Professional Wellbeing Advice: When Medicine Offers No Hope.

Updated: May 18, 2020

"Sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you."

"Maybe not YOU, but what if someone else had the answers?"

"No one will. Charlatans may say they can help you but they can't."

Ask any person if they believe in alternative medicine. Go ahead.

9/10 will say "I don't believe in it. They are all quacks. No alternative medicine has ever been proven. No alternative medicine has ever cured anything, it's fact. My doctor told me. They said so on TV."

Yet the other 1/10 will say "I never get sick because my naturopath/chiropractor/acupuncturist/homeopath helps me with everything."

I don't believe in poverty, or cruelty, or meat eating or war. Yet they all not only exist, but thrive; and make many people lots of money.

The most astounding aspect of natural or alternative health (which I was informed of very officially recently, is actually the term used to describe anything that doesn't work) is that MOST successful natural therapy cases are the ones discarded by the medical system. In fact I was once approached by a doctor to deal with his 'difficult' patients. I asked what he meant, and he said it was the ones he couldn't be bothered with, that were malingerers, hypochondriacs and bludgers.

He even named a few; we lived in a small town so none of them were strangers to me. I am sure that today if I told them what this god-doctor had said, they would still not believe me. I accepted of course but made the mistake of suggesting that perhaps they were difficult because medicine had no answers. The following week he took out a full page in our local rag, advising the town to not frequent my clinic, that he would not be responsible if things went wrong, and that I was not a qualified medical practitioner. The fact his stupidity had the opposite effect of his intentions made no difference; but it did reinforce very early in my second career just what I was in for. And I soon learned to never refuse a case; the most difficult, be they chronic, obscure or even terminal, these were the cases that shone, and continue to shine.

Imagine the scene, I dare you.

Whether one believes or not isn't even an issue. Belief is not what makes that astragalus remove the symptoms caused by a 'virus'. Belief is not what cured that cancer when medicine had no answers. And whether one believes or not, wont make one ounce of difference to the fact billions around the world are healthy because they never use modern medicine except for fractures or severe accidents.

Or that modern medicine is still one of the least used medicines in the world (the world is not just the USA, UK, Australia and EU) even though the WHO and UNICEF inflict it upon even the most innocent....

Not by circumstance but by choice. It's just that pharmaceutical companies, universities and media are linked by more than nepotism. Money talks - loudly.

Quacks, charlatans and witchdoctors; all terms coined by a jealous, growing medical system. Traditionally, women were healers and it was common practice for even a child to identify which herb or mineral could help them that day. Then medicine became male dominated; wealthy, corrupt men began their boys' clubs, and even midwifery was labeled as witchcraft. Herbalists were reputed to sell snake oil and various poisons, only called as such because doctors did not understand and had no intention of understanding. It is easier to condemn and deride if you do not want to understand. Originally, only the wealthy could access modern medicine; if you were poor and had no access to traditional medicines (finances, geography, etc) too bad. Eventually with the world wars, manpower was needed on the battle field. Well it wasn't, but once again male dominated warfare meant the public were pawns. And anyone who did not agree was labelled cowards and even shot for that crime. So medicines began to be synthesized in laboratories, less manpower needed after all.

Traditional herbs and other concoctions that doctors were still using, were soon easily synthesised in laboratories. Manpower was no longer needed. More money, less effort. Those medicines that could not bring a huge income became illicit. Drug companies popped up all over the western world and all of a sudden the money machine grew into a monster. One can only imagine...well, we can't really, simply because the fallout is immeasurable; of the banning of simple herbs such as opium and cannabis, and the resulting pharmaceuticals invented to take care of the same ailments that 'self medicating' once took care of. How many suicides, how many side effects and even new diseases? How many deaths? All the while, decrying the very things they try, poorly, to emulate. A huge portion of modern medicine is simply synthesised natural medicine; so long as it comes from your doctor, it's okay. But if recommended by a naturopath, you don't believe it.

Why? Because if you ask your doctor he/she will say they don't believe in it. No explanation other than a wave of the hand and the comment, "Studies show..." Such is the power of the god-doctor. It doesn't make the medicines automatically stop working, you just choose to not believe it so either use it