piece into Rubella, or that every vaccinated person is taking part in a study. When I was a child, out of a school of 400 children, maybe 2 wore glasses.

Today, every class is smattered with children needing prescription glasses. Many have had surgical correction of squints. Optical and retinal disorders are yet another offspring of the vaccine industry with hands out for more 'research' into finding cures. Vision impairment and blindness was rare - today it is expected with age and people accept that.

Warnings, by admission, are ignored and not followed up. The basic list of neurological damage caused by the MMR vaccine reads like a horror story, one that most do not have the courage to read. Not while it is easier to be told the MMR is safe and effective even though the package insert admits it is neither safe nor effective. Pro-science geeks dismiss the package insert as not factual, that it has to be recorded legally, that it does not really happen. In effect, they are dismissing every single case of vaccine damage or death in history.

This is all documented, researched and freely available. Sadly few care enough to want the truth, let alone care enough that the manufacturer, Merck, has been in legal battles for falsifying research, lies and cover-ups for years. That does not seem to equate to recall or banning of the very products they have been lying about. Few care that there are locked documents, listed purely as "unpublished data from the files of Merck Research Laboratories." Like the FBI, they can legally protect their intellectual data, while remaining largely free from prosecution.

The clever part is wording - death from unknown/unrelated causes is usually the favourite choice. The fact is, the term SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME is clearly listed on the DTP packaging - or it was as recently as 2017 - the ingredients have not changed, so how could the side effects? Those who sneer at the notion that MMR is linked to SIDS quite likely know that DTP is - and even moreso - but hey, if we can change the wording to something less liable and not mention the DTP package insert, it's okay.

It's not.


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