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Colds & Flu

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Actual Australian News Headlines -

This was a real headline on TV in Australia. It is headlines like this and the propaganda that goes along with it, that really makes me think we are a nation of DUMMIES. I'm sorry, but when you are a child and you touch a hot surface, you learn, right? Well, some of us do. I think that reflex and learning ability goes out the older we get.

Every year, the flu season hits and every single year there is a flu vaccine media campaign, an emergency plan publicised on prime time TV - and billions of dollars to be made. And the nation falls for it! Forget that people are dying from flu vaccines - oh, but the doc says it is a different one - rubbish. With the one exception of a miraculous period between 2020 - 23 where covid magically cured the flu around the world, it is the number one piece of epidemia propaganda globally.

Another headline.... 'Doctors have not said why the person died, but it was the flu!"

No cold or flu should ever be a life threatening illness. Not in babies, not in elderly, not in disabled, not in anyone. Yes, it makes you feel sick; yes, you may even say you feel like dying but I also said that in labour, when I broke my arm, when I had gastro, and definitely when I had a migraine. And just like with flu, I didn't die - only mismanagement would do that.

Contrary to what your doctor says, what advertising campaigns say or what your gossip magazine says, there are MANY things you can do to prevent flu, to treat cold and flu if you should fall ill, and to prevent you from ever getting secondary illness badly managed enough to threaten your life. Regardless of age.

And yes, you may even need a day or two off work. Seriously, either you want to take care of your health or you welcome sickness - it really is that simple.

You can't handle the truth...

And what is the truth? Well, it's simple. If it doesn't knock you out but makes you feel wretched it's a cold. If it takes you down, it's the flu. Nothing different, the body is imbalanced because you let the natural protection get compromised (diet, chemicals, stress, partying, working too hard, medications, vaccinations, etc etc etc). There is no test to date which has ever proven a virus exists. Oh, there is a special test created to shred DNA to try to find something which supposedly indicates a response to infection. Guess what? That is a normal, functioning immune response.

And if that public scaremongering each year is not enough, then we have mysterious epidemics to send the public rushing out for antibiotics and vaccines. Even though neither can either prevent or heal colds, flu or any other invented disease. Firstly, no antibiotic has ever cured so-called viral symptoms and secondly, IF vaccines did trigger an immune response, that takes time. Meaning you'd have to wait for weeks, even months for that to happen. By then, you'd be dead from poor management if you did nothing else.

If you can't see certain stakeholders have a cleverly orchestrated contingency plan to fool you, I have to wonder what the hell is going on? In autumn every single year, there is a nationwide campaign to bring down and warn people against natural therapies, just in time for winter assault. It is mind control and manipulation at its best. By the time the flu 'arrives' most people are terrified to try elderberry syrup or echinacea, let alone see a natural health professional who cures these same symptoms all year round without fanfare or mega-funding.

Then the whooping cough brigade come out in full force - just to pump up the vaccine issue a little more - and to plant seeds of doubt. By the end of autumn, the word vaccine is as common in our headlines as any other topic, usually front page news and popping up on social media ad nauseum. Articles and headlines appear in every major publication on how to cope with colds and flu - "Please see your doctor" accompanies every single one. Why? I know many who have tried - most will be told to get their vaccines and nothing else. What is the point, other than flogging vaccines?

Somewhere along the line, a little comment is thrown in about old wives' tales and not trusting natural, effective and safe methods. Oh, that's right, the powers that be have banned the use of those three words, along with the word cure. We can however, use the wishy-washy group of terms such as wellbeing, relief and may assist. Along with the coup de tat of please see your doctor if symptoms persist. Again, why? It is now near-mandatory for you to refuse the flu vaccine. Doctors' surgeries are advising that they are running out; they are not, but this clever ploy makes any patient feel they will surely die if they missed out.

Then, just to make it look fair, a little anecdote on some charming story of how a herb or supplement helped one person in some place far, far away is thrown in just for comfort. Especially by bought celebrity medigods, so ooh, it must work because my doctor said so.

And then BAM!

By mid 'flu season' news reports dominate the headlines about the dangers of flu. So more jabs, more drugs, more money for doctors and big pharma alike. Then a story or two on how hard your GP works and how overloaded our health system is. And the nation continues to fall for it.

Over the years, I catalogued/diarised the latest news reports on this very thing. Nothing new - it happens every single year. And will no doubt continue to go on because most people are not listening. They get jabbed, they even use antibiotics for a virus (wont work), then blame those of us who do not have the flu for their plight.

But not in 2019/20. Oh no, the gossip that had hung around for the previous decade, of the new mysterious threat that was sure to hit, grew from a few grumbles to screaming headlines. The world was plunged into chaos not seen since the polio and Spanish flu 'epidemics' which, if you read between the lines, you will see was also a clever manipulation of facts.

So, what do you do? Sit back and wait? Or do you make sure you are healthy and have all you need, should you get a sniffle? You have a first aid kit for scrapes and injuries, right? Why not for things that MAKE you feel sick?

HOW TO PRE-PREPARE - yes, an oxymoron but the truth is, orthodoxy's idea of 'preventative' medicine is taking tests AFTER symptoms have begun. That means sickness is already present - be it obesity - blood pressure - niggling symptoms - cancer and yes, even so-called contagious disease. That is not preparation or being preventative. And according to research, nor are vaccines.

Start now. Build your family's immunity now. Head to your health shop and stock up - or do it from home by getting it wholesale. Don't leave it until it's urgent (often too late) - keep it on hand and order today. As you will see below, this very summarised list is just a part of what is available. There really is no reason to not be able to manage your symptoms. Don't forget to take some good strong analgesia to take away the pain and inflammation while you heal. Of course, now that our government have the ridiculous ban on OTC pain relief, you may need to see a GP to get a script for this. Our decision makers actually believe we whould put up with pain (or please see your doctor....)

So what should you have in your home dispensary BEFORE the flu season starts?

Get sunlight every day - take off your sunglasses and let the rays get in through your pupils

Hot baths - Epsom salts and ginger can undo a flu or bad cold in no time

Immune building herbal teas - ginger, echinacea, rosemary, lemon

Decongestant nasal spray (homœopathic)

Probiotics -powders, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kvass

Olive leaf tea or tincture - you can make it from your own live tree

Breathe-easy natural chest rub - not the petroleum based ones - go to your health shop

Herb-biotic - the choice is endless - health shops stock safe, effective blends to fight infection

Homœopathic remedies - for 'flu-like' symptoms and coughs/colds

Bicarb drink - get your pH right and nothing can touch you

Vitamin C powder - large doses will undo any cold or flu

I used to warn my patients in early autumn - that is when it used to happen. That was only just a relative few years ago that I noticed this phenomenon. Now, what used to happen for a short while, has now blown out to a full 4 month assault on the flu so starts at the end of summer.

What's the old motto? BE PREPARED.

Even if it hits your household, you can STILL safely and effectively care for flu without the need to poison your family or put them at risk. All it takes is a little effort.

So, what is it? Take care, or sit back and wait, just so you can join the mob mentality of suffering? Or trust a magical shot which has the side effects of paralysis and death clearly listed on their package insert?

YOU are your own doctor - or you should be. Imagine how empty waiting rooms would be if people actually got pro-active in their own family's health? Millions do, so why can't you? What about what you can do at home safely and effectively? What they now dismiss as old wives' tales? Forget that it worked for centuries and people thrived and survived using them?

What do ginger, mentholated rub, olive leaf extract and juice have in common? They all have the ability to prevent, stop and treat colds and flu.

Ever wonder why some never get as sick as you from the flu? Not because you have some genetic deformity or they are 'lucky' - so, are you going to sit back and play Russian roulette or are you going to actually do something to lower your chances of becoming gravely ill?

So, ginger added to hot baths or hot foot baths will actually loosen any tightness in the respiratory system. Adding it to lemon and honey drinks will do more than any lemsip formulation. Rather than rubbing mentholated rub (Vicks etc) on the chest, try rubbing a non petroleum alternative on the soles of feet, putting socks on and allow it to stop a cough in its tracks. Olive leaf tea is just one of many herb-biotics that will speed the removal and healing against the pathogens that cause the flu. And thanks to ridiculous rules set up by experts who have nothing to do with natural health, bottles will most likely say not to be used under the age of 12 - yet around the world, millions are doing just that - from birth!

There are infant formulas now - they contain echinacea, and respiratory-focused herbs and supplements that knock any flu on the head. I've personally used homeopathy for decades to build up immunity and remove the toxins and waste associated with flu.

At all cost, avoid dairy, sugar and gluten - these things are known mucosa irritants and cause acidosis so will increase mucous and phlegm which can make you feel like you are drowning or choking. Make home made fruit and vegetable juices - these are healing under any circumstances.

Medicinally, pain relief is often needed due to bone and joint aching and promethazine (phenergan) is great for reducing mucosa irritation (runny nose, etc).

And the myth that you must 'work through it' or work out harder is just that - a myth. Your body is in an acidic state, is suffering extreme inflammation - punishing it is the worst thing you can do and it simply prolongs suffering, while you freely spread your germs around with any unfortunate you are exposed to.

Stay home, stay warm, take all the measures to heal your body and you will be back in the land of the living faster than anyone who decides to take that shot - FYI - the flu shot covers a restricted number of possible pathogens, while there are thousands of strains of virus out there!

Talk about a needle in a haystack...

And if your doctor advises antibiotics, you might do better to find yourself another doctor. Antibiotics do not treat viruses - it's unbelievable in this century that many doctors still insist on this - despite the patient not even suffering certain secondary infection. On that note, if you hear that someone died of flu, you can bet they died of mismanaged secondary infection. Poor medical choices. Failure.

Don't leave it until it's too late. And don't inflict poisons into your body unnecessarily. The flu vaccine is yet to actually be proven to even work, let alone considering all the side effects involved...

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