The Cause of Modern Childhood Disease

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

If you have read my other posts you will already be familiar with dietary and environmental causes of disease. Today, children are being born sick. And if they are not born sick, they are developing sickness within days or weeks of birth. This has never happened at such a rate in history.

What if we are actually causing disease in our children?

It would take a book sized piece to go through all the causes, so humour me while I share the first few known, recorded, and ignored causes in full view of the world, yet largely invisible. Let's take poor prenatal diet out of the equation, along with all the other bad habits and toxins the mother has no chance of protecting her developing baby from. Let's take out delayed cord clamping; something that should be done but is rarely done.

These alone can and do kill every single day.

How did your baby develop eczema, or asthma? Why do they get cold after cold, stomach upsets, ear-nose-throat problems? Why do they vomit or scream or sleep poorly? Why are they showing behavioural issues? Why do they have that squint, or swollen glands? Or that odd-shaped head that your doctor said they would grow out of? Contrary to what you are told, these are not normal childhood issues. They are imposed.

But for argument sake, let's say the mother has eaten an organic, plant based diet the entirety of the pregnancy, has a natural birth and cord clamping is delayed. Let's say she did not agree to take part in the sick trial of vaccinating pregnant women. Let's even pretend the baby has not been rushed off to be washed with unnecessary chemicals so that the natural protection of the vernix is removed. What now?

So your baby arrived safely

Vitamin K is a medical must have as soon as baby arrives (apparently, even though natural clotting factors kick in within hours and very few babies ever suffer bleeding issues). Jaundice is instant; it means the liver is struggling or even damaged. 'But don't worry, we have medicines for that.'

Most parents are overjoyed that their babies are safe. So a little orange/yellow tinge is nothing to worry about? The doctor said the initial heartbeat anomaly has corrected itself and the little blue line around the mouth is gone. All good. Can't possibly be a sign of long term damage. And so long as all visitors have had their whooping cough vaccine it should be okay, right?

Hepatitis B

- is a viral infection that attacks the liver. It is spread through body fluids of someone already infected; usually as a sexually transmitted disease. Apparently, your baby needs this vaccine at birth because, you know... And here, it gets really interesting. If your baby survives, I am sure there are treatments for the unexpected asthma, auto immune issues, 'rotavirus' (new name, same problem, that seems to be on the rise), eczema, juvenile arthritis, swollen head, meningitis, shingles, cardiac issues, ear-nose-throat issues (aww you can have grommets!), MS (but they will give it another name until he/she is old enough), visual issues (oh, squeal, how cute will they look with glasses?), eye infections and seizures.

So the first few months have flown by in a blur of crying and paediatrician visits. By now, you will well and truly believe all these issues are normal for newborns and will have been well primed on how to deal with such things, who you need to visit and may even be dependent upon your paediatrician. And we arrive at the next 'well baby' visit. So you are already familiar with the Hep B concerns and you may even believe that because your baby survived the first lot of needles, it will be smooth sailing. Now we get to the 2month injections. Try and connect the dots.