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Natural Shingles Care

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Shingles. The word alone sends people across the globe into an unnatural but understandable fear frenzy. I don't know why. Well, actually I do. It is simply so mismanaged that for too long, too many have suffered. This synthetic new epidemic is so cleverly manipulated by the media anyone who is yet to turn on a computer could be forgiven for not seeing what is actually going on.

Surprisingly, the worst cases I saw were during my nursing days in the 1980s. We nurses were almost conditioned to treat cases as a mix between cancer and psychiatric health. Darkened rooms, morphine, lotions and potions and lots of finger pointing as to the cause.

Talk to any expert and I am yet to meet two who agree just what and why shingles exists. Some say it happens when you don't get chicken pox but are exposed to it later on. Others say it's because the illness wasn't allowed to run its course. Others still say it's because you got chicken pox and it lives on your nervous system. And some say it's triggered only in highly nervous/excitable people by the dormant virus lurking at the base of your spine; ie, a psychiatric or even psychosomatic health issue.

Expect shingles to increase more in the coming years, as people are now being vaccinated for chicken pox, and to cover up the side effects (including shingles) the new shingles vaccine being offered to older people will ensure an increase in neurological damage.

Within natural therapies and integrative health we combine research, results and fact. And the fact is, when someone presents to me with shingles I don't ask if they've had chicken pox, whether they've been vaccinated, if they are highly strung or anything else for that matter. You treat shingles, like anything else; both symptomatically and wholistically.

And contrary to what experts say, you can eradicate it - permanently.

Treatment is quite simple. That is not to dismiss the severity of the illness because it is unbearably severe, especially when it comes on in people already suffering illnesses such as cancer, TB or any other symptom set that is causing pain and illness enough already.

But treatment IS simple. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - and 4.

1. Supplementation - I do not care how healthy your diet is purported to be; our soils, water and air are not; and therefore, at some stage (I would say EVERY stage) we need wholefood-sourced supplementation. I have my own preferred super tonics which are discussed in other threads on this blog; and along with relieving shingles they will address every deficiency that could be affecting your body. Extra LYSINE and ZINC is always advisable, just for the duration of the shingles; both of these nutrients have proven to be deficient in shingle sufferers and make all the world of difference, both within the skin and nervous system/pain.

Fucoidan is an anti-inflammatory par excellence. It soothes the nerves but more importantly, removes pain. Taking fucoidan as an everyday anti-inflammatory devoid of all the symptoms attached to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories is one of the best things you can do to eradicate pain in the body, of any kind.

2. Topical applications - my favourite is Hypericum the herb. It is one of the great nervous tonics and if administered topically, it does not carry restrictions that St John's Wort usually carries when taken orally. (Note - when you are warned against St John's Wort you are done a disservice. It is NOT dangerous - the truth is, it is merely an adaptogen and has detoxing properties. This means, if you are on a medication for which your doctor believes you must have in your system 24/7, then by taking St John's Wort orally, your liver could flush the medicine as a foriegn or toxic chemical; leaving you 'unprotected' by that medication for a few hours. In truth, St John's Wort is often arguably more effective for the symptoms you are taking the other drugs for...) It can be used as a bathing herb - with the tea poured into water, or as a topical application.

Pawpaw cream or even a poultice, mixed with Aloe gel; I prefer fresh with both, prepared in a blender or juicer & applied for a few hours a day for relief. Zinc creams have also proven to be soothing & medicinal for the lesions. However, all of these things are almost impossible to apply when the lesions are at their worst, due to fire-like pain. Best applied to a poultice and then gently pressed against the skin.

3. Homœopathy - arguably the best line of defence and if taken correctly (you may need to see a homœopath or buy a purpose-made specific remedy) can remove shingles on a permanent basis; something I have seen many times during my career. The remedy I formulated for my own mother in 1995 remains the same today. She did not have another flare up for the rest of her life. This remedy combines nerve tonics and traditional remedies for chicken pox and herpes and can be ordered here. If the sufferer has any implants, please order the silicea-free option.

You will note, that each of the ingredients in their true form are toxic, capable of causing a blister like, painful rash on the person who comes into contact with them.

Therefore, in homœopathic form, they soothe and remove/reverse the symptoms present.

4. Exposure/toxic hygiene - see my thread on toxicity of the home. This applies to life in general. For example, someone who is exposed on a regular basis to toxic chemicals that break down the health of the individual, health issues are going to be a major problem. Please clean up the toxicity of your house and home; remove all the toxic triggers. You will find that alongside health issues, sensitivities, allergies and yes, even susceptibility to awful illness like shingles, could be a thing of the past.


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