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When Medicine Offers No Hope.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

"Sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you."

"Maybe not YOU, but what if someone else had the answers?"

"No one will. Charlatans may say they can help you but they can't."

Ask any person their views on alternative medicine. Go ahead.

9/10 will say "I don't believe in it. They are all quacks. No alternative medicine has ever been proven. No alternative medicine has ever cured anything, it's fact. My doctor told me. They said so on TV."

Yet the other 1/10 will say "I never get sick because my naturopath/chiropractor/acupuncturist/homeopath helps me with everything."

I don't believe in poverty, or cruelty, or meat eating or war. Yet they all not only exist, but thrive; and make many people lots of money. Belief is not the meter of the existence of something or other.

The most astounding aspect of alternative health (which I was informed of very officially recently, is actually the term used to describe anything that doesn't work) is that MOST successful natural therapy cases are the ones discarded by the medical system. In fact I was once approached by a doctor to deal with his 'difficult' patients. I asked what he meant & he said it was the ones he couldn't be bothered with, that were malingerers, hypochondriacs & bludgers.

He even named a few; we lived in a small town so none of them were strangers to me. I am sure that today if I told them what this god-doctor had said, they would still not believe me. I accepted of course but made the mistake of suggesting that perhaps they were difficult because medicine had no answers. The following week he took out a full page in our local rag, advising the town to not frequent my clinic, that he would not be responsible if things went wrong, and that I was not a qualified medical practitioner. The fact his stupidity had the opposite effect of his intentions made no difference; but it did reinforce very early in my second career just what I was in for. And I soon learned to never refuse a case; the most difficult, be they chronic, obscure or even terminal, these were the cases that shone, and continue to shine.

Imagine the scene, I dare you.

Whether one believes or not isn't even an issue. Belief is not what cures cancer when medicine has no answers. Or allowed the patient to be taken off the transplant list. Whether one believes or not wont make one ounce of difference to the billions around the world who are vitally healthy because they never use modern medicine except for fractures, occasionally childbirth, or severe accidents.

Modern medicine is still one of the least-CHOSEN medicines in the world (the world is not just the USA, UK, Australia and EU) even though the WHO and UNICEF inflict it upon even the most innocent.... And that is not to say that the medical establishment does not force itself upon the population.

Not by circumstance but by choice. It's just that pharmaceutical companies, universities and media are linked by more than nepotism. Money talks - loudly. Quacks, charlatans and witchdoctors; all terms coined by a jealous, growing medical system. Traditionally, women were healers and it was common practice for even a child to identify which herb or mineral could help them that day.

Then medicine became male dominated; wealthy, corrupt men began their boys' clubs, and even midwifery was labeled as witchcraft. Herbalists were reputed to sell snake oil and various poisons, only called as such because doctors did not understand and had no intention of understanding. It is easier to condemn and deride if you do not want to understand. Originally, only the wealthy could access modern medicine; if you were poor and had no access to traditional medicines (finances, geography, etc) too bad. Eventually with the world wars, manpower was needed on the battle field. Well it wasn't, but once again male dominated warfare meant the public were pawns. And anyone who did not agree was labelled cowards and even shot for that crime. So medicines began to be synthesized in laboratories, less manpower needed after all.

Traditional herbs and other concoctions that doctors were still using, were soon easily synthesised in laboratories. Manpower was no longer needed. More money, less effort. Those medicines that could not bring a huge income became illicit. Drug companies popped up all over the western world and all of a sudden the money machine grew into a monster. One can only imagine...well, we can't really, simply because the fallout is immeasurable; of the banning of simple herbs such as opium and cannabis, and the resulting pharmaceuticals invented to take care of the same ailments that 'self medicating' once took care of. How many suicides, how many side effects and even new diseases? How many deaths? All the while, decrying the very things they try, poorly, to emulate. A huge portion of modern medicine is simply synthesised natural medicine; so long as it comes from your doctor, it's okay. But if recommended by a naturopath, you don't believe it.

Why? Because if you ask your doctor he/she will say they don't believe in it. No explanation other than a wave of the hand and the comment, "Studies show..." Such is the power of the god-doctor. It doesn't make the medicines automatically stop working, you just choose to not believe it so either use it for one dose and expect a miracle, or avoid it altogether - therefore it doesn't work...

And what if you are told that modern medicine has nothing more for you? What if you are given 6 months? Most people will accept that and lay down and die. Many of that group will be poked, cut, prodded, drugged and assaulted in the faint hope that a miracle will happen. And if someone tells you they were cured of the same thing by naturopathy or any other alternative modality, you will still say, "But I don't believe in it." And your god-doctor will say, "Misdiagnosis" or as in one of my own cases, "So where is this wonderful miracle worker snake-oil merchant? I told you that patient was going to die and she will." Even if by force.

3) More research into alternative medicine is conducted - every single day, than modern medicine. But the purposes are very varied. Many companies set out to disprove alternatives. When they don't, the research is shelved as unsuccessful - reported and on record as ineffective when in reality it's the hoped-for result that failed, not the medicine or therapy. Other trials are set up to fail. You just cannot put a medicine into a test tube or into a lab animal and expect it to cure something. A few cells in a glass tube are nothing like the body as a whole, interdependent upon every other system.

To be considered effective to get approval a drug only has to be 2 - 35% effective (that includes trial case subjects who die from side effects). For a naturopathic medicine to be effective it must reach 50%+ efficacy - meaning even the weakest poorest quality test preparations must work. As with the new cannabis push, what good is a natural medicine which works in its purest, natural form, if grown in sterile, sub standard laboratory conditions? Alternative medicine has millions of proven results; they rarely make it into the Lancet because it is not a pharmaceutical preparation. But all that is changing as big pharma buys up manufacturing companies after cleverly orchestrated public disgrace and collapse. The eventual research only serves to prove what we have been saying all along. And as with drug research, it is in-house research that offers the best results (ie skewed results).

4) Doctors are usually not trained in alternative medicine, (and those who do are dying at a rapid rate from mysterious self inflicted means). For a doctor to say 'it doesn't work' is akin to a teacher saying homeschooling doesn't 'work'. They do not know all there is to know. I have had doctors, unaware of who I am, telling me that certain supplements treat such-&-such, "But you didn't hear it from me. There is some good research out there now so you may want to try it," and even more will say, "It's been proven once & for all that no alternative medicine has ever worked." No back up, no proof but that god-like authority is usually enough.

What if your doctor said to you that you have months to live and there is 'nothing we can do'?

Back to the purpose of this article. Do you try every dangerous drug or surgery in the bare hope that a miracle happens? Or do you do what millions are doing every year in frustration, by seeking natural alternatives? Little of it makes headlines apart from the rare story that makes a best seller, but it is estimated that over 80% of the population will use alternatives (even in secret so as not to offend their doctor).

Over 30% of the population all over the world have become self-researchers, courtesy of Google and myriad self help books flooding the market in desperation. The joke there is that doctors slam 'Dr Google' yet overlook that most medical consults today involve just that. Medical students today use Dr Google as the internet replaces textbooks. So much for it being a thing to avoid.

Alternative medicine is frowned upon as being self-regulated. So what does that make medicine? Self regulated - but it's backed by media and big pharma (cha-ching), so that's okay?

Homoeopathy is laughed at & labeled as a placebo medicine at best because a) it has zero ability to cause harm & b) doctors don't understand it & researchers have been unable to work out how or why it works.

Diet is dismissed by doctors because they are not trained in it.

Supplementation is regarded as unnecessary, how can that be? Our soils have been found to be deficient in dozens of micro nutrients; if even one is lacking, we have a chain of events in our bodies that are catastrophic. Yet improved diet and supplementation wont change that? Why do we eat then?

I am not alone as a practitioner who has seen true miracles every single day. Just as praying for healing is ridiculed despite constant and ongoing miracles that cannot be proven in a test tube or billion dollar Hadron collider, we alternative experts are banned from claiming we can cure disease when we do so every single day. The introduction of evidence-based medicine was constructed with a set goal in mind; including the ability to pull down natural therapies.

'They have not been used in hospitals so therefore they do not work' until the media speaks out & the public is told they do. One-by-one we are being discredited/struck off, even our own registering bodies are cutting us free to avoid bad publicity. Ultimately, our governmental controlling factor is run by a medical group; who in turn are not trained in any of our modalities. Imagine if a pharmacy was run by an accountant. Or your doctor announced he was going to tune your engine....

So, what terminal and chronic disease has my own work helped to a cure? Not just a few years' grace or a removal of symptoms that eventuate into something deemed unrelated, but real cures and return (or even achieved for the first time) to perfect health.

Cancers (many different types, regardless of fancy names)


HIV (much more to this story)



Rhesus negative factor in unborn child




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Organ failure


High cholesterol

Heart disease

Congenital heart defect (hole-in-the-heart)

Suicidal depression

Brittle bones

Placenta praevia



This is just a fraction of what I have witnessed cured without modern medicine, expensive testing or surgical intervention. The integration of medicine in each case extended only to rare blood tests and x-rays, analgesia and occasional urgent medication (for immediate relief/maintenance) until the patient presented as free from the health issue. And yet people will still say they don't believe in it. Even if it is a choice between life and death.

During my time as a practitioner, we have lost our ability to provide sick notes, conscientious objection forms for Franken-science blanket medication, even insurance provider numbers. It's only public pressure that is going to change that. If not, then expect things to get worse than they already are.

So please, do not ask your natural health professional, 'What do you treat?' or, 'What do you do?' Just ask them to help you - your WHOLE body - and trust them to do their job and get your whole body healthy.

Today, with the miracle of the internet, many of us offer online consultations. The interesting thing is, natural health professionals began to do this from the earliest days of dial up internet. And it was banned with subsequent negative media fanfare. A massive medical association and media warning against ever taking online or phone health advice. And like pharma drugs made from herbs, once the industry managed to control it, eHealth medicine became the way of the future. 'Please see your doctor' took on a whole new meaning.

The good news is that natural health professionals can now help you, regardless of where in the world either of you are. That means no waiting room queues, no sitting in a packed waiting room or ER breathing in everyone else's ailments. And if you feel too unwell to wait all day for the privilege of seeing your doctor (especially so in cases of CFS or other auto immune illnesses; many of you have been there) this is an invaluable service which allows your practitioner to gather more information than any short regular face-to-face consultation.

As my mentor once said to me, 'Just try it. Give it a week (for acute issues) or a few months (chronic or terminal issues) and just see. You have nothing to lose."

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