Part B: What to do INSTEAD of vaccination.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Disclaimer: The following are not merely claims. It is a summary of safe, effective treatments which have successfully been used to prevent and treat the illnesses for which billions of people are now being poisoned. It is illegal to state the obvious and sadly it has become easier to rush off and agree to this madness than just take the time to research. The work has been done for you - there is no reason to take the risk any more.

Bear in mind, with exposure to, or early onset (within 24 hours of first symptoms) homeopathic Aconite can and does stop most inflammatory and infectious diseases in their tracks. This should always be the first measure taken before other treatment choices - of course along with healthy lifestyle choices.

All disease annotated with a ⊗ symbol marks it as a non-contagious issue. This is a very important point, considering much of the vaccine promotional propaganda has the world believing if we do not vaccinate, we are responsible for others becoming ill. Please also bear in mind that all vaccines have severe side effects - including symptom sets matching other diseases like meningitis, measles and influenza - the very illnesses the media and medical fraternity advises you they are trying to prevent.

Chicken pox: an itchy infection which used to be part of childhood. If managed well, lifelong immunity results. If poorly managed, and now thanks to vaccines, shingles can appear and plague sufferers for life.

CHICKEN POX (varicella) - and SHINGLES -

Homeoprophylaxis: Varicella zoster nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Rhus Tox, Ledum, Belladonna, Sulphuris.

Topical : Vitamin A cream. Aloe vera gel. Bicarb/baking soda/oatmeal/Epsom salts spongebaths or paste applications of same. Brown vinegar/Apple cider vinegar swabbing.

Supplements : Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) powder - mega dosage according to age/size. Teatree oil/lavender oil applications.

Herbal : echinacea tincture or capsules. Fresh ginger beer.

Sunlight and fresh air.

Diphtheria: if managed well, should be no worse than a bad case of tonsillitis. Poor diet, acidic system and dirty water are often implicated in stubborn cases.


Homeoprophylaxis: Diphtherinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Mercurius, Lycopodium, Arsenicum album.

Herbal : garlic, echinacea, olive leaf, turmeric.

Salt, colloidal silver or thyme gargle.

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) large doses according to age/size.

Fresh pineapple and lemon juice.

Rubella: most cases pass without issue and without even realising. Often dismissed as heat rash.


Homeoprophylaxis: Rubella nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Gelsemium.

Herbal skin/topical treatments as for chicken pox (see above)

Herbal : astragalus, echinacea, turmeric, licorice.


The liver is an astounding organ, capable of regrowing in its entirety from a small piece of remaining tissue.
  • Hepatitis is an adult disease, therefore vaccinating children is a waste of time and money - and causes undue and often irreversible damage. For hepatic (liver) symptoms please seek professional advice. Again, natural health professionals are qualified to assist, even in chronic and advanced cases.

Homeopathic : Hep A nosode. Hep B nosode. Nux vomica, Chelidonium, Thuja, Carduus marianus, Lycopodium, Belladonna, Myrica, Bryonia, Podophyllum, Arsenicum.

As all forms of hepatitis are various inflammations of the liver and can be caused by numerous pathogens and triggers, treatment choice is never as easy as a jab or one remedy. Lifestyle choice is central - dietary adjustments, detoxing and careful remedy choice is necessary.