Healthy Living: the Glyphosate Killers

Updated: May 18, 2020

Not one of us remains unaffected thanks to this insidious toxin. For me, this is personal. Well, if we are honest, this is personal for us all. If we actually take a second to examine the facts; the truth has been hidden for decades, deliberately. This post has been a long time coming. From the 90s when we natural health advocates were lampooned for daring to try to tell the truth :

  • That glyphosate is NOT a simple salt solution.

  • That it is linked to not just cancer but myriad other diseases.

  • That by default it is in waterways, soil, food, air and medicines.

  • That it is up there with agent orange, smoking and DDT, linked to maiming and deaths from the start.

  • And it was known. It was not an innocent mistake. It was only ever about money and control.

We have been called quacks, loons, psychopaths and liars. And they are the nice names. While the government, media and so-called health experts slumbered, whistleblowers and affected individuals formed giant groups such as March Against Monsanto, screaming against the wind. All the while, our food was being altered, sprayed and even 'ripened early' (aka desiccated) and our very seeds were being snapped up by the same company responsible, so that they could create Frankenstein's own foods. Croptopping causes seed to become infertile; and no one thought to consider what it might do to the animals and consumers. In fact, the general plan to make seeds 'round up ready' while making seed storage by gardeners illegal unless it is Monsanto approved, has done much to destroy food as we know it. So much of this cannot be undone, thanks to hand sitting and apathy.

But who is to blame?

I challenge you, the reader, to study the following list and see who remains unscathed. Back in the early 90s natural health experts made vain attempts to prove the link to :

So-called ADHD and various behavioural problems

Neural birth defects (blamed on the magical lack of a synthetic 'vitamin' - research which has provided much funding for the usual over-celebrated researchers


Autism (the vaccine link falls heavily into this category, see below)

Birth defects including imperforate anus, growth hormone deficiency, heart defect, micro penis

Cancer including brain cancers, breast cancer, prostate, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and lung

Kidney disease

Colitis and associated GI 'auto immune' disorders such as Crohn's, IBS, IBD, leaky gut and Coeliac



Heart disease and heart failure including sudden failure after exposure

Hypothyroidism including chronic weight issues and morbid obesity

Liver disease

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

MS (that's right, multiple sclerosis, the one they say there is no known cause)

Parkinson's Disease

Pregnancy problems, still birth, miscarriage and infertility

Respiratory diseases including asthma, mesothelioma, COPD and emphysema

Don't drink the water

We are told tap water is amongst the cleanest water in the world. That is an outright lie. Among other added filth, glyphosate has an accepted level in our drinking water. 1mg per litre. Glyphosate is almost impossible - at the very least extremely difficult - to remove from our body tissue. This means it builds up as we consume more of it. There is NO safe level of glyphosate to date. Over time, every single one of us who drinks water and eats food (all of us) builds up glyphosate in our tissues.