Healthy Living Advice: Colds & Flu

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Actual Australian News Headlines -

This was a real headline on TV in Australia. It is headlines like this and the propaganda that goes along with it, that really makes me think we are a nation of DUMMIES. I'm sorry, but when you are a child and you touch a hot surface, you learn, right? Well, some of us do. I think that reflex and learning ability goes out the older we get.

Every year, the flu season hits and every single year there is a flu vaccine media campaign, an emergency plan publicised on prime time TV - and billions of dollars to be made. And the nation falls for it! Forget that people are dying from flu vaccines - oh, but the doc says it is a different one - rubbish. With the one exception of 2020 where covid magically cured the flu around the world, it is the number one piece of epidemia propaganda globally.

Another headline.... 'Doctors have not said why the person died, but it was the flu!"

No cold or flu should ever be a life threatening illness. Not in babies, not in elderly, not in disabled, not in anyone. Yes, it makes you feel sick; yes, you may even say you feel like dying but I also said that in labour, when I broke my arm, when I had gastro, and definitely when I had a migraine. And just like with flu, I didn't die - only mismanagement would do that.

Contrary to what your doctor says, what advertising campaigns say or what your gossip magazine says, there are MANY things you can do to prevent flu, to treat cold and flu if you should fall ill, and to prevent you from ever getting secondary illness badly managed enough to threaten your life. Regardless of age.

And yes, you may even need a day or two off work. Seriously, either you want to take care of your health or you welcome sickness - it really is that simple.

You can't handle the truth...

And what is the truth? Well, it's simple. If it doesn't knock you out but makes you feel wretched it's a cold. If it takes you down, it's the flu. Nothing different, the body is imbalanced because you let the natural protection get compromised (diet, chemicals, stress, partying, working too hard, medications, vaccinations, etc etc etc). There is no test to date which has ever proven a virus exists. Oh, there is a special test created to shred DNA to try to find something which supposedly indicates a response to infection. Guess what? That is a normal, functioning immune response.

And if that public scaremongering each year is not enough, then we have mysterious epidemics to send the public rushing out for antibiotics and vaccines. Even though neither can either prevent or heal colds, flu or any other invented disease. Firstly, no antibiotic has ever cured so-called viral symptoms and secondly, IF vaccines did trigger an immune response, that takes time. Meaning you'd have to wait for weeks, even months for that to happen. By then, y