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Diabetes Treatment at Home

Updated: Feb 12, 2023


The word that spikes fear in the heart of any adult. And many children. It's just one of the relatively more modern diseases that have people living a terrifying waiting game - and rightfully so. Around 1 in 10 people now suffer diabetes in some form and the numbers are rising every year.

There is an increasing number of types of diabetes but the most common kind are Type I and Type II - meaning you are born with diabetes (or develop it immediately after birth - usually linked to pharmaceutical side effects which include endocrine, pancreatic and other digestive damage) or you develop it through lifestyle, environment, infection or genetic predisposition (1).

There is an alarming number of rare type cases appearing; mostly after certain medical treatments, however the cause is supposedly still not known. What if I told you that your hormones have more to do with especially Type II diabetes than random chance?

There is no doubt that most Type I cases have their onset soon after multiple vaccines (2). Or in cases where the mother was vaccinated during pregnancy or immediately prior to falling pregnant . This also includes gestational diabetes - usually diet related to or thanks to vaccine injury (3). There is also no shortage of studies and medication side effect warnings linking previously relatively healthy individuals with pancreatic injury - ie type 2 diabetes.

Research linking Type I diabetes to vaccine injury

"In 1992, 180 European doctors jointly noted that the mumps vaccine “can trigger diabetes which only becomes apparent months after vaccination."

(4) Albionico et al, JAM 192;9(1)

Type II cases have their onset after many years of warnings - usually after years of poor or simply incorrect eating habits -

  • Increased thirst

  • Increased hunger (especially after eating)

  • Dry mouth

  • Frequent urination

  • Unexplained weightloss (even though you are eating and feel hungry)

  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)

  • Blurred vision

  • Headaches

  • Loss of consciousness (rare)

Unfortunately the longer one lives with Type I the more difficult it is to treat, but not always impossible. If you are affected by Type I, I recommend including a visit to a homœopath, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist in your treatment path to determine if they have any protocols which may help turn your life and health around. Sadly most medical experts will dismiss these protocols out of sheer ignorance rather than give their patient hope. (6) (7) (8)

But this is not a lesson in what diabetes actually is. It's also not a research paper. I simply want to share what I have found clinically and personally in research - and what I have seen turn diabetes around.

  • Firstly, all attempts at dealing with all forms of diabetes diet MUST be the most important, number one step. Dr Robert Young has written the definitive work on diet based treatment and you can either read here or buy his book here

Movement - this is vital. Many suffering Type II live sedentary lives, even if they go to work. Life often revolves around eating and allowing blood to pool in the limbs. If you are unable to move (paralysis, surgery, etc) ensure you have physiotherapy, hydrotherapy (including swimming and spa), massage etc - anything to keep your blood and nerves healthy.

  • Remove toxic chemicals from your household - this includes cleaning, personal care, dental care, cosmetics and hair care. Watch more on the facts on this short video - and find pure, vegan, ethical and non toxic options here (be sure to search for clearance and specials).

  • Supplements - there are many available, which most people have no idea about -

  1. Balancing hormones - this is vital as the endocrine system is inextricably involved - whether male or female, teen or adult, you need to use this cream - 21 days out of the month if you are a female or every day if you are a male (for children use only as needed until symptoms are past, also good for emotional teens) - order here

  2. Colloidal minerals and chelation - take plant based superfoods to clean up and repair at a cellular level order here - the chromium and vanadium content especially have positive effects on diabetes

  3. Balance blood sugar - order here

  4. Homeopathic pancreatic tonic - order here

  5. Homeopathic detox - order here (if you have any implants, order without silicea)

There is so much involved in diabetic decline, yet if the individual is pro active, these issues can often be avoided. Make no mistake, it is an industry rather than a health program or service. And it all depends on people staying diabetic. I understand enough fear has been planted, but there is always an alternative, always hope.

More on the diabetes lie here by a team of doctors

References (click on links) :

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