Your Health During a Pandemic

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Pandemic. A powerful word, even if no one seems to know what it means. The mere mention strikes fear into those usually sound enough not to flinch when the TV announcer says the word epidemic. "Must be worse. Surely it has outgrown the parameters of the original dangers and become some great, uncontrollable destroyer of all things living."

Not so.

Epidemic: A disease which has spread to a large number of people within a region.

Pandemic: A disease which has spread across a large region, even into other nations or globally.

Okay, so for epidemia, think anything you like because everyone seems to suffer the same things every time, even if they are not actually pathogenic or contagious. Most would think flu, coughs and colds, gastroenteritis, etc. But what if there is more and you have have not even considered it? And what if it is not about some perceived spread, but more to do with what poisons all the people in the same area are exposed to, eating, drinking and using? The same HABITS?

No, I guess that would be too easy.

And for pandemia, you'd think bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, Spanish influenza and so on, right? Again, what if it wasn't fleas on rats or coughs, but the filthy conditions sufferers were forced to live in? Bad diet? Rotten food? No access to sanitation and clean drinking water? Strong poisons that were used in industry and medicine alike? Cramped living conditions? Yeah, too easy again.

Something only becomes a pandemic if a government or media announces it to be so. And if someone dies of cancer, heart disease or pre-existing illness, it is much easier to up the numbers by including them as victims of the latest pandemic. It also helps when clever IT boffins can conjure up frightening graphics of unimaginable understanding; looking for all the world, like real cells and scary germs that kill.

The same, scary germs that are undetectable any other way...

The absolute madness, fear, ignorance and blatant gullibility surrounding the current COVID-19 would be laughable (and it is, for those who know a little) if it were not killing people. No, not some unproven pathogenic killer, but mismanagement of pre-existing symptoms and poor self care which has been taken away from citizens because it is dismissed as self diagnosis and self medication, even if it always worked previously. People like to use throwaway lines such as, "He was so healthy" or, "Struck down suddenly" - until we break each case down.

I will not make this little article any more complex by listing individual cases but if one were to do their own homework and investigate each case, they would see that most fatal cases were of a certain agegroup and health picture; ie they were struggling with chronic and most likely eventually fatal health issues and as happens every day, the common cold was too much for their already at-risk health to cope with. Many had also received immune-weakening medications or even vaccines recently and were struggling to build a safe level of immunity, while compromised by toxic ingredients never meant to be ingested or injected.