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The Truth (So Help Me God)

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It's not that doctors don't know the truth - they are not ALLOWED to know it. To do so marks the end of their career - and for many of late, their very lives. As a former nurse, researcher, writer and natural health practitioner, my dealings with this basic fact went far deeper than most medical experts could claim - personally and professionally.

This post was triggered by an episode of one of my favourite TV series - Bramwell..

If you get to read the original history of inoculation, it soon becomes more evident that it was a political stunt and little to do with results. The UK show Bramwell - episode 3.9 - dealt with this very thing.

It was validating but also frustrating that this has been known for so long - yet even our most 'learned' experts are too dense (or well paid) to understand or work out for themselves. This is well worth the watch - as in really worth it. If you link it to the heartbreaking Raggedy-Ann story in the same era, it's a stark in-yo-face dose of reality!

Most of all, Bramwell is one of the BIGGEST anti-establishment, non-conformist TV shows ever - fighting racism, sexism, pædophilia, slavery, child slavery, workplace conditions, poverty - and spat in the face of governments and gentry of the time. Exactly what truth seekers need in our corner.

This particular episode showed right from the start, most intellects were staunchly opposed to innoculation, as the world's largest

pharmaceutical industry began its life. Money and politics won the day, not improved health; sanitation was the number one factor in our health 'change' - and improved diet - but don't let those little unimportant factors sway a trillion dollar industry...

View full episode here

Download it if you can - so far every site it has been saved to has had it removed.

So, what is the story behind Raggedy-Ann I hear you say... As with modern day disease such as ebola and HIV; with more opposition from the experience, research and educated corner than support, it's still money and politics winning the day. Life; the very thing they are meant to be defending in accordance with the Hippocratic oath, is expendable. A eugenic society; far from a conspiracy theory, is alive, well and very successful. Your child's life means little to that noble lab-coated science boffin who is comfortable enough to take advantage of the distance between the petrie dish and syringe; and even less to the fat-cat pharma reps. Doctors, nurses and untrained reps make brilliant puppets.

Read true Rageddy Ann story and covered-up smallpox vaccine disaster here

So by now you are asking - 'where is the hard core scientific proof?' Believe it or not; there is possibly more scientific proof in existence than that which supposedly proves otherwise. Clever theories and ideas are recycled to good effect to con the masses that new discoveries are being made constantly. There are more legal experts with cold hard knowledge of what goes on out of the media glare. The only difference? One has money; the other goes begging. YOU are the only one who has a say over your body, not that hard-nose behind the desk denying dangers despite even vaccine package inserts clearly stating them.

And in 2016, De Niro et al were in hot water for daring to share the movie Vaxxed. But this time, they have the attention of the world. I for one think that could be a good thing. The attention is already having a better effect than enforced vaccination antics of late.

The truth seeker is often asked to prove it. While the masses continue to just spew forth regurgitated, well crafted pearls of wisdom such as correlation does not equal causation, or remember polio. Provide a sound rebuttal and you will be abused and dismissed, while they walk away without even considering that they are yet to provide any proof of their beliefs. Thankfully today there is a plethora of proof:

Please consider copying and pasting any of the articles that interest you, as many have been removed from the internet since this article was first published in 2016. I would need an entire blog to list all the studies and stories. Please use this to begin your search and log the proof of what will hopefully become your stand and your child's life.

If you know someone who is already vaccine injured, please see my other posts - especially on vaccine case studies, chronic illness and CFS.

Further research is readily available via the links (some will need to be copied and pasted); make sure you save them and keep searching -

Nurses against ALL vaccines

World leading authority

(please consider homoeopathic immunisation).

And what of that little R word - RIGHTS ???

Most doctors will not officially file your report of vaccine injury - hence the 1 in a million catch cry from any health professional who does not

care enough about your child's health (which we were taught as student nurses to quote, despite never being offered anything to back that up). Behind the scenes (not officially reported) stats sit at less than 1 in 100. Then comes the usual, 'Oh but they are just minor cases' yet those official reports only record minor cases.

All the SIDS, SBS cases and so forth do not go on record. And rather than listen to the conscience that was consumed prior to the fat GP paycheques, they dismiss any fearful parent's questions with, 'there are no definitive studies that prove it is caused by vaccine' - what, even if 5 seconds before that shot, you said it was the healthiest baby you had seen? Even if in doubt, why push something SO risky, so capable of taking health, and life; why not at least investigate instead of turning your back?

Well, YOU can report - don't leave it up to your doctor. Take the forms in; demand they are signed or you will contact current affairs and news shows. You will sue personally for negligence; did your doctor advise of the actual ingredients? Aborted human fœtus, questionable chemicals, known allergens? Will they sign THIS form that advises you 100% that your child will not be damaged, in the event of said damage, your doctor will agree to be 100% liable?

No doctor will sign this. Try it; please let me know if your doctor signs. I am yet to hear of a single signature.

And what of the official vaccine report of your child's injury, did you ask your doctor for proof that it was done? Chances are it was not; ask them to sign this as proof your child was injured.

And then we come to what YOU can do. This page has relevant links; make an official report. Let's get those stats on a more even playing field before it's too late.

How to report adverse events in Australia. Each country has a similar reporting service, albeit under-used globally. We once had a vaccine injury court in Australia. It is no longer in existence.

The sad truth is, our government, media and online sources are removing more and more content - making it impossible to share. Feel free to share your vaccine injury stories below.

Sources -

National Vaccine Information Center - www.NVIC.ORG

VASA - Vaccine Awareness South Africa

NOTE: If the Bramwell series link does not work, search online for Bramwell, Series 3, episode 9. It is removed on a regular basis - the show was controversial after all and stakeholders don't like to be shown up.

Previous CHALLENGES put to the Australian government by putting a spotlight on their illegal activity were ignored; why? After all, it goes against their own rules in our Constitution and the UNESCO guidelines of human rights. This is not some rabid angry little group. This is a large, ever-growing movement which has existed since the beginning of this frankenscience industry began.

The truth is you cannot argue. You are not allowed to. So please just share this page and leave them to read (or not).

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