Get Healthy - ABC of Vital Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

While doing a talk this week on getting healthy, I realised that I haven't written anything yet which will take you through your health journey from the point of where you are at today - waking up, becoming aware, realising you have had enough but do not know where to start. There is a lot of information here and elsewhere, which helps you with specific health issues - but what about ground zero?

So, here it is. Each piece of advice will have an appropriate link and take you to a new page so you don't lose your place here; you can take notes or you can copy and paste into your own health file.

- AWARENESS that you need to make the change. Let's get started.

I would like to start at the beginning. When I began in medicine I was taught that it was all about administering something synthesized or surgical to remove symptoms and mistakenly believed this was what gave us health.

Over the years I realised absence of a diagnosis or obvious symptoms did not mean absence of disease or indicate good health. I began looking into diet and lifestyle as I realised it was no coincidence that those rare people who practiced certain lifestyles and ate a certain way were actually vitally healthy and were not weird after all. We were taught these alternatives were some form of witchcraft and not only dangerous but did not work; that modern medicine HAD to be invented because before this, everyone was sick and dying.

Nothing Could be Further From The Truth

Like so many before me, I saw the relationship between BAD diet, bad habits, exposure to toxins, chemicals and various stressors – and compromised health. I also realised that really good health seems focused only in a few formative years of our lives if we are lucky, when kids were shiny and fit and vibrant. Then you grew up and by 30, facing health struggles, weight issues and even chronic or terminal health issues. Yet very quickly, people were getting sicker and ageing a lot earlier as years passed. Health seemed to be a distant memory that took up a tiny fraction of our lives, but even this eventually would be experienced by a fortunate few.

During my nursing years I noticed that while we saved lives, not all medicine was good - the links between what we gave and side effects, ill health , even death were screaming at me. So I began to study the basic 4 aspects of health which were somehow missing from western medicine –

  1. diet and nutrition – namely how much we ate (we eat too much in the west), what we ate, how we ate and what we classed as food. Much later on I found out that the entire system of much of what I had even learned in college was not quite correct; the food pyramid and 5 food groups were bogus, benefitting only those industries which paid for the so-called studies - and that good health depends on body pH and non toxic cleanliness both inside and outside of the body. I was shocked early on to find out that some of the world's poorest people eat the healthiest diets.

  2. soil, plants, air and water – science has proven this is the foundation of food and in turn health at a cellular level but somehow along the way even this truth has been poisoned – and good, natural food had been replaced with pseudo food consisting of a few basic ingredient combinations, ie meat, dairy, wheat products, sugar in all its forms and processed or packaged foods which are now so full of chemicals and manipulation that little, if any, nutrients remain. This was all shaped by geography, industry, circumstance such as war and poverty, and media; which in turn, rather than be separated from what constitutues health, became the new normal, and with it, a new education. So I learned all I could about organic farming and gardening, including biodynamic and permaculture methods which can be done by anyone, anywhere. The sick fact is, our soils and water are so deficient in nutrients that food no longer contains enough to sustain us and bring about vital health. Today, everyone should have at least a basic nutrient supplementation, whether it is in a smoothie or capsule, a tonic or a superfood blend.

  3. natural medicines – these include foods and superfoods, herbs, minerals, nutrients and energy – which can be both preventative and healing. So much knowledge has been lost in favour of so-called new discoveries and interestingly, a lot of my own knowledge has been verified in old books and old wive's tales; actual case studies as oposed to the mental scholarship of today's 'evidence based medicine' which has nothing to do with actual physical evidence. Yes, I studied formal courses but over time much of it was thrown away in favour of what I saw working in practice and my own life, in real time.

  4. physical therapies – I learned early on that we practitioners could learn one relevant field and be very good at it or we could try to learn as many as interested us and do none of them – or our patients – justice. So I learned acupuncture and cupping, and left the other bodywork therapies to practitioners who focused on them. I did study such things as reflexology and massage but decided to leave those to others who actually enjoyed them. Physical therapies can include anything that your medical experts and media alike will usually say do not work, and advise against using them. Chiropractic, Osteopathy, various manipulative therapies, hydrotherapy, pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, Rolfing, Qigong, Moxibustion - just a handful of the many, many therapies available to you IF you are keen or desperate enough to try anything (as most people will say to excuse crossing the shadow line into taking care of your own health) which will restore and build vibrant health. These therapies actually keep far more people alive and healthy than modern medicine has ever done, but there is little money to be made so they do not get the same funding or airtime.

Natural health does not need to cost the earth, but lack of it can cost your life. Today, everything you need to know is available online, much of it for free. My own website, while it offers a paid consulting service (1) , also offers free health advice in the blog articles (2) covering everything from basic coughs and colds to chronic disease. Youtube is full of incredible natural health experts and renegade doctors who are happy to share knowledge for free. Making simple changes to your home, diet, habits and lifestyle can and will save your life and that of your family. Home health dispensaries have been my focus for much of my career. If you do not have one set up, you are basically waiting for ill health to come, and you are taking your chances every day.

So, what causes ill health?

We all hear about CONGENITAL, genetic, inherited disease. Did you know much of that is man made? Over generations, our cells, organs, even our DNA is damaged by diet, toxic environment, bad habits, memories, stress & most importantly, modern medications which in turn give rise to the next generation being born with so-called disease, weaknesses & health issues, or just being weaker & more susceptible to what they are then exposed to.