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Mothers Afraid to Give Birth in Hospitals

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

When did medsin become such a power unto itself, able to dictate to governments, media and the public, to accept the suffering and even deaths of loved ones? When did it become okay to override international guidelines, dictates & laws, offering a loophole for doctors to take the power away from parents and their own bodies, in order to play sycophantic games to massage their own egos?

Third world nations, whose governments claim to be unable to afford food and clean water can afford armed guards who are forcing (at gunpoint) traumatised women to 'agree' to vaccinate their infants even if there is a history of illness or even allergy to the vaccines. Deaths will be put down to myriad regular causes rather than the murderous programs in place.

While nations like Japan are questioning the use of many vaccines today, countries such as the USA and Australia, whose governments ride on the funding of pharmaceutical giants, while government leaders are some of the major investors in pharmaceutical companies - in turn, encouragement of the acceptance of even the most toxic of pharmaceuticals results in a massive return of each investor. In Australia alone, our current PM's wife is a major investor in pharmaceuticals while the PM himself is a heavy investor in tobacco - a very slick operation, even if more than a little conflict of interest.

In turn again, pharmaceutical giants seem to be immune to having to pay tax. And despite this being well known no one is interested or powerful enough to do anything about this little palm greasing exercise. But what does it have to do with the bodies of pregnant women and unborn foetuses?

Women are now going bush to give birth. They are not registering births. They are choosing poverty and suffering over agreeing to poison their newborns. Now that pregnant women are being guilted all the way through pregnancy to vaccinate, few women are able to avoid playing Russian roulette with their baby.

Rather than take responsibility for what they are doing, media & government are targeting such women as somehow being at fault. How desperate must someone be to do this, knowing possible risks? How dangerous must vaccines be, in comparison? How long until it becomes a case of legally kidnapping these babies? How long until vaccines are done by force?

It is already happening with cancer, epilepsy and other treatments for illness linked to vaccine injury, as children are being used as guinea pigs for egotistical doctors who feign to carry the Hippocratic Oath to the nth degree - despite doctors no longer even having to take the oath. Forced vaccination and chemotherapy under the guise of life saving medicine; these innocents chosen at random to show the nation who is boss.

Parents of unvaccinated, vitally healthy children, are already being raided with trumped up charges. ANYTHING to take the child away from the parent who has the brain capacity and courage to actually learn the truth in the vaccine industry story.

How far does this modern day population control have to go before some common sense prevails? The public fear being planted by media (who are heavily invested in pharmaceutical interests, with pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, funeral services, life insurance and good doctor type advertisements now clogging every advert break on Australian TVs at least) is no doubt overseen by Murdoch and his cronies.

But why would women take such a risk? Every day in hospitals across Australia & USA, babies are being vaccinated against their parents' wish. Even when objection forms are signed; the usual bullying and ostracisation has failed, babies are still taken & vaccinated under the guise of being bathed or assessed. Social media is swamped with personal stories of parents who have been forced to accept the vaccination of their children. Stories of subsequent vaccine injury - often turned around by medical experts - denied and blamed on anything other than the truth. If women cannot safely leave their babies with the nurses at least, the very people who should know better, who can they leave them with?

Yes, it does sound like a conspiracy theory. The sad thing is, it's so scary, but so obvious, that it takes a special kind of mass dumbing-down which has resulted in 9/10 simply being unable to see what is clearly in front of their faces. I guess though, in a world that deems it okay to inject aborted foetal cell lines into living babies, what is the life of one or two more infants? Will these newborns who do not live past their first shots soon be deemed foetus status as well?

The mere fact that these same pharmaceutical/government staff now include well paid experts whose role is to confuse the truth, to mislead the public - to get a sale - should be warning enough that like any business, it is not about the health of that pregnant woman, or the unborn child. It is about control - and the almighty dollar.

Who do you think will be blamed for all of this?

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